Falcon Class 18-19

Welcome to Falcons
Welcome to Falcons class. Mr Jowett and Mrs Dorrington are always available to speak to and answer questions. Please say hello when you arrive.
We are looking forward to a busy and rewarding term.
This week's spellings will be given out on Friday and will be tested next Friday. 
Please see the attached document which tells you the spellings, and the procedure we usually follow. 
As always, if you have any questions, please see your child's teacher. 
14th September 2018
Election Day
Today the class elected our council representatives for the coming year. If you have any ideas, questions or comments for the different committees, then please talk to these children. They can take your ideas forward to their committee where it could be discussed and acted upon!
School Council - Oliver and Daisy D
Eco Committee - Daisy W
Literacy Committee - Lucy
2nd October 2018
Harvest Celebration
Today the whole school filled St. Helen's church to share our knowledge of the food we eat and our understanding of where it comes from. Falcons have spent some time researching and tasting Yams in their preparation for today's service. Thank you to all the adults who escorted the class to church. 
10th October 2018
National Memorial Arboretum
Today Falcons class, along with all of Key Stage 2, visited the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. We were treated to wonderful weather and shown around much of the site by an excellent volunteer guide who shared stories and information about some of the memorials we saw. We shared an act of remembrance together and a moment of silence.
November 2018
The Armistice Commemoration
Towards the end of last term Falcons spent time thinking and discussing the broad meaning of peace. We used a thesaurus to find alternative words for peace and used them to create decorative word art. When you visit St. Helen's church you can read the words we have created, set amongst the comemorative pieces from across the school. 
12th November 2018
It is likely that swimming will begin this week. Please be sure to have swimming kit and a towel in school on Tuesday, ready for your lesson.
Parents that might be available to support our swimming groups by escorting them to the pool, please have a word with Mr Jowett or Mrs Dorrington at any time. Helpers are needed throughout the year, so even if you can only offer a few sessions, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.
15th November 2018
Children in Need
Today all the children in Falcons class were filled with the spirit of charity. In return for our donation to the amazing Children in Need charity we enjoyed a non-uniform day. Some children even dressed in very recognisable Pudsey suits and t-shirts.
Thank you.
Together, the school raised around £300. Well done.
Monday 26th November
Shapes in PE
Today the children in Falcons class have been exploring shapes. They worked in teams to produce some excellent shape structures which they demonstrated to each other. Take a look at our amazing structures.
Wednesday 28th November
A Victorian School Day
Along with the whole of  Key Stage Two, Falcons class became Victorian children for the day. WOW, how amazingly the children performed their roles. You could have heard a pin drop during formal handwriting and class reading. We learned some amazing and obscure facts, and recited the new class rhyme.
                                    Good, better, best,
                                     Never let it rest.
                               Until your good is better
                                  and your better best!
Wednesday 4th December
Computer Day
Today we have building, coding and transforming a 'Lego' froglet, from tadpole to a fully grown adult frog. We developed our own algorithms for the frogs, instructing them to move forwards and back, to make sounds and some even jumped.
Well done Falcons for all your efforts.
Wednesday 5th December
Investigating Sound
This afternoon falcons investigated the different vibrations of air produced when they shortened lengths of straws. You could try this at home withe different sizes of straw cut to different lengths. What might you discover?