Sparrowhawks 2017-18

Monday 12th September
Today we had a science enrichment visit from Mrs Thompson, friend of the school, who is an eye expert! She came to teach us about how our eyes work, how we see things and how to look after the health of our eyes. It was a fascinating lesson and we learnt so much. We especially enjoyed looking at the optical illusions and experimenting with peripheral vision and how our eyes work together to help us to see things.
We can't wait to learn more about light in the coming weeks in our science topic.
Thank you for such an enriching lesson Mrs Thompson!
22nd September 2017
Today, the children have been practicing their orienteering skills.  Child A had to hide a hoop somewhere around the school.  S(he) then had to point to where they had hidden it on a map and Child B had to then go and retrieve the item.  The children had lots of fun and developed their map reading skills.
25th September 2017
Today, we have been writing in the style of vikings.  We found out about viking runes and wrote messages to each other using them.  
28th September 2017
Well done to those children who represented us at the triathlon today! 
Thursday 5th October 2017
Today, the children showcased their work in our Harvest Assembly.  Sparrowhawks found out about America's first Thanksgiving and how it is celebrated today.
13th October 2017
Today, the children really enjoyed using their ADT skills to create some impressive Viking longboats.  We also enjoyed showcasing them to our friends and families.