Staff Who's Who

School Staff 2016 - 2017

Headteacher  :     Miss Sally Dixey


Deputy Headteacher:   Mr Richard Ormiston (Co-Headteacher Wednesdays)

Senior Leadership Team (SLT):

Miss Elizabeth Gale    Team Leader Y3/4

Miss Kate Warburton 

Mrs Sam Toynbee EYFS Leader


Mrs Sam Toynbee Woodpeckers EYFS

Mr Ian Jowett  : Robins EYFS/Y1

Mrs Hollie Millward  : Kingfishers Y1/2 and Team Leader Y1/2

Miss Lindsey Cox  : Little Owls 

Miss Lynsey Marriott : Kestrels Y3/4 

Miss Elizabeth Gale and Mrs Erica Dawson (Mondays and Fridays)  : Falcons Y3/4 

Mr Richard Ormiston  and Mrs Earle (PPA, Wednesdays, Fridays) :  Sparrowhawks Y4/5 

Mrs Gurjit Dhillon  and Mrs Sarah Giles (Fridays) : Ospreys Y5/6

Miss Kate Warburton : Eagles Y5/6

Mrs Sarah Giles (SENCO) : Tuesdays and Thursdays


Higher Level  Teaching Assistants : Mrs Nicola Cheetham, Miss Laura Jacobs and Mrs Nikki Carter

Teaching Assistants :

Mrs Janice Draper (Speech and Language Keyworker and Pos. Play) : Woodpeckers (Thursday)

Mrs Lesley Robinson : Woodpeckers

Mrs Laura Fisher-Jones : Robins

Mrs Claire Dickinson: Kingfishers

Mrs Nikki Carter : Little Owls

Mrs Christine Bullock : Kestrels
Mrs Yvonne Dorrington  : Falcons
Miss Laura Jacobs : Sparrowhawks

Mrs Tracey Hall:  Ospreys

Mrs Nicola Cheetham : Eagles
Miss Kirsty King : SEN TA in Eagles

Mrs Charlotte Afzal : SEN TA Ospreys


The Office Team 

School Business Officer :  Mrs Andrea East

School Business Assistants:  Mrs Katherine Collins and Mrs Baljit Randhawa


Swimming instructor:    Miss Helen Goodchild


Lunchtime Team:

Senior Midday supervisor :  Mrs Claire Dickinson

Midday Supervisors:

Play Leader Mrs Patricia Preston

Miss Sharon O’Toole

Mrs Emma Hubball

Mrs Louise Hanley

Mrs Lorna Andrews

Mrs Kathryn Evans

Mrs Joanne Mozley


Relief MDS staff :  Mrs Annette Archer, Mrs Julie Colam, Mrs Julie Corden and Mrs Terri King


The Cleaning and Caretaking Team

Caretaker:   Mr Tim Harrison  

Cleaning staff: 

Mrs Julie Fowler 
Mr Chris Sage
Mrs Karen Twells 


Kitchen Team

Cook-in-charge:  Mrs Gillian Sage
Kitchen staff:  

Mrs Sally Bates

Mrs Julie Fowler

Mrs Carol Frankland

Mrs Karen Twells

Mrs Helen Wilcox