Woodpeckers 2017-18

Tuesday 5th September 2017
Welcome to Woodpeckers. Mrs Toynbee, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Draper are looking forward to all the learning and fun we are going to have this year.
Friday 8th September
What a week we have had in Reception. The children have settled well and enjoyed making new friends. The only tears are from the parents!
Wednesday 13th September
First swimming session.
The children were so excited about swimming and went with Mrs Goodchild with a smile. Although it took a long time to get changed and they only splashed in the water, they all came back to class with bigger smiles. Next week maybe they will get in the water.
Friday 15th September
In assembly the children were introduced to the STARFISH values and how we follow them in school.
The STARFISH values are:
Thursday 28th September.
Phonics workshop information and powerpoint.
Friday 29th September
Reading is an important part of all children's education and we are using many different strategies to develop this skill. One strategy is to build up sight recognition of words which are most commonly used in a text. 
The link below will take you to a game which promotes this skill. At the moment we are working on the first 100 High Frequency Words. Start off with the phase 2 words and then if your child can read this quickly and fluently then move onto phase 3. Once your child can read the phase 3 words move onto phase 4 etc.
Tuesday 3rd October
Today we had our photographs taken for the newspaper. Heres is a sneaky peek.
Thursday 5th October
Today we had our HARVEST assembly at school. The reception children made kites to celebrate the harvest in India.
Wednesday 11th October
We are learning all about shapes. We have been sorting shapes, going on a shape walk and being shape detectives and making large elastic shapes. We have talked about the name of the shapes, how many corners and sides they have. Ask the children to look for shapes at home and tell you all bout them.
Friday 13th October
This week we have been reading the Gingerbread Man and writing the word man.
Watch the story by clicking the link below.
Thursday 19th October
After reading the story of Handa's Surprise this week, the children had the opportunity to draw some of the fruits from the story. These can be seen in the classroom. Also the children tasted the fruit to decide which fruit they liked best. The banana was the favourite fruit.
Friday 20th October
Today we used our drawing skills again to draw ourselves. First we drew around each other with a magic pencils so we became aware of where arm, legs, bodies and heads go.
Friday 20th October
As part of our getting to know you topic, we would like the children to tell us about their families  and their history. This would include where family members come from or live now, customs, traditions and celebrations. The children can bring in photo's, pictures and writing about their families to share with the class. Please could the children bring this to school by Friday 3rd November. Thank you
On Friday 10th November, the Reception children are taking part in a dinosaur morning. It will be an opportunity for each child to make a junk model dinosaur.
To make this happen we need as many adult helpers to work with the children. The adults will help the children create their model. We will need help from 9.00am to 11.00am.
Also each child will need a large plastic drinks bottle a selection of cardboard boxes including egg boxes and tubes and finally some newspaper. Please send the junk in a named bag.
Let the EYFS staff know if you are able to help on the 10th November. 
Tuesday 31st October
Today we thought about how Diwali is celebrated as this celebration happened in the holidays. We listen to the story of Rama and Sita and made Happy Diwali cards.
Wednesday 1st November
As part of our Speak Out Stay Safe work we watched and join in with Pantosaurus. We now know that our private parts are private.
We then designed our own pants.
Wednesday 1st November
Outside the children and staff played circle games and sang songs. Our favourite is There was a princess long ago. Ask the children to sing it to you.
Thursday 2nd November
Remember, Remember the fifth of November.
Today the children listened to the story of the Gunpowder Plot, and remembered facts about the story. We also thought about fireworks.
We made a class wax resist picture and talked about being safe with fireworks too.
Thursday 9th November
Gardening: Our raised bed needed sorting out so the children helped to weed the bed ready for the spring.
Friday 10th November
Dinosaur Day
Wow we have had such fun this morning making model dinosaurs using junk. Thank you to all the help and support we had this morning as we would not have achieved such fantastic results. Look at the photo's of how we made the models and watch this space for photo's of our finished models.
Learn this song at home. We are singing this at school
Friday 10th November
Today we were thinking about who we remember on Remembrance Day. The children made a poppy wreath.
Monday 13th November
Today we have continued our class discussion about how we can keep safe. We have listened to the story about Smartie the Penguin and he kept safe online.
Tuesday 14th November
This week is Anti Bullying week and our theme is All Different, All Equal.
The children have thought about what makes them different and created a poster.
Friday 17th November
During RTime the children worked with a partner and discussed what makes us different and what makes us the same? All the children were careful listeners and brave talkers.
Friday 17th November
Woodpeckers came to school dressed in spots and gave a donation for doing so. We raised lots of money for children who need it.
Thursday 23rd November
We have launched Switch off Fortnight this week at school with Mr Jowett leading an assembly on how we can reduce the amount of power we use.
Try the following games and ideas at home too.
Monday 27th November
Christmas Production Costume (suggestions)
Joseph/Innkeeper/Shepherds: Tunic to the knee with a belt/tie
tea towel with a headband, black trousers.
Sheep: white outfit or sheep costume
Wise men; Black trousers, tee shirt, cape, glittery tunic, crown
Angels: white vest, knee/calf length angel dress, white tights
Star: Star costume
Snowflakes: White tabard decorated with snowflakes white tee shirt, black trousers
Trees: brown trousers, green top headband decorated with leaves.
Puddings: Brown trousers and top, head band with paper holly and berries
Robots: Be Creative please come and talk to staff
Wednesday 29th November
Winter Disco.
Woodpeckers who came to the disco had lots of fun and danced the night away.
Friday 1st December
It was cold and frosty this morning. so Reception went outside to experience the cold. The children described it as " cold, frosty, chilly, slippy and white".
This week we have be collecting old shoes for Derby University students. They are supporting the charity SHOEAID. Woodpeckers collected the most shoes in school with 61 pairs. Well done Woodpeckers!
Please could all costumes be in school by Wednesday 6th December
Following the fantastic success of Dinosaur Day.
On Friday 15th December, the Reception children are taking part in a Christmas Craft Morning. It will be an opportunity for each child to make a selection of Christmas decorations.
To make this happen we need as many adult helpers to work with the children. The adults will help the children create their decorations. We will need help from 9.00am to 10.00am.
 Let the EYFS staff know if you are able to help on the 15th December. 
Tuesday 5th December
This morning we walked to Etwall Pre School as we had been invited to watch their Christmas show. The children were really excited and enjoyed the Pre Schoolers Christmas songs. Many of them remembered singing the songs and joined in.
" It was great I saw my sister and my dad. He was in the grey jumper." Gabriel
" I liked all the hats  and Christmas bells." Lucia
Friday 8th December
Toady we visited the pop up Secret Santa shop with all the PTFA elves. The children were able to select presents and have them wrapped for special people in their families. I wonder what they bought?
Friday 8th December
The playground was really slippy today so we played a game of follow the leader. Mrs Robinson volunteered to be the leader and mad up some festive actions.
Friday 8th December
Today we had a dress dress-rehearsal of our Christmas production. Here is a sneaky peek .
A big thank you to all of you for the fantastic costumes.
Wednesday 13th December
Try out some Christmas activities at home.
Friday 15th December
This morning we held a Christmas craft morning and invited families to come and help. It was a fantastic time and all children were engaged and made 4 decorations to take home. Thank you to all the helpers.
Tuesday 19th December
This afternoon we celebrated Christmas with a party. There was lot's of dancing, singing and eating. Also a VERY SPECIAL visitor came to Etwall Primary school. Can you guess who?
Wednesday 3rd January 2018
to all children parents and staff in the EYFS
Wednesday 3rd January
Here are the newsletter and homework leaflet for this term. see top of the page
Friday 5th January.
Today the children thought about and talked about how the Kings visited Jesus in the stable. We learnt that this is called the Epiphany. The children wrote about what they would give the baby if they were a king and they made crowns. In PE the children created a dance about following the star.
Monday 8th January
Today we welcome a Derby University Student, Miss English to Woodpeckers. She is a training teacher who will be with us during the spring term.
Monday 8th January
This term our topic is SPACE.
We are launching with the story Aliens love underpants. Please watch this clip.
Friday 12th January am
Today the children took part in the first Balance Bike session. They learnt how to walk and glide on the bike.
" It was fantastic." Annabel
" It was the best PE ever." Ashton
Friday 12th January pm
Woodpeckers took part in some First Aid Training. They  talked about what to do if some one was hurt and how to give Flat Stan CPR. They sang Row Row Row the boat as they did  it.
Tuesday 16th January
Mrs Carter, Mrs Fisher-Jones and Mrs Robinson explored the school with the Reception children looking for special places.
Tuesday 22nd January
We are learning all about addition and number bonds to 5.
Friday 26th January
Today Barry from Zoolab visited Reception with his amazing creatures. The children learnt about different creatures, what they look like, eat and move. We all got a close look and touched some of them.
The children met Deirdre the giant snail, Steve the scorpion, Sophie the corn snake, Gary the gecko, Todd the toad and Rosie the rat.
Have a look at the photos to see how interested and brave we all were.
Thursday 1st February
We had great fun today having a taster football session. We developed our skills in handling and controlling a ball and then had some mini matches.
Friday 2nd February
Today we revisited the NSPCC's PANTS rules. We all know that our pants are private and know what to do if someone asks to look at them.
Tuesday 6th February
Today is Safer Internet Day. We have been learning about how to 

"Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you"

With Mrs Toynbee we watched and talked about Smartie the Penguin and what to do if we are not sure when on line. With Mrs Carter we thought about Respect and safety. Then with a friend we made posters.
Wednesday 7th February
We are trying to work together in teams and have taken part in some team races with small equipment. It was great fun.
Monday 12th February
Reading Workshop: Reception Resources
Wednesday 28th February
This week is book week and we have been reading a book with a Number theme. It is 10 Terrible Dinosaurs. The children have enjoyed the story as well as learning about taking away 1 from 10.
Monday 5th March
Today we started our topic about People who help us. Mr Gregory visited our class to talk about his job as a Postman. He explained what he does, how he does it and what he wears. The children asked questions about how he helps people.
Monday 5th March
World Book Day (in Etwall)
We all dressed up as characters from our favourite books. Can you see your favourite character?
Each class had a winning costume and in Woodpeckers 'Stick Man ' won.
Monday 12th March
Coming this week is SCIENCE WEEK
Thursday 8th March
Our second visitor came to talk to Reception about how they help us. It was Mrs Baines who is a Physiotherapist. The children listened well and asked lots of questions.
Friday 9th March
WOW! What fun we have had today in Reception. The fire service from Kingsway visited and showed us how they help people.
Monday 12th March
Today the paramedics visited Reception with their ambulance. The children looked round the ambulance and then asked the paramedics questions.
Thursday 15th March
This morning we thought we had won lots of money when Mr Adamson gave Woodpeckers a large cheque.
In fact Mr Adamson came into school to talk to the children about how he helps people save money. The children thought of lots of ideas about what they would save money for. The most exciting was a flying car.
Friday 16th March
Our People who help us visitor today was Mrs Crane who is a dental nurse. She explained how she helps people keep their teeth healthy and showed us on the dinosaur how dentists use a mirror to look at teeth. Also she taught the children how to keep their teeth clean. She kindly gave each child a toothbrush and tooth paste set to start them off.
Tuesday 20th March
This morning we walked to St. Helen's Church for our Easter celebrations. The children sang confidently and showed their rabbit masks.
Tuesday 20th March
As part of our Literacy work we have written a letter to someone who helps us and posted it to them. The postman will help us to deliver the letters.
Tuesday 20th April
Today we have started to think about our world and nature. We collected natural items and used them to create pictures with a partner.
Monday 16th April
We have been learning about what we can do with water. We used it to dissolve jelly. Then we ate the jelly YUMMY.
Wednesday 18th April
Languages Day
Today Miss English, Miss Parker and Miss Bailey came into school from Derby University to teach the children all about French. The children learned how to say hello and farm animal names.
Friday 27th April
Austism Awareness Week
Today we wore odd socks to show that it is ok to be different.
Monday 30th April
Today we have been learning about height and measuring. We compared our heights and used a measuring stick. We have learned new vocabulary such as tall, short, tallest, shortest. We solved the problem who is the tallest?
Wednesday 2nd May
Today we took part in ACEs Day which is when All Children Exercise Simultaneously. We all took part in a range of fun physical activities to help us keep fit.
Monday 14th May
Etwall Well Dressing
The children in Woodpeckers created their own well dressing using different natural materials. The theme was voting.
Thursday 17th May
Science Showcase
Parents came into Woodpeckers to help plant a seed. The children talked about what the seeds need to grow.
Tuesday 22nd May
Library Visit
The Reception children had a lovely morning visiting Etwall library. They looked round, met Natasha the librarian and chose a book to take out. Then Natasha read a story. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who helped us.
Friday 8th June
Our School Trip
Today we visited Birches Valley in Rugeley for an adventure in the forest with our Teddies. We had a fantastic time learning about what animals needed and how the forest can provide for them. Our ranger Katie was brilliant. We explored the woodlands, had a picnic and built shelters for our teddies. Thank you to all the children for making this a great day.
Friday 15th June
Etwall Sports Morning
Woopeckers took part in.  the sports morning. They ran races, took part in an obstacle race and enjoyed the field events too. Thank you to the parents and friends who came to support and take part.
After the events parents and children enjoyed a picnic lunch.
As a treat in the afternoon the ice cream van visited and we celebrated the day with a lolly or ice cream. YUMMY!
Thursday 21st June
World Cup Enrichment Day
Today we took part in a football activity to celebrate the World Cup. The children played in teams against each other and had lots of fun. It was a draw so we all won the world cup.