Eagles 2014-15

Thursday 16th July
Today was our end of year performance, Alice the Musical. The children have worked extremely hard for the last few weeks to learn their lines and practise the songs, and to help Mrs Bullock and Mrs Dorrington make the props. I'm sure you will agree that the children did us proud! Both performances yesterday were fantastic, with all actors, dancers and singers doing an excellent job. We had some fantastic costumes so thank you to all parents/grandparents and family members who helped to make it look so good. Thank you also to Mrs Bullock and Mrs Dorrington for making the props and decorating the stage, and a huge well done to all of the chidren for their hard work. We hope you enjoy the photos!
7th July
Today, 8 year 6s went to John Port School to represent Etwall Primary in a maths competition. They spent the whole day there and took part in a wide range of challenges. We are so pleased and excited to announce that one of the Etwall teams, The Etwall Rangers, came first!  Well done! 
2nd July
This morning, all of year 5 and 6 got together to design games for the summer fayre.  Some of the games have been very imaginative and look like they will be lots of fun for everyone to play!  You will see some of the games at the summer fayre next Friday (10th July) and all the the children in the school will be able to play all of the games before the end of the year. We will give you the date nearer the time. 
Tuesday 30th June
Today we have had a lovely day in Eagles class. We have spent some of our time outdoors underneath the shade of the willow trees, making use of the outdoor classroom. This morning we made book marks, birthday cards and Top Trumps cards to use in September, and we also played some 'getting to know you' games. We learned some unusual and some funny facts about each other! This afternoon we drew portraits of each other, which we will display in class in September.
We are looking forward to spending the day together again tomorrow, when we will do some maths and English activities, and some more outdoor learning.
Monday 15th June
We had a great time in our PE lesson this morning! We were learning to play handball, practising our passing and defending skills, and having mini tournaments against each other. We are learning to spread ourselves out well across the court, and trying to remember not to overcrowd the goal when we are trying to save the ball. We are thoroughly enjoying learning to play this sport and are becoming quite good at it!
11th/12th June 
The year 5's in Eagles and Ospreys have been taking part in the bikeability awards. We spent Thursday morning earning our level 1 awards which involved having control of our bike when we were riding and knowing how to look after it properly. On Thursday afternoon and Friday we went onto the roads to practice doing different turns from major to minor roads, this was to help us gain our level 2 award.  We finished off the Friday afternoon by having a lovely cycle around Etwall. 
11th June
The year 6s joined together from both classes for the morning and we investigated lots of different methods of measuring trees. We are not sure which methods were most accurate but think we found rough estimates of the heights of some of the trees!
8th June 2015
Today was sports day and we had a wonderful day! The sun was shining and we were joined by lots of family members who came to support us. Well done to all of the children for being such good sports and for helping us to have such a lovely day. We hope you enjoy looking at our sports day pictures!
Wednesday 3rd June 
Today in English we did some outdoor learning. As part of our unit on Stories from Other Cultures, we have read Hansel and Gretle and have planned our own versions of the story, to write as a book to read to KS1 children. We are going to make these books next week, once we have written the stories, and today we made the gingerbread house from the story, out of natural materials that we found in the school grounds. These houses are going to inspire our stories and will feature in our illustrations. 
We are now looking forward to making our books and reading them to our KS1 audience. We hope they enjoy them!
Homework - Summer term 6
Wednesday 21st May
Today Eagles class completed our sponsored laps of the playground, to raise money for Rainbow's Hospice. The children all put in a tremendous effort, running as many laps as they could in 20 minutes. Their determination to do well was an inspiration to see!
Well done to the children for their efforts and for doing their best to raise money for this very worthy cause.
Thank you also to all family and friends who have offered your support by sponsoring the children. 
We will let you know how much we have raised, once we have collected all of the money.
Friday 18th May
This week we have made our well dressing design, ready for the weekend. Our design was a fish! This is  how we made it:
  1. Firstly we printed out a copy of a fish and got the clay ready. 
  2. Secondly with some coctail sticks we copied the fish onto the clay.
  3. Next with some coffee beens, which smelt delicious, we went around the fish filling out the outline.
  4. After we had done that we filled in the fish with some orange lentils.
  5. Then to make it look like the fish was in the sea, we used some blue flowers for the sea and some gravel for the sea bed. 
That's how we made our class well dressing!
By Eleanor.
Friday 8th May
Today in our computing lesson we have been making movies using Windows Movie Maker. We used photographs of the school grounds to make a story board, and we have begun to add text and graphics to make our movies more animated. We are going to continue with our movies next week, and will upload some of them when they are finished. We are having great fun using this technology! 
Thursday 30th April
In our science lesson today we dissected a flower and we dicussed what the body parts of the flower are for. E.G: the stamen is the male parts of the plant and the carpel  are the female parts of the plant. In our science books we cut bits off our daffodils, then  we stuck them in and labelled with captions.
After that, we made our own models of flowers using tissue paper for the petals; cotton buds for the stamens and a straw for the stalk. We had a lot of fun in our science lesson!!!
                                                             by Shelby and Alice 
28th April
Some of the year 5 and 6 children took part in a netball tournament after school against lots of other local schools.  There were about 20 teams who took part so there were lots of matches to play.  Miss Gale and Miss Featherstone were very impressed with the standard of play from both teams, and it is obvious that the children had been working hard at netball club each week. The 'Etwall A team' played particularly well and managed to come third overall - well played everyone!
Monday 20th April
Today we took our English lesson outside in to the school grounds. We were learning about instructions and the features of instruction writing. To help us to remember the features of instruction writing, we made 'nature pies', conisiting of natural materials such as sticks, grass, mud, leaves, flowers etc. We wrote instructions for someone else to follow, so that they could make a pie like ours. Tomorrow we are going to evaluate the effectiveness of our instructions, and see if someone else can follow them.  
Summer term 5 homework
17th April 2015
Today in our English lesson we were learning about the spelling rule for words that end in -ibly and -ably. We did some investigating in class relating to the rule, using dictionaries and our spelling journals, and we compared it to the rule for -ible and -able.
We then took our spelling lists outside and played a game of 'Walkabout', where we walked about the playground until Miss Warburton called out 'spell'. We then found a partner to test us on a word off our list, using our knowledge of the spelling rule to help us.
We had fun playing this game, and found it helped us to remember our spellings!
Spring 2 - Homework

26th March 2015

Today years 5 & 6 enjoyed a spice workshop with Mr Sharma from Basmati Indian Restaurant in Heatherton Village, as part of our global learning. Mr Sharma brought with him almost 50 different herbs & spices to learn about. We learned about the king and queen of spices and about the different flavours and strengths of the spices that are used in Indian cuisine. We got to smell and taste some of the ingredients, and we even got to eat some poppadums at the end of the session!

We thoroughly enjoyed our spice class – many thanks to Mr Sharma for coming in to see us, and for the vouchers he gave the children for his restaurant!

20th March 2015
This morning we had a great time out on the school field watching the solar eclipse. We took our cereal box pinhole projectors out with us and observed the eclipse, making sure that we kept our backs to the sun the whole time. We even got to eat a biscuit - we tried to eat it into the shape of the eclipse! 
We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the eclipse, and were fascinated by the changes in light and the drop in temperature that we experienced.
16th March 2015
Today we went outside and did some outdoor learning as part of our maths lesson. We were learning about the properties of 2D shapes, so we collected some sticks, made some shapes and wrote about their properties on the playground next to them. We had great fun!
12th March 2015
Today in Eagles class we had R-Time outside. We learned two new circle games, 'Dracula' and 'Shopping'. We had lots of fun with these games, trying to outsmart each other whilst playing 'Dracula', and trying to remember as many items as we could in 'Shopping'. 
This afternoon we wrote replies to our penfriends in Germany. We used vocabulary learnt in class, as well as the German dictionaries, to help us. Miss Warburton is going to post the letters to the school in Karlsruhe, and we are looking forward to our replies!
5th March 2015
Today we have had a very busy day in Eagles class! We did some outdoor learning during our English lesson and explored the school grounds to see what kind of insects we have living there, so that we could write about them, organising our paragraphs in sophistocated ways. In maths we did some baking, to allow us the opportunity to practise reading scales - we found some of the scales quite tricky to read! We thoroughly enjoyed this lesson though, particularly when we got to eat the cakes that we baked!
We also enjoyed learning about the books and the characters that we had come dressed as for World Book Day. Well done for all of your great costumes! 
25th February 2015
Today we have had a wonderful time on our school trip to Thinktank. We used our computing skills to program lego cars and make them move in different directions and around obstacles, and we explored the galleries looking at exhibits containing a range of things from pre-historic animal skeletons to modern inventions. We also enjoyed exploring the science garden, where we investigated wheels and pulleys and different forms of energy. In addition to this we also investigated a crime using forensic techniques including fingerprinting and analysis of hairs and fibres. We discovered that the crime was committed by two thieves working together! 
4th February 2015
Today in Eagles we were making our own felt. We were using the sunset pictures painted by Turner as inspiration. On each table we had a basket full of light and dark colours (cool pallette or warm pallette), which we used to create a lovely scene each. We used warm soapy water and our hands to compress the Merino wool into felt. Our felt sunsets are currently drying out and we will display them as soon as they are ready!
By Alice and Lucy.
30th January 2015
Today has been Victorian Day in Eagles class. Children sat in rows, rather than groups, with one half of the classroom being for boys and the other half for girls. There was a girls and boys entrance to the classroom and strict rules were followed all day, such as calling Miss Warburton and Mrs Cheetham 'Ma'am', standing up when we answered or asked a question, standing up when an adult entered the room and only speaking when we were spoken to. We also had fingernail inspections, recited The Lord's Prayer and if errors were made, the dunces hat was worn by children. Naughty children were threatened with the cane! Lessons in handwriting, spelling, arithmetic and observational drawing were done, with children working hard to produce their best work for ma'am.
The children thoroughly enjoyed their day, and they gained a valuable experience of a Victorian school room. Thank you to parents for helping the children to come in to school dressed in such wonderful costumes!
22nd January 2015
Today we have been learning about the life of Victorians by looking at Victorian artefacts. We have enjoyed looking at toys such as china dolls, skipping ropes and pick-up sticks; Victorian clothing and a pair of glasses; arefacts from a cotton mill; school room items such as books and slates and many more.
We are looking forward to our experience of a Victorian school day next week!
17th December 2014
We had a great time at our Year 5/6 Christmas party. We played some games in the hall and then came and ate our party food. It was a close call for the 'decorate your table competition'. All of the tables were very well decorated and it was a tricky decision for the secret judge!
11th December 2014
In our English lessons this week we have been learning about the WW1 Christmas Truce. We listened to some recordings of WW1 veterans talking about what happened on this day, and watched the Sainsbury's Christmas advert which depicts it. We also read the poem 'The Christmas Truce' by Carol Ann Duffy, which told us all about it. We discussed the differences in these versions of this special event and what we can learn from them. Today we did freeze-frames showing our ideas of what the Christmas Truce may have been like. We hope you enjoy looking at them!
19th November 2014
Today we have had a very busy day. As well as practising long division and comparing different text types in our morning lessons, we have also been out in to the community and have welcomed our parents and carers in to school for our schowcase.
Our afternoon started off with a visit to the church. We looked at the war memorial outside the church and at the exhibition of children's work, artefacts and memories from the village, which were on display inside the church. We were amazed by what we saw, the children were so engrossed in looking at the wonderful displays and learning from them that they did not want to come back to school!
For our showcase we shared with our families and friends some of the work that we have done in school based around WW1 and the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae.
5th November 2014
Today in PE we practised our tag rugby skills. We learned how to pass the ball whilst standing still and whilst moving, and we played a game of 'beat the ball'. We also did some warm up activities that class members had devised as part of their homework. We will be continuing to develop our tag rugby skills over the next few lessons.
8th October 2014
Today during maths some of Eagles class worked with Mrs Cheetham to work out how to convert between miles and kilometers. They used local maps to help them.
29th September 2014
Today we took part in a World War 1 workshop with Rebecca from Derbyshire Records Office. We learnt about the National Relief Fund and how Etwall raised funds to help families in the village who were experiencing hardship, due to their relatives being away at war. 
 We also looked at artefacts to see what they could teach us about life during WW1.
17th September 2014
Today we were lucky enough to have a visitor in our science lesson, Dr Hendriksen. He taught us about the human circulatory system and we also dissected pigs' hearts, to help us to learn about the function and the different parts of the heart.