Wednesday 7th July

We discussed the arrangements for ‘Switch-Off’ Energy week that will run from July 13th-17th. 

1. Members of the Eco-Council will visit all classrooms every lunch time during the week and switch off any lights and whiteboards that have been left on. They will close doors and shut down the screen on any computers that have been left on. They will also switch off any iPads. The rota is as follows:

•    Monday – Jack and Jack

•    Tuesday – Ben

•    Wednesday – Thomas

•    Thursday – Katie and Nicola

•    Friday – Katie and Nicola

 2.   At the start of assembly, all members of the Eco-Council will check the rooms to ensure any devices are turned off (as above).

 3.   During lunchtime checks, those responsible will record the reading on the energy monitor after they have completed their jobs. They will also record the energy reading at 9.15am each day to allow for a comparison.

 4.   Jack  will put a notice into each class tray to prepare them for Switch-off week.

 5.   Miss Walton will prepare a table to record energy readings.

Monday 23rd June
Today we harvested the potatoes. We are going to enter their weight in to the Grow Your Own Potatoes competition for schools - fingers crossed that we win a prize! We are going to have a guess the weight of the potatoes competition to raise money for Rainbow’s Hospice tomorrow. We will charge 20p a guess. We will go round each class to let children have a go. The winner will get a prize, and the potatoes will be cooked this week by the kitchen staff and put in the salad bar. We will let staff, children and parents know about the competition this afternoon.
Wednesday 17th June
We were recently nominated to appear in the ‘Chosen by you, given by us’ campaign by Mrs Westen, mum of Olivia and Chelsea. Asda very kindly donated some hand tools, gardening gloves, seed trays, petunias and a cheque for £50. We have put the petunias in hanging baskets and are going to spend the £50 on wellies for outdoor learning. The hand tools and seed trays will also be put to good use! Ben and Jack are going to write a letter of thanks to Asda. A huge thank you to Mrs Westen for nominating us.
Our potatoes are now ready to be harvested. We will do this next week!
We picked a few picnics benches/seats out of a catalogue to share with Miss Dixey. We want to use these to create a quiet area in the school grounds. We will let you know what we finally pick and where it will go.  
We also chose some recycling bins to go in each classroom. We are going to share these with Miss Dixey and then order them, so that we all have matching recycling bins.
Monday 20th April
Today we organised the rota for watering the willow structures on the school field, and the herb garden at the front of the school. Each of the KS2 classes are going to take it in turns to water these areas each week. When the willow starts to grow more, we will also weave the willow back into the willow structure so that it is not hanging out.

We will explain to the school about the rota in Wednesday’s KS2 assembly.


Monday 23rd March 
Today we planted our potatoes! We filled grow bags with compost and then placed the chitted potatoes inside them. We will leave them until June, when we will harvest them. We will weigh them and enter the weight into the 'Grow Your Own Potatoes' competition, and we will also decide what to do with them when they are ready.
We will keep you updated on their progress!

Wednesday 18th February 

Today we chitted our potatoes to prepare them for planting later in March, when they will be ready. We are going to leave them on the windowsill in Sparrowhawks’ classroom, to allow the shoots to grow. We will then plant them and when they are ready to harvest sometime in June, we will weigh them and enter them in to the national ‘Grow Your Own Potatoes’ competition, to see if we can win a prize for school!

We will decide whether to eat them, or do a guess the weight of the potatoes competition, or raffle them off for charity. We will let you know what we decide to do!

The potatoes we have planted are ‘rocket’ potatoes and also a regional variety called ‘luciole’.

 Keep watching for news of how our potatoes grow!

Thursday 22nd January

Today we counted the printer cartridges and mobile phones that have been left in the recycling bin near the school office.

We collected 11 big laser cartridges and almost 90 small cartridges. We have put them all into boxes and we are now waiting for the recycling company to come and collect them from us. They will then send us a letter telling us how much money we have earned for school by collecting them, and will send the money to school.

Thank you for all of your donations and we would appreciate any more used cartridges and mobile phones that you have to offer!


Tuesday 19th November
Today we finished counting our Morrison's Let's Grow vouchers. We had 1141 vouchers, so thank you again to all of you who brought the vouchers in for us! We looked through the Let's Grow catalogue and decided to order a few bags of compost for when we plant things in the spring term, and some runner bean seeds.
The order will arrive in spring.
Eco-Council meeting 07.11.14
Today we have counted the Morrison’s Let’s Grow vouchers that you have all been bringing in for us. We will let you know what the grand total is as soon as we have it!

We are going to order some things for school from the Let’s Grow catalogue with the vouchers. We will also let you know what we order.

 Thank you for all of the vouchers that you have brought in for us!