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Friday 9th September
We have had a great week this week and are looking forward to the new term together as Eagles class!
Look out for weekly updates on our class page.
Monday 12th September 
We had a fabulous time with the visiting magician today. We enjoyed his magic tricks and his assembly, and we cannot wait to carry on reading our magic book, Leon and the Place Between, and find out what happens next.
Wednesday 14th September
Today we were lucky enough to be visited by Dr Hendriksen who taught us all about the heart, as part of our science topic 'What does a journey through my body look like?' We learned all about the different chambers of the heart and what they are for, how fast our heart beats and how it works. The most enjoyable part of Dr Hendriksen's visit was the pigs' heart dissection - we loved the fascinating hands on learning! Thank you for a fabulous lesson Dr Hendriksen!
Thursday 22nd September
Well done to all of the children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge. The children were presented with their certificates and medals in assembly today.
You did a great job and we are really proud of you! 
Thursday, 29th September 2016
eagles have settled in to a new school year really well. New routines are in place and we feel like we've never been away. At present, we are in the process of writing a non-chronological report about our own created dragon; we are practicing written methods of calculations and are enjoying learning about the ancient Egyptians. We are all engaged in our class read, 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' and enjoy sharing our understanding as well as asking questions to develop our understanding about the key character 'Bradley'. 
Friday 7th October
Our class reading book is There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, by Louis Sacher. We are enjoying reading all about Bradley Chalkers and his friend Jeff. Today we created a display about the book, which is going to go up in the library. 
Monday 10th October
Today was our Harvest assembly with Rev. Fiona. We enjoyed seeing all of the classes Harvest work and celebrating the generous offerings brought in by children for the Padley Centre.
Eagles enjoyed displaying their charcoal pictures of fruit baskets.
Wednesday 3rd November
We had a great time at our Indian dance workshop today! We learned some Bollywood dance moves and wore some of the traditional clothes. Yesterday we learned all about the festival of Diwali in our RE lesson, and why Hindus and Sikhs celebrate it.
Thursday 10th November
As part of anti-bullying week we have made some posters about advice to give to a bully, following a book we read about a girl called Katie, who was a school bully. We also used what we learnt in our anti-bullying workshop yesterday to help us make our posters.
We hope you like them!
Wednesday 16th November
Today in our science lesson we learned about sound. We discussed whether sound travels faster through solids, liquids or gases and we investigated how sound travelled through the strings down telephones we made using paper cups. We are looking forward to learning more about this fascinating topic in the coming weeks! 
Friday 25th November
We had a fabulous time on Roald Dahl Day today! We enjoyed talking about our favourite Roald Dahl books and why we love them so much. We discussed our favourite characters and how Roald Dahl makes them so memorable for us. We then made our favourite characters using collage, and wrote a character description of them. We are going to display them in school. We hope you enjoy them!
Tuesday 29th November
Today the children have written some fabulous poems, using their senses to create powerful imagery. They took inspiration from the poem 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright, and an outdoor learning lesson we did yesterday, where we used our beautiful school grounds to inspire us to write similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia, to use in our poems. We hope you enjoy them!
Thursday 15th December
Today we made musical instruments which we designed last week, as part of our science work on Sound. We used various items such as elastic bands, buttons and plastic bags to create sounds with different pitches. Well done to the children for their creativity and good scientific knowledge, and thank you to parents for supplying the children with the materials that we needed.
Tuesday 20th December 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of the children and staff in Year 5 and 6!
Tuesday 10th January
Today in our maths lesson we used mirrors and squared paper to investigate lines of symmetry. We reflected shapes in all four quadrants, and in the mirror line. Tomorrow we will be continuing our geometry work by translating shapes in the x and y axis.
Thursday 19th January
Today in computing we did some programming using Scratch. The children programmed their sprites to move using an 'if' command, making them navigate their way through a maze.
We all had great fun, and the children are become more competent with programming each week!
Friday 27th January
Today members of Y5/6 represented our school at Greenbank Leisure Centre in Swadlincote, at an athletics competition. We are pleased to say that out of 12 schools we managed to win 3rd place! The children did an excellent job of competing in the events, particular highlights being Lewis' 1st place in the long jump, with an incredible jump of 1.88m, and Olivia, Trinity, Bella and Eleanor taking 1st place in 4 x 1 relay. The children tried their hardest in all track and field events that they competed in, and they did us proud. Well done to all of the children (Trinity, Bella, Olivia, Olivia, Erin-Rose, Eleanor, Lewis, Tom, Joseph, Zak, Finlay, Denholm) and congratulations on winning bronze!
Wednesday 8th February
Our showcase!
Friday 10th February

We have had really a enjoyable week! As well as the first aid training today, we had visitors yesterday to talk to us about safer internet use. We made some posters to put up in class to reinforce the important messages. One of these is: 

Before we post a picture on the internet we have learnt to STOP and THINK!

1) Who am I sharing this with?

2) Who else might get to see it?

3) What will people find out about me?

4) What will people be able to find out about other people in the photo?

Thursday, 23rd February 2017
This week, we have been learning to recite a persuasive letter written by Cat Woman to Robin. The letter is persuading Robin to give up his life with Batman and go back to school. The letter, which is in the form of pictures (Text Map), helps children to internalise the language and sentence structure required for persuasive writing. Ask your child to read the map to you. How much of it can he/she remember? 

Thursday 2nd March

World Book Day!

In Eagles class we had a great time discussing which authors had inspired us to dress in our fabulous costumes. We enjoyed our workshop with Steve Smallman, and he inspired us to think of some characters of our own to draw and describe. Some of us wrote our own short stories! We are going to display them in the school library.

Thursday 9th March
Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed some outdoor learning, as part of our humanities topic on North America. We learned about Native American dream catchers and what they were used for, and the natural materials used to make them. We then went outside to our beautiful willow tree and cut off some branches and made some dream catchers of our own. We had great fun! They are on display in the KS2 corridor - come and have a look at them!
10/3/2017 Etwall Primary are the Regional Final Winners!
After having success at the Local Finals at Moor Farm Training Ground, the year 6 boys went to Barnsley Football Club to compete in the regional finals. Twelve teams competed in the tournament: Barnsley, Blackburn Rovers, Burton Albion, Huddersfield Town, Leeds United, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Preston North End, Sheffield Wednesday, Wigan Athletic and of course ourselves - Derby County.
The first two games got off to a slow start with us drawing 0-0 to Burton Albion and again 0-0 to Leeds United. Next game we went on to beat Huddersfield town 1-0. This secured us in the table at 5 points. The next game was crucial. If we beat Barnsley, who were on the same points as us, then we would stand a good chance at winning the group. We played really well as a team, stepping up to the challenge and secured a 1-0 win. Great news! If we won the final match against Blackburn Rovers, we were guaranteed to be through to the final. Again some great passing and strong defending made it a 2-0 win.
We played Wigan Athletic in the final. We dominated the play and showed some real strength in character as they were a tough opposition and not willing to give up without a fight. It was 0-0 at full time, so went into extra time. Within 1 minute, Jack was brought down in the box. A penalty was awarded, which Harry fired into the back of the net.
Fantastic achievement and a massive well done to the boys. They now go to Wembley to represent the north of the country in the national final. They will stay overnight in a hotel and then watch the Championship play off final. They will get a tour of the ground and play their match against the winners of the south of the country. 
They have done so well to be the top school team out of about 400 schools who entered in the north. We are so proud of you. Well done!
Wednesday 15th March
Our team event today was good fun - we split across the different classes in school and did activities all about Brain Awareness Day, with other children in our team. Here are some pictures of what the yellow team children in Eagles class got up to!
Wednesday 22nd March
Today Eagles class have been architects!  In our maths lesson we were learning about scale factor, and we enlarged a plan of a house by a scale factor of 3, using mental calculations, rulers and protractors to help us.
We hope you are impressed by our work!
Thursday, 29th March 2017
American Native Indian Enrichment day
Today, we have been learning all about the American Native Indians. We took our learning outdoors and had a go at: making our own bow and arrow; cooking cornmeal bread on an open fire; constructing a tipi (which was challenging due to a strong wind); and used wool to create totem poles. We all had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, and we learned a lot about nomadic life.  
Thursday 6th April 
We had a fabulous time in our maths enrichment activity this afternoon, working on our team work and problem solving skills. 
Tuesday 25th April - Soccerstars
Today in PE we had a taster session with Soccerstars. We split into two groups and practiced football skills and played a mini game. We had a great time - take a look at our photos!
Wednesday 10th May
We had a fabulous afternoon in the sunshine today, enjoying our ACES day activities. Enjoy our photographs!
Week Beginning 8th May
This week we have been participating in ACES Day.  This stands for All Children Exercise Simultaneously.  We spent the afternoon doing lots of different exercises from javelin throwing to hula hooping.  It was great fun and we promoted healthy living across the school.
Wednesday 24th May
What a busy day we have had in Y5/6 today! Some of our Y5 children have been doing Bikeability training, learning to stay safe on their bikes, and how to look after them.
The rest of us have enjoyed some outdoor learning, identifying the trees we have growing in our school grounds, using a leaf identification kit. We were amazed how many different varieties of trees we have!
Thursday 8th June
Today the Imagineering Club and other lucky members of Year 6 went on a school trip to Jaguar Land Rover. We had a fantastic day! We got to do some programming, experiencing how to make traffic lights and engines work and we also had a really interesting tour of the site, where we got to see the Tear Down area where the cars are stripped, and we saw some prototype cars which have not yet been released - we are not allowed to tell you about these for the next 5 years, because it is a secret!
Many of our children came away inspired to work in engineering in the future, which is fantastic. 
We hope you enjoy our photos - we weren't allowed to take any on the tour of the site for confidentiality reasons, but have a look at us doing our programming work!
Thursday 15th June
We hope you enjoyed our rainforests assembly today!
Friday 16th June
Enjoy our sports day pictures! Congratulations to yellow team!
Thursday, 22nd June 2017
Today, we had a visit from a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). The PCSO helped us to learn about the role of the police in stopping crime and keeping us all safe. It was agreed by all of Eagles that seeing police officers makes us feel safer and that they are there to help us and support us. Children enjoyed exploring a police car; looking at and discussing the equipment inside a police car. 
Monday 26th June
Year 6 visited John Port today to attend science lessons taught by the sixth form students. We had a physics lesson, in which we investigated how aeroplanes fly and how boats sail, and we also enjoyed a chemistry lesson in which we learned how to use a Bunsen Burner and all about the different types of flames. We even got our Bunsen Burner Licences, which was very exciting! Year 6 are now very much looking forward to their Year 7 science lessons next year! Thank you to John Port staff and students for putting on these fabulous lessons for us. 
Thursday 29th June
We had a lovely time at Tutbury Castle today, despite the rain! We enjoyed learning about the history of the castle, handling the artefacts (including a weapon that was actually used in the Battle of Bosworth - you can see a picture of Tyler holding it) and spending time with some birds of prey. Mike the Knight told us all about Tudor weaponry and famous battles and we also got to make our own crowns.
Wednesday 5th July
The new Eagles class has had a great couple of days together and we are very much looking forward to September!
Thursday, 6th July 2017
Today, trained educators from RSPB visited our school to help us  learn about nature in our school grounds. Children had the opportunity to first-hand explore and identify habitats, plants and mini beasts. Spending time exploring the school grounds, including the pond area, has helped to  develop a love of and appreciation of nature in children. Children enjoyed looking closely at minibeasts using minibeast viewers, and identifying them using charts. All children learned something new and ofcourse the beautiful weather helped!  
Wednesday 12th July
Our dress rehearsal went really well today. The children's performances were fantastic and their costumes were excellent. Thank you to all families who helped it to look so good by coming up with such super costumes, and well done to the children for learning their lines and songs so well and for putting on such a great performance - we can't wait for you to see it tomorrow!