Eagles 2015-16

Thursday 14th July
Cinderella Rockerfella was a huge success! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you so much for all of your support in helping the children to learn their lines, and providing some excellent costumes. The children enjoyed rehearsing and performing and we are all very proud of them! 
Thursday 7th July
Look at our fabulous Greek vases and Olympic torches that we have made for homework projects!
Well done Eagles!
Wednesday 6th July
We have had a great time on our class swap days this week. We read a book called The Pirates Next Door and made story boards about it. We also did some outdoor learning, making flags for our pirate ships out of natural materials. We are very much looking forward to September and enjoying our time in our new classes!
Thursday 30th June
What a fun week we have had! We completed our sponsored event for Save the Children today, in which we did 10 keepy-uppies, 30 skips on a skipping rope, 3 hoops in the net, a 10m javelin throw, 2 laps of the playground and an obstacle course on the playground. Thank you for sponsoring us for this worthy cause!
Year 6 have also had some science lessons at John Port School over the last two days. We had a great time in biology dissecting hearts, looking at lungs and learning about habitats, and in environmental science we learned about the origins of different fruits and how oil pollutes the ocean. In chemistry we used bunsen burners and acid to change the colour of a flame. We are looking forward to Year 7 science! Thank you to Mr Swindell at John Port for organising these lessons.
Tuesday 28th June
We thoroughly enjoyed sports day today - well done to all competitors, but especially to green team!
Wednesday 22nd June
Today children were presented with a commemorative book marking the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The books have been kindly bought for the children by St Helen's Church, Etwall and by Etwall Methodist Church, and presented to the children as a memento of this special event. Many thanks to the two churches for their generosity, and to Rev Fiona for leading an assembly today, in which she explained its significance to the children. The children were pleased to received their books, and we are sure they will treasure them for many years to come.
Thursday 16th June
We had a fabulous day at Jaguar Land Rover today! We were privileged to be able to have a tour of the site, see engineers at work and look at some of the cars and their parts, that the engineers were working on. However, we are not able to tell you about exactly what we saw - nor were we able to take photographs of it - because it is top secret! We also had a great time doing some programming, making traffic lights work and buggies move. Thank you to Mrs Silvester and Mrs Varley (from the Imagineering Club) for organising the trip for us, it was excellent, and we think we may have inspired some children to want to work in engineering when they are older!
Friday 10th June
Today we have had fun creating our own mythical creatures, heroes and Gods/Goddesses to go in our own myths, which we are going to write next week. We have taken inspiration from the wonderful greek myths that we have read this week. Amongst our favourites were Persues and Medusa, Thesues and the Minotaur and Deadaul and Icarus. We look forward to reading more myths, including each others'!
Wednesday 25th May

On Languages Day our theme was the Olympics. We learned how to say the German words for Olympic sports, and we played games and wrote sentences to help us to remember them. For the showcase assembly, we acted out participating in various sporting events while we commentated, in German, on our performances. We had a great time!

Wednesday 18th May
We had a fabulous outdoor learning enrichment afternoon today, learning how to be a good hunter gatherer in pre-historic Britain. We carved sticks and used them to cook bread on a camp fire, practised our hunting skills by throwing stick spears and we also learned how to weave wool to thicken the material that we were going to use. We also enjoyed making smalls rafts using sticks and string. We had great fun and there are definitely some excellent hunter gatherers in Eagles class!
Thursday 12th May
Today, as part of our science topic on All Living Things, we spent the afternoon doing some outdoor learning. We did a leaf hunt and looked at the characteristics of the different leaves in the school grounds, and discussed how we could classify them. We also went in to our wonderful school pond, and did some pond dipping. We were delighted with all of the amazing wildlife that we found there, especially the many tadpoles and frogs! We hope you like our pictures.
Friday 6th May
We had great fun keeping fit during ACES day this afternoon. We hope you enjoy our pictures!
Wednesday 4th May
This week in Eagles class we have done some wonderful descriptive writing. We have tried to include expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, semi-colons and the passive tense to describe different settings. We hope you enjoy our writing.
Wednesday 27th April
Today as part of our science work we did some outdoor learning. We collected some plants/flowers from the school grounds to do some botanical drawings ofthem. Unfortunately the rain then came so we had to dash inside to do the drawings! We are going to classify some of the plants that we found next week. I'm sure you will agree that we have some excellent artists in Eagles class!
Friday 22nd April
In our English lessons we have been doing a Talk for Writing unit on discussion texts. We have learnt a discussion text map off by heart to help us to understand and remember the structure of this text type. We are going to use this knowledge to help us to prduce our own fabulous discussion text next week! Here are some photos of the text map, and a couple of videos of Emily reciting it.

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Thursday 14th April 
Today in our maths lesson we were learning about the volume of 3D shapes. We built 3D cubes and cuboids and then used the formula L x W x H to work out the volume. Some of us were given a volume and we had to build a cube or cuboid to show why it had that volume. We hope you are impressed with our work!
Tuesday 22nd March
Eagles class are VERY proud of Ciara today! Over the weekend Ciara attended the World Championships for Irish Dancing in Glasgow, and she finished 47th in the world in her category!
Well done Ciara for such an outstanding achievement. We are so proud of your talent!
Wednesday 16th March
Today was Onesie Wednesday, as we are supporting Autism Awareness Day. We all came in to school dressed in our onesies or pyjamas and throughtout this week we are doing a few lessons on what it's like to live with autism, or to be the friend of someone with autism.
This afternoon we also went outside to the outdoor classroom underneath the willow tree, where we started to weave Easter baskets using the willow from the tree. We are going to show them during the Easter service at church on Monday. They are a work in progress but we think they are going to be really good when they are finished!
Thursday 3rd March
We had a fabulous day on World Book Day today, and we came in to school dressed as some wonderful characters! We hope you like our costumes. Thank you so much to parents for making such a huge effort and providing children with some brilliant costumes to wear.
Monday, 29th February 2016
Today, we invited a GB athlete Sarah Holt, a British athlete who specializes in the hammer throw, to our school to inspire children to get active and help raise money for PE equipement.  Children participted in four activities: Star Jumps, Spotty Dog, Press-Ups and Leg Drives.
Wednesday 24th February
Today we used springs and elastic bands to explore and experience different forces. We propelled marbles as far as we could using the force of a compressed spring. We had great fun!
Friday 5th February
Today we had a fabulous time in our yoga lesson with Mrs Boddy. We were amazed at the positions we could get into and at how flexible our bodies were! Eagles class are huge fans of yoga.
Thank you Mrs Boddy for a wonderful lesson.
Delta Trampolining Club
Eagles class are delighted to announce that three of our class members took part in a trampolining competition on Saturday 23rd January in Cardiff. The talented trio did extremely well and came second out of six teams!
Next, they will be going to the nationals in Wigan in March. We will let you know how they get on.
Well done girls!
Friday 22nd January
We worked really hard in our maths lesson today. We started off by adding and subtracting fractions, and then we practised long division. We are getting really good at this now!
Thursday 14th January
We thoroughly enjoyed our school trip to Chester. We looked at lots of artefacts, explored the galleries and dressed as Roman soldiers while we had an army training session. We also spent some time in the amphitheater ruins, learning about the gladiator fights. We can't wait to continue learning more about the Romans in our topic this term!
Thursday 7th January
Today Eagles classs did a fitness test in the hall with Premier Sports. We ran for 4 minutes around the hall (after doing some warm up exercises) and our laps were recorded. We were all exhausted afterwards but we had great fun!
Friday 18th December
We had a great time at our Christmas party today. Thank you to all parents for the wonderful food and decorations that you sent it for the children. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Monday 7th December
Today in class we moulded volcanoes out of clay. We made either composite or cinder cone volcanoes, which we were learning about last week. We are looking forward to showing them to parents and family members at our showcase on Wednesday at 3pm. See you then!
Monday 30th November
This afternoon we put our Christmas up in class, with all of the beauiful decorations that the children made for homework. We hope you agree it looks lovely, the children did a great job!
Thursday 19th November
For anti-bullying week this week we have done lots of activities in class around bullying and how to deal with it. We came up with an anti-bullying slogan "We are bully busters!" and children wrote anti-bullying messages on leaves, which are going to be displayed on a tree in school.
We also enjoyed taking part in an anti-bullying workshop with Miss Lynch. We are determined that together we can stop bullying!
Wednesday 11th November
Today we had great fun when Mrs Thompson came in to visit us during our science lesson. She taught us all about the different parts of the eye and how we see things. We looked at a model of the eye and looked through a lens, which proved that our eyes actually see things upside down! We talked about how we see colours and what our own, and some animals, fields of vision are. We learnt an awful lot - the most important message of all was to look after the health of our eyes by having less screen time, and eating more greens. The children were not keen on sharing this message with parents!
Also featured on our website today is a photograph of Alfie's, Laura's and Rosemary's D&T homework. For their homework they have each made a beautiful Christmas tree decoration. We are goiing to save them until we put our Christmas tree up in December. We think we will have the best decorated tree in the school!
Wednesday 4th November
Today we planned a poem with a similar theme to The Highway Man, using a story board to order the stanzas of the poem. We tried to include rhyme and figurative language. We had great fun talking about what our poems could be about, especially when deciding what tragedy they could contain! 
Thursday 22nd October
Today in our English lesson we performed a poem that we have been working on this week. We tried to put expression and actions in to our performances, to add dramatic effect.
We hope you enjoy them!
Wednesday 15th October
Today we spent one of our lessons outdoors in our beautiful outdoor classroom, underneath the willow tree. We created some 'Art from the Earth' pictures using natural materials, to show in our Harvest assembly next week. We had great fun and were amazed by the rich colours we could find in our natural environment, to use in our art work.
Monday 6th October
Today year 6 children were lucky enough to have a visitor from the Fire Service, Sarah. She talked to us about potential fire hazards around the home, what to do in the event of a fire, the fire triangle and hoax calls. We learnt a lot from Sarah and have lots of advice to give our families at home!
Wednesday 30th September
Today we have been investigating different circuits and learning about circuit symbols. We made some  circuits and drew them in our books. We are really enjoying this science topic!
Thursday 24th September
Today Eagles did our sponsored obstacle course to raise money for the NSPCC. We had to complete as many circuits as we could in 5 minutes, going through the following obstacles: ladders, hurdles, skipping ropes and beanbags. The children worked very hard to do as many laps as they could for this worthy cause. We are now going to collect our sponsorship money, which is due in school by Wednesday 30th September. Thank you all for your support!
Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd September
Members of Eagles class have been very busy helping Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to build our giant's heads on the school field, as part of our wildflower meadow project. The children were using turf and bricks to build the heads, piping to make animal tunnels and sand and cement to build the face, with montbretia to add the hair. It was heavy, dirty work which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Look out for a newsletter documenting the work which was done over the three days.

Etwall Library Summer Reading Challenge

This year Etwall Library had a record number of children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge. We are very proud to say that lots of Etwall Primary School children were a part of this, and helped to make the challenge such a success this year.

Well done to all those children who dedicated time over the summer to reading so many books, and congratulation on receiving your certificate and medal!

Y5/6 residential, October 2016
For your information: here is the presentation that was used during the parents information evening about the Y5/6 residential trip to the Hollowford Centre, 17th - 21st December 2016.