Welcome back to everyone.  We are ready and raring to go for another busy, and exciting year! 
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12th September 2016
Today, the children have enjoyed a visit from a magician.  They were amazed at all of the wonderful magic tricks!
22nd September 2016
Well done to the children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge at the local library over the summer. The medal and certificate you got for completing the challenge are definitely ones to be treasured!
27th September 2016
We have learning about the skeleton in science. We learnt all of the 'posh' names for the bones, and their functions, and then made our own out of art straws.  Look carefully and see how many bones you can name! 
28th September
Kai kindly brought in some sweets to share with the class as part of a traditional Gujarati observance remembering immediate elders.
6th October 2016
Ready for the harvest festival next week we have talking about different crops, and why Christians celebrate harvest. We made our own moving scarecrows out of card, and also made a class one. We loved making it!
2nd November
We have celebrated Diwali this week. We made Diva lamps yesterday and today we have had a Bangra dancing workshop. It was great fun!
3rd November - PANTS day. 
Today we have been learning about the 'PANTS' rule from the NSPCC. We enjoyed learning the important messages that Pantasaurus told us about.  Click on the link to learn for yourself!
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Tuesday 7th November
Today we carried on our work about sound and how it travels.  We looked at a guitar and watched the vibrations of the string and talked about how the vibrations got to our ears.  We made telephones and did several experiments outside to prove to us that sound travels through vibrations. 
Anti-Bullying Week. 7th - 11th November
This week we have been reading a book called 'My Secret Bully'. We have been using this book to help us to discuss the reasons why people bully and what we should do if we think we are being bullied.  We wrote stories in English which included advice for victims of bullying. 
17th November 
Today we went to watch Gangsta Granny at Derby Theatre.  We have been reading the book in class, so it was really interesting to see the difference between the book and the theatre performance.  We have really enjoyed both!  Why not try reading another book by David Walliams and seeing if you enjoy that book as much as this one?
Children In Need day - thank you for your support!
The children donned their spots and Pudsey bear outfits today in aid of those children who are less fortunate than themselves in the UK.
We discussed the role of Children In Need, and shared our talents with a view to using them to raise money nest year. Izzy is a good singer and could put on a performance for people to buy tickets as a contribution. Some of the boys in the class suggested a football-athon involving sponsorship for number of goals scored. All super ideas!
29th November
This week we are learning how to convert between different units of measure. We went outside to measure items that were longer than a metre. We worked out the answers in cm and in m. 
1st December
Today we decorated our classroom - we can great fun! We also made paper chains with Christmas messages on.  Each table worked together and then we measured them.  We solved some maths problems using the lengths of them. 
Friday 19th December Homework Showcase
Today we spent some time celebrating our achievements in a homework showcase. There was a lot to look at, including some beautiful Anderson Shelters and Blue Peter badges. 
Well done everyone for all your hard work!
Christmas Crafts
We have spent the last few days of term on our Christmas crafts. We hope you enjoy the creations we've made!
Merry Christmas!
The year 3 and 4 Christmas party went really well, and the classes enjoyed pulling their hand made Christmas Crackers!
Thank you to everyone who brought something in to share with their groups. It was a lovely afternoon.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. 
5th January 2017
This term we are going to be learning about fractions.  We have been learning that fractions are equal parts.  Mrs Dorrington kindly made us a cake which we had to share equally.  We all got 1/33rd each! It was yummy, a lovely treat!
PE - Street Dance
See below some fantastically choreographed Street Dance, as performed by the Falcons on Monday 9th January. 
We finished our unit by performing our dances, and aside from many afternoons of doing 'The Worm', the standard of dance was extremely high! Well done everyone for your fantastic enthusiasm!
Poetry Recital
On Friday 13th January, Falcons and Kestrels got together for a poetry recital. Here are some of the Falcons' wonderful performances. 
17th January
In maths today we were practising adding and subtracting fractions.  We were given some fractions and then we rearranged these to make sure they were correct.  We challenged ourselves to make some where there were more than one number on each side of the equals sign. Miss Gale was very impressed with us. 
Chinese New Year
On Saturday 28th January 2017, it was Chinese New Year. We celebrated the occasion by writing acrostics about the Chinese Culture, using the word 'Rooster', as this is the animal for the year 2017. 
The story of the demon Nian was our inspiration for some excellent drawings, which we shared at a show case assembly on Monday. The story taught us about why the colour red is important in the Chinese culture. Why not ask your child if they can tell you the story. 
We also looked at the Chinese Zodiac and decided if the animal we were allocated for our year of birth matched us. Do you know which Zodiac sign you fall under?
Tuesday 31st January
Today, we had a special visitor who used to work with NASA. It was fascinating to hear all about Mrs Kelynak-Boddy's time in America, the astronauts she met, and the testing that she was involved with.  Thank you for coming to share your interesting stories with us! 
8th February
Well done to those Falcons that completed a project about space for their homework.  We were very impressed with the standard of them, and I know you enjoyed showing them at the showcase this afternoon. 
9th February
This morning we have been very lucky as we had Don from St John's ambulance in school to teach us about bleeding and bandaging. We learnt about the primary survey, the recovery position, how to make 99 calls, minor and major bleeding, and first aid kits.  It was a lot of fun, and we learnt a lot too!
9th February
We have had really good day today! As well as the first aid training this morning, we have had visitors to talk to us about safer internet use. 
Before we post a picture on the internet we have learnt to STOP and THINK!
1) Who am I sharing this with?
2) Who else might get to see it?
3) What will people find out about me?
4) What will people be able to find out about other people in the photo?
Monday 20th February 
Today we spent time learning about the history of felt making, including the discovery that wool becomes felt through a process which involves agitation, moisture, pH disturbance and heat. We copied the process in our own way, and created remarkable pieces. Please see the photos below to discover how we mimicked nature using Merino wool.
Tuesday 21st February - UPDATE!
Today we made frames for our felt. We are very proud of them. 
Look at our masterpieces!
Thursday 2nd March 2017
Today we are celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY as part of world book week. Miss Gale has been very impressed with the super costumes we came in; we were dressing as our favourite book characters.  We have also been lucky enough to have a visit from Steve Smallman a famous author, who read us one of his books, helped us come up with our own story, and also to illustrate it. We have learnt such a lot, and enjoyed it too! 
Wednesday 15th March 2017
As part of Science and Engineering week, today we had a brain awareness day.  This morning we learnt about different types of learners and did a quiz to find out what type of learner we were.  We have some of every type in our class! 
This afternoon, we had a 'team afternoon' so we all went to spend the time with other people in our team, and with a teacher who is also on our team. In Falcons classroom, we tried to trick our brains by making a 'twirly bid and bird cage'  Miss Gale was very impressed with how well everyone worked together. 
Tuesday 28th June 
Today we came into school and found that Miss Gale had delivered some frogspawn for us to watch grow into tadpoles and then frogs - We are really excited about it and have talked about it a lot today!  It is the start of our topic on rainforests after Easter - we can't wait to learn more about this topic.  Look out for us adding more pictures to this as we move through the frog life cycle we have put on the wall. 
Tuesday 4th April 2017
Today we have been looking at street art, particularly at Julian Beever who is a chalk artist. We tried to recreate his illusion art using chalk in the playground. It was a lovely day to be outside and we all found the use of chalk on a rough surface a rather challenging experience! Unlike paper, it was rather scratchy!
Well done to all of the class for their fantastic efforts.
Thursday 6th April
This morning, 'The Puzzle Company', came into school to do a workshop with us.  We had a fabulous time working as groups to try and solve a range of puzzles.  We found that the groups that worked really well together were the most successful!
Friday 7th April 2017Bug Blitz with the RSPB

On Friday 7th April, the RSPB came to tell us about the wonders of bird watching and bug hunting. We searched for our recently hatched Froglets in the pond, and found all manner of strange creatures as we hunted, not least a strange beast which uses bark to disguise itself in the pond. 

All in all, it was a really interesting morning, and we really impressed our visitors with our ability to be really quiet whilst bird watching!

Well done everybody, and don't forget to visit the RSPB website for competitions and information.

8th May
This week we have been participating in ACES Day.  This stands for All Children Exercise Simultaneously.  We spent the afternoon doing lots of different exercises from javelin throwing to hula hooping.  It was great fun and we promoted healthy living across the school.