Friday, 6th September 2019
Toga Day 
Today we have enjoyed kick starting our topic on Ancient Greece. As well as dressing in togas, we have heard the ancient myth of Medusa and completed some art work, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed doing. We have attempted some Zorba dancing and made and tasted Tzatziki (traditional Greek dip).  We have all had a good day and are now looking forward to a much needed weekend!
Friday 13th September
We have had a very busy week in Eagles class. We are getting stuck in to our new timetable and have enjoyed place value lessons in maths, Greek myths in English, using atlases in humanities and netball skills in PE, to name just a few lessons! Isla was awarded reading journal of the week for super entries in her reading journal. Well done for such a hard working week Eagles!
Wednesday 25th September
Eagles had a great time this week sampling Greek food with Mrs Carter, as part of our humanities topic.
Monday 30th September
Today we had a fire safety talk from Derbyshire Fire Service. We learned about how quickly fires spread, how to act quickly in a fire and the importance of checking the batteries in a smoke alarm every week. We also looked at different situations in which a fire can start quickly, and how to avoid it.
Friday 11th October
Today we have been writing and practising German role plays, using basic greetings and asking each other how we are.
Friday 18th October
We have had a very busy week in Eagles class this week. We have been learning how to use protractors to measure angles and about angle rules in maths, we have been learning about features of autobiographies and how to spell words with prefixes in English, all about life cycles in science and the importance of holy books to different religions. We are also still enjoying our topic on ancient Greece.
Friday 15th November
Today in our science lesson on properties of materials we tested which material was best for keeping porridge hot and ice cold for a 20 minute period. We took the temperature of porridge and ice placed in plastic, glass, cardboard and metal containers every 2 minutes, and on Monday we will discuss our findings and write our conclusions about which material was the best insulator.
Next week will be a busy week as it is anti-bullying week and we will also begin to plan our class assembly, which is on Thursday 28th November at 9:10.
Monday 18th November
We had quite a dramatic start to the day today! Upon our arrival at school, we discovered that someone had rampaged through the playground, turning over chairs, benches and picnic tables and scattering rubbish and classroom items on the ground. We also found some giant footprints on the playground and Mr Ormiston in a sling! We think that a large beast (Bigfoot) may have made an unwelcome visit to school, knocking Mr Ormiston over and injuring his arm in the process.
Today we wrote a newspaper article on this unfortunate event for our cold task, to start off our new Talk for Writing unit. We hope that we don't have another such visit from this mysterious creature!
Monday 25th November
Today UKS2 had a workshop led by the NSPCC about different types of abuse and how to stay safe. We learned what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour towards us from others, and who to talk to if we are ever in need of support.
We all agreed that we have the right to stay safe and to speak out if we feel worried about something.
We memorised the Childline phone number, which is 0800 1111. 
Thursday 28th November
Thank you for coming to see our class assembly today. We hope you enjoyed it!
Friday 6th December
Over the last three weeks we have been doing some Talk for Writing work around newspaper reports. We have read a book called 'Real Life Mysteries' and have learned about some mysterious events such as UFO sightings and unexplained sea-monsters. We even had a visit from Bigfoot, who caused some damage to the school, and to Mr Ormiston's arm!
We have now written our hot tasks and we think they are pretty good! This super book has really inspired us and we have loved researching these real life mysteries!
Thursday 12th December
Today we did an investigation into which materials make the best conductors and insulators. We discussed the importance of appropriate materials used on plug sockets and appliances to make them safe.
Thursday 19th December
Merry Christmas from Y5/6!
Monday 13th January
Today we have been learning about jazz music, listening to and appraising Bossa Nova ryhthms. We also played along to the music using the notes G,A and B on xylophones.   

Thursday 23rd January


In science this term, we have been working as lighting technicians. We have explored the different shadow effects we can create using a variety of materials and coloured papers/plastics to create a shadow ‘setting’ of flowers, insects and trees. We found out that opaque objects did not let any light through, translucent and transparent materials let some light through and created colour, and that coloured tissue paper and textured wool attached to the inside of a card frame created vivid colours!

 Take a look at our shadow pictures.

Friday 31st January
Today in PE we were developing our team work skills by trying to cross the river as a team, without falling in. The number of pebbles that we had kept being reduced, which made it trickier. We had great fun!
Monday 3rd February
Today we had great fun using our WeDo Lego kits to build a football kicker, and to programme it using an iPad. This has been this term's computing project.
Thursday 27th February
We had a fabulous time at our animal workshop today! We were learning about animals and their natural
habitats, as part of our science work on Animals Including Humans. These lovely creatures were fascinating! 
Thursday 5th March
We have had fun this week during Book Week! We enjoyed our Rocking Chair Tales workshop on Tuesday, where we listened to some great stories. Today we enjoyed seeing all of the fabulous costumes that everyone was wearing. We have also produced some lovely descriptive writing to go in our illustrated class book, which is based on An Atlas of Imaginary Places.