English Information Page

English is one of the core subjects in the National Curriculum. Developing good speaking, listening, reading and writing skills is extremely important, as these skills enable children to make good progress in all areas of the curriculum, and to develop the communication skills needed to help them in all aspects of their life.
This page will provide you with some information and resources which may help you to support your child as they progress on their learning journey through primary school.
At Etwall Primary School we encourage children to write using a cursive style of handwriting. We model cursive letters from reception class onwards and our aim is to teach the children to start producing 'joined up writing' by the end of KS1. The attached leaflets will offer you some guidance on how to support your child in the development of their handwriting.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
As part of the English National Curriculum 2014 expectations, KS1 and KS2 children are taught about the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar, to help them to understand the structure of our language. A good understanding of these areas also helps the children to develp as confident writers. 
Below are some documents which may help you to understand the terminology and rules that your child will be expected to know and use, from years 1 to 6, so that you can support them in this area of the curriculum. There is also a document with some spelling games that you can play with your child, to help them to learn their spellings.
Developing good reading skills is essential for children to ensure they are able to access all areas of the school curriculum. At Etwall Primary School we encourage our children to read for enjoyment as often as they can. Encouraging a love of reading in your child at as young an age as possible helps them to progress well across the curriculum, as they can access a world of knowledge and enjoyment through literature.
In school we have a large range of Oxford Reading Tree books which the children use as they learn to read. In addition to this we have a well-stocked library which the children visit each week to encourage them to read for pleasure. Upper KS2 children also enjoy weekly visits to the local library, to access the wider selection of books on offer there. Each classroom also has a selection of age-appropriate reading books for children to enjoy.
Here are some leaflets which may give you some advice on how you can encourage your child on their journey to become a life-long, confident reader.

During their time in reception class and KS1, children will be taught Phonics daily to help them to develop as readers. At Etwall Primary School we use the Jolly Phonics programme of progression for phases 1-4, with Nottingham City revised Letters and Sounds being used for phases 5-6.


The attached leaflet aims to guide you through Phase 1-3 phonics, from sounding out letters to building more complex words. It give you simple ideas to try in a relaxed ‘playing together’ way so that your child can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time.  

Writing targets
At Etwall Primary School the children are set writing targets each half term. These consist of around three personal targets to help each child to progress in their writing. They are stuck in the front of writing books so that children can refer to them when they are writing in all subjects across the curriculum, not just in English. Teachers and children regularly assess their work against their targets, to ensure that progress is being made. Targets are also stuck into reading diaries/journals so that parents can see what their child's targets are, and can support them at home.