Eagle Class 18-19

Friday 7th September
We have had a lovely first week back in school. The children have settled in very well and have made a super start to their lessons. We have started some place value work in maths and are reading War Horse as part of our English and topic work.
Well done for such a positive first week back Eagles!
Friday 14th September
We have had another busy week in Eagles class and are settling down and working hard. We started our WW1 topic with Mrs Appleton this week and we are looking forward to our trip to the Arboretum in October.
Monday 17th September
We thoroughly enjoyed Dr Hendriksen's science enrichment visit this morning. He taught us all about what the heart is for and how it works. We learned lots of interesting facts such as how many times a minute our hearts beat compared to other animals' hearts, and how big the human heart is.
We also dissected some pigs' hearts which helped us to understand they job that the different parts of the heart does. It was absolutely fascinating and the children were very sensible.
Thank you Dr Hendriksen!
Thursday 27th September
Eagles did some super writing today. They wrote recounts based on a scene in War Horse, when Captain Nicholls was shot off Joey's back in battle. Here are some examples of what the children produced. 
We have some excellent writers in our class - well done Eagles!
Tuesday 2nd October
We enjoyed our harvest celebration today. Every class produced some excellent work about harvest around the world, and we learned a lot!
Wednesday 10th October
Our visit to the Arboretum today was very informative and also very moving. We saw many of the memorials there and learned about the work done by brave men and women during World War 1 and 2. We took part in an act of remembrance, to remember the soldiers and civilians who have died during wars.
Wednesday 17th October 2018
KS2 had a fantastic afternoon showcasing their resources brought from home from World War 1 and World War 2. All the children were able to talk in length about what their artefact was and where it was from. We had medals, letters, ration books, bullets and a gas mask still in its box. Children drew and wrote a fact about an artefact and also designed a poster to help encourage people to ration food. Take a look at our photos.
Wednesday, 7th November 2018
Today we visited St Helen's Church to look at the exhibition which celebrates the end of World War 1. Children particularly enjoyed looking at the Etwall Primary School display. St Helen's Church invited our school to contribute to the exhibition and we accepted gladly. All classes worked hard and contributed to the display.
Thursday 15th November
Thank you Eagles class for your kind donations to Children in Need today.
Friday 16th November
Here is our anti-bullying week display. This week we have watched some anti-bullying videos and discussed the different scenarios in them. We also wrote anti-bullying pledges and made hand prints with messages about being kind and showing respect.
Our new anti-bullying pledge is displayed in our cloakroom. We hope you like it!
Friday 23rd November
This week we have been busily innovating ideas for our information texts, that we are going to write next week as our 'hot writing task'. We have learned all about this text type through our Talk for Writing work, so that we are well equipped to do a super piece of writing of our own next week.
Here are a couple of our innovated introductions. We hope you are impressed!
Wednesday 28th November 1888
Today was our Victorian Day. We immersed ourselves fully in the life of a Victorian school day, doing lessons that Victorian children would have done (including the three Rs) and calling the staff 'Sir' or 'Madam' accordingly. We paid our 2p fee to come to school and had a hand inspection before we entered the school room, to make sure that we were not bringing any germs into the building.
We thoroughly enjoyed our enrichment experience!
Monday 3rd December
Today was our computing showcase. We programmed lego to move using the WeDo software.
We hope you like our work!
Christmas party
Merry Christmas!
Friday 11th January
Today we have been learning about percentages and how they link to fractions and decimals.
We will continue this work next week!
Thursday 17th January
This week, as part of our Talk for Writing work in English,  we have been innovating writing from our story map. The genre of writing we are learning about is suspense.  We have been using techniques such as simple sentences to create a dramatic effect, personification and passive sentences. We have also used thesauruses to improve our vocabulary. Here are some examples. We hope you are impressed!
Friday 18th January
Some year 5 and 6 children went to DW Sports today to compete in the EFL Kinder Cup Football Tournament. Out of 24 teams, we finished in the top 8 and went through to the playoffs. Unfortunately, we were beaten by Cavendish Close School. We had a great day and showed great sportsmanship. Well done!
Thursday 24th January
Thank you for coming to watch our class assembly. We hope you enjoyed it.
Tuesday 4th February
As part of our Online Safety Week work, today we discussed how we can be a responsible member of online communities. We decided that it was really important to show respect at all times, treat others as we would wish to be treated online and to report any problems to a trusted adult or using the CEOP button.
We designed posters to share an Online Safety pledge and we have displayed some of these in our cloakroom, as a reminder of these important rules.
Tuesday 12th February
Our Thinktank trip was fabulous! We enjoyed exploring the galleries and learned lots from our visit to the Planetarium and the Amazing Animals workshop. We hope you enjoy our photos!
Friday 1st March
Eagles class loved their visit to the Book Bus today! A fabulous array of books were bought and it was lovely to see the children so enthused about reading, and excited to get home to share their new books with their families. 
Thank you for your support with this event!
World Book Day - Thursday 7th March
Look at our fabulous costumes - thank you to all families for the super effort you have made! The children enjoyed sharing their favourite characters/authors/books today and they recommended books to each other.

We have also really enjoyed our book 'Journey' this week (by Aaron Becker) as it has allowed us to really use our imaginations to tell the story. We have done some lovely art work and descriptive sentences from it.
Tuesday 12th March
Today in our science lesson we dissected daffodils, to help us to learn about the parts of a plant and their function. It was great fun!
Friday 22nd March
We have been learning more about castles this afternoon, as part of our Normans topic. We are learning about the different parts of the castles and next week we will be sketching and labelling them, prior to actually making them in time for our Castle Building Showcase, which we hope to see you at! (Thursday 4th April, 3:00-3:30pm)
In other news, this week's reading journal of the week was Alex, for consistently reading at least five times a week and recording great activities in her journal. Well done Alex!
Thursday 28th March
This week we have been busy sketching and labelling Norman castles, and planning the materials we need to build them with next week. We hope you like our sketches, and we look forward to seeing you at the Castle Showcase next week (Thursday 4th April, 3:00, in the classroom).
Thursday 4th April
Castle Building Showcase!
Wednesday 1st May
Our spider plant has produced a plantlet, which we were all excited to see today because we were learning about life cycles last term!
Isabelle and Anya have re-potted the plantlet for us, and we are going to enjoy watching it as it grows into an adult plant.
Thursday 9th May
This week, we have written Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories. We read lots of these stories and discussed their features, before writing our own. We are sure you will agree that we made a really good job of them!
Tuesday 14th May
Today in science we have been filtering mixtures using sieves, funnels and filter paper. We have had great fun whilst learning the meaning of vocabulary such as soluble, insoluble, dissolve, solution and evaporate.
Tuesday 21st May
Today was Languages Day. We had a fabulous day! We learned how to talk about rainforest animals in French, and enjoyed some art and drama activities to help us learn their names.
In the showcase assembly at the end of the day, we shared our work with the rest of the school and spoke in French.
Thank you to Mrs Scott and the students of University of Derby for organising another super, enriching day for us.
Tuesday 4th June
This week we have done science investigations and observations into evaporation and condensation. We have set up investigations to find out the conditions that affect evaporation, and will be collecting results over the next few days. We have linked this learning to our knowledge of the water cycle.
Friday 14th June
For the last two weeks we have been learning about time slip stories, such as Tom's Midnight Garden and Harry Potter, which are famous books we have read during our time in school, containing time slips.
We learned a story map called 'Clock Close' which had a time slip in it and identified its features, and today we finally wrote our own stories. Attached are a couple of photos of our stories - we hope you are impressed! We are going to edit our work next week.
Thursday 20th June
We had great fun with the Happy Puzzle Company today! It was really good to be able to put our problem solving skills in to practise, and to use our team work skills.
Tuesday 25th June
Year 6 enjoyed their visit to John Port today, to take part in a biology lesson which was delivered by Year 12 students. We are looking forward to going back later in the week for a chemistry lesson.
Thank you to John Port science department and to the students for these wonderful lessons, and for helping the pupils to feel more prepared for transition to Year 7.
Sunday 30th June
8 children competed in the Rolls Royce Design Challenge at Ripley Junior School alongside 10 other teams. They had to build a pylon that was able to withstand weights being added at the top. Everyone had a fantastic time.
Wednesday 3rd July
We have really enjoyed getting to know each other on our class swap days! We have read a fabulous book called Dear Teacher by Amy Husband, about a boy called Michael as he transitions in to a new class at school. We are looking forward to being the new Eagles class in September!
Tuesday 9th July
We are very proud of our talented flute players in Eagles, and we very much enjoyed their recital in this morning's assembly. Well done girls!
Tuesday 16th July
Congratulations to the Y6 Primary Maths Challenge team, who were worthy winners of the trophy in their competition at John Port today!
They beat eight other Y6 teams from local primary schools in challenges including logic, speed, relay, cross number, making a number and team challenges.
What an amazing end to the year from our Y6 mathematicians!
Well done team!