Robins 2017-18

Welcome to the Robins!
Tuesday 5th September
Welcome to the Robins. I am sure we are going to have a fantastic year. Please find below copies of the newsletter and homework.
Tuesday 5th September- STARFISH Values!
We have had a great first day back.  This year we are going to be trying really hard to follow the STARFISH Values. Below is a reminder of what they are.
Thursday 7th September
Today we have been practising counting and our cutting skills. We had the numbers 1-20 to cut out and then stick in the right order in our books. In pairs or groups of three we were given a set of number cards up to 100 and we had to help each other to put them in the correct order.
Wednesday 13th September
A very exciting event happened at Etwall Primary School, fairies have come to live in the school grounds. We went for a walk around the school grounds and found lots of fairy doors. Keep an eye out whilst you are in school and see if you can spot any fairies!
Friday 15th September
Adjectives are used in our writing to add description and detail and make it more interesting for the reader. We have been thinking about adjectives to describe the fairy doors we found around school. 
Practise identifying adjectives with this fun game. (I would advise muting the sound as the sounds that accompany this game can be a little irritating.) 
Monday 18th September
In year 1 and in year 2 we will be doing a lot of work on 100 squares. To help your children become familiar with the 100 square you could use the link below where children are given a number to find. Remind your child of patterns they will find on the 100 square such as the 20's all being on the same row.
Monday 25th September
This week we are going to be doing lots of work on place value. Today we had a really fun lesson using the base ten equipment to practise finding the tens and then the units.
Monday 25th September
Chalk and charcoal can be used in many different ways. Today we have been practising smudging the chalk and charcoal together to blend them. It was messy work but a lot of fun.
Thursday 28th September
We are using a variety of equipment to demonstrate our knowledge of tens and ones. Today we have been using numicon and we did a fantastic job of making teen numbers!
Thursday 28th September
If you would like to practice partitioning numbers into 10's and 1's at home then you can click on the link below.
Suggested activities :
Place the cursor over the stamp icon at the top of the page, three small cubes and a tens stick appear. Click on either the tens stick or the cubes to add them onto the board. For example to make 43 you would click the tens stock 4 times and the cubes 3 times. Ask your child to then count the number of cubes remembering to count in tens for the tens column so for 43 you would count 10, 20, 30, 40, 41, 42, 43. Then click on the '1,2,3' icon towards the bottom of the board and you will be given the correct number of cubes.
Tell your child a number, for example 62 and ask them to add the correct amount of tens sticks and cubes to make the given number. Use the '1,2,3' to check how many cubes your child has put on the screen.
These are just a couple of simple ideas, please feel free to try any of your own ideas.
Friday 29th September
Reading is an important part of all children's education and we are using many different strategies to develop this skill. One strategy is to build up sight recognition of words which are most commonly used in a text. 
The link below will take you to a game which promotes this skill. At the moment we are working on the first 100 High Frequency Words. Start off with the phase 2 words and then if your child can read this quickly and fluently then move onto phase 3. Once your child can read the phase 3 words move onto phase 4 etc.
Monday 2nd October
Don't forget to make use of the fabulous resource Bug Club. Here you can access books online and the books allocated match your child's reading ability. You can find your child's login details in their reading diary and the link below will take you to the login page.
Wednesday 4th October
Today we have been using the base ten equipment again but this time we worked in pairs to make numbers up to 100. The base ten equipment helped us to partition a number into tens and ones.
Thursday 5th October 
Harvest is a special time of year where we celebrate the crops that have been brought in. In Robins class we have been thinking about the different fruits and veg that are harvested in this country. Do you like our paintings?
Friday 20th October
Today was a very exciting day. We have been learning about "The Great Fire of London" and we have made our own miniature model of the city of London. To get a better understanding of how the fire spread we set fire to our model. Miss Cox used a match to lit one house on fire and the flames soon spread. It was very exciting to watch. We have learnt lots about "The Great Fire of London" and fire safety. 
Friday 20th October
Following the phonic workshops, here is a link to one of the games shown 'Colin the Clamp' In class we are starting the think about selecting the correct spelling of a sound. For example, should boy be spelt using 'oi' or 'oy'? Colin the Clamp is a game that helps to promote this skill.
Wednesday 1st November
A strange and extremely exciting event took place at Etwall Primary School today. An object was discovered on the playground. After much discussion we are still not entirely sure what it is but below are some of the suggestions we came up with.
Thursday 2nd November
It is really important to recognise numbers quickly. You can practise spotting numbers with this fun helicopter game.
Friday 10th November 2017
On Friday we went to the National Space Centre and had a great time learning all about things like planets, rockets and how to survive in space.
Monday 13th - Friday 17th November
This week is anti-bullying week and we have participated in a range of activities including some role play, hot seating, assemblies and poster work.
Friday 17th November 2017
We found a video that helps us to learn how to spell tricky words and we love singing it. Click on the link below to watch and sing along at home.
Thursday 23rd November
In the Robins we are really enjoying the Talk for Writing approach to our work. At the moment we are learning how to write instructions for catching the aliens that have landed in Etwall Primary School. On Tuesday we 'Boxed Up' our ideas for catching an alien and today we have been writing them up.
Tuesday 28th November
We are learning all about 2D shapes this week. Take a look at our descriptions of some 2D shapes in the video below.
Monday 4th December
Rehearsals are coming along well for the nativity. We can't wait to perform to everyone on Wednesday and Thursday.
Tuesday 5th December
Phonics is an important part of reading. Use the link below to play a fun game, practising identifying phonemes.