Parents and carers - if you are not already connected to class Dojo please check your email, including junk mail, to find your invitation and follow the instructions. Alternatively, please get in touch with school to connect with us via Class Dojo
We are using it to ensure that you and your child are provided with the support required to face this unprecedented challenge, and that you can embrace this new normal with us by your side. 
Year 3/4 team
Welcome to Falcons
Welcome to Falcons Class web page. 
Mr Jowett and Mrs Dorrington are always available to speak to and answer your questions. You will find us on the playground at the beginning of the day. Please say hello when you drop off your child.
We are looking forward to a busy and rewarding term.
All the children have a written timetable which they can share with you. It is to remind them how each day flows!
We will check the children's Learning Diaries each Tuesday morning. Please make sure they have these and that they have read 5 times a week. It really makes a difference to the children's reading and comprehension skills.
PE kit should be in school each day and they will need their swimming kit and towel on Tuesdays.
Spellings are tested on Fridays and new spellings are given out for the following week. Please remind the children to bring their spelling books to school on a Friday. 
Please speak to us if there is anything else we can help with.
Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th September
We have had a great time this week digging up the vegetables we planted last year. We were amazed by how much had grown! The kitchen staff very kindly cooked them for us to try - they were yummy!  
Friday 6th September
Ancient Greece WOW day.
Falcons class have had a fantastic day dressed as Ancient Greeks. We listened to the story of Medusa and created our own Medusa head, covered in writhing snakes produced by the children.
We spent the afternoon making and eating traditional greek food and performing traditional greek dances.
We hope you enjoy the pictures..
Friday 27th September 
Design and Technology Day
Today Falcons completed their design challenge. As part of our Greek topic work everyone designed and made an authentic sandal. Some children worked alone and some worked in teams to complete the task. 
What fantastic designs. Some are in our photo gallery for yo to enjoy.
Wednesday 23rd October
Building a Biography
After two weeks of English work, identifying and writing the different parts of a biography, today we began to collect information about the author David Walliams. Tomorrow we will compile our own biographies for this famous English author.
Monday 4th November
Autumn Leaves
Today saw a return to school. The willow has lost many of it's leaves which now litter the playground. 
So... We decided to get creative. Have a look at the pictures and objects we made. Can you guess what they are?
Wednesday 6th November
Bread Making
This morning Falcons Worked with a Professional Chef to prepare and make soda bread. The children read through the instructions, worked as a team, moulded their own bread roll and chose their own markings.
Our catering team baked the bread and it it tasted fantastic.
It's something to try at home!  
Friday 8th November
Healthy Living
Today we explored how to keep our bodies healthy. We looked at what we put into our bodies and how we look after them. Look closely and see what we were thinking about..
December 2019
Maths Investigations 
As the term dreams to a close Falcons have been busy investigating the structure of snowflakes. What do we add with each layer and how does that affect the running total as you add one to each face of the first cube....
Wednesday 15 January 2020
Stone Age Cave Paintings
This week we have begun to find out how the ancient people of the Stone Age recorded their lives as amazing paintings found in caves in England and France. 
We then use natural earthy colours to creat our own paintings which reflect our lives today. Can you work out what we are doing in our paintings?
Thursday 23 January
Maths Calculations...
This morning we worked to explain decomposition using apparatus. Ask the children to explain the process.
Thursday 23 January
Living Things
This afternoon Falcons completed the first pages of their Living Things information book. We identified all the features of life in the MRS NERG mnemonic. Can you identify those features too?
Tuesday 28th January
Outdoor Maths
Today we explored the school grounds, searching out objects to measure using our tape measures. We found long and short things to practice our measuring skills.
Try it at home!
What interesting objects can you find to measure? 

Monday 23rd March 

Good morning Falcons! We hope you have a great first day at home school, unless you're in school as normal of course, in which case we hope you have a great day too!

Remember, learning isn't just about sitting and working in books. It's about exploring and being curious too! Let us know what you get up to, but remember to follow the advice that parents and carers have been given to keep you safe.

We miss you already!

Parents: If you are not yet connected via class Dojo, please contact school to give them your email address, or follow the instructions on the letter your child brought home. Class Dojo is a great way to stay in touch and receive support in what seems like a daunting time.

Please remember that we are still here to support your child and help you where we can.

Your year 3 and 4 teachers.

Hello Falcons,

While you're using the internet at home, don't forget about all of the online safety work we've done throughout the year! If you would like a reminder, go to this website:
and perhaps play a game or read about how to keep safe online!

Your Year 3/4 teachers
Friday 27th March
Hello Falcons!

We have seen from many of you that you have been working very hard in your first week of home schooling, so well done for staying so motivated!
Keep on sending in your super activities and we'll keep dishing out the Dojo points!

This week, I have been homeschooling my two daughters, and I have been listening to their thoughts and worries about this new way of life. How do you feel? How can we express these feelings in a positive way?

When I felt fed up, I groomed my dogs in the garden. That made me feel better.

Do you have a pet to play with, or a hobby that you can do which makes you feel calm?

Mrs Dawson
Friday 1st May 
Hi Falcons, 
I hope you are all doing well, and trying hard to keep on learning! Also, I hope you are all using Dojo and learning to upload your own work. This is important, as we will be using Dojo in the classroom, and you will need to be able to upload your own work when we're back at school!
Keep on practising your spellings - year 3 and 4 words as well as our weekly ones (Spelling Shed has these on it) as we will be doing a lovely spelling check when we get back, to see how you've been doing!
Don't forget to keep practising your times tables and use the maths shed app to help you with this. Have a go at the year 4 maths check too please, and let us know how you're getting along. 
I wonder what science activities you have been upto... Keep us updated! 
Mrs D
Monday May 4th
Happy Star Wars Day to those fans of the films! I hope you are celebrating it with costumes and space related activities! Send us pictures through Dojo if you'd like, or create a scrap book to save the memories, and share it with us on your return to school, perhaps. 
Of course, on Friday we have another celebration - Victory in Europe Day - 75 years since the end of the Second World War! 
How will you celebrate? 
Perhaps you will make some bunting to decorate your garden, or create your own 'guests' and have a lockdown tea party in the garden with sandwiches and cake! Yummy! Do send us pictures through your Dojo portfolio, as we'd love to see what you might be up to, or again, a scrap book of your activities would be a welcome show and tell when we get back to school.
See below for some resources which might be a pleasant way to celebrate the week. 
Mrs D
Monday 11th May
Well done on another super day of hard work and excellent effort.

It is wonderful to see the improvements in handwriting, times tables tester scores and spellings that you are making.

The attitude to learning that we have seen is really positive, and we can see that you are discovering when to take a break if things get too much, and to try again later. This is resilience at its best, and it is an incredibly important skill for us all to learn. You are practising it beautifully - keep it up!

For now, take good care and stay safe.

Your Year 3/4 Teachers
Friday 15th May 2020
Good morning!

What a lovely sunny morning it is, and I can see lots of people out walking their dogs today, all being very careful to follow the safety advice.

I wonder what you might be up to today! Are you planning on having a change of scene from your local area?

Whatever you get up to, just remember to keep your distance and stay safe, but mostly - enjoy yourself! Let us know what you discover...

New spellings are available at the top of the page, but it would be super to see how you are getting along with last week's. Perhaps a sibling could test you, and you could test them!

Have a super day!

Mrs Dawson
Monday 18th May 
Good morning, Falcons!

I hope you are all feeling energised for the last week of distance learning before half term!

This week is supposed to be very sunny and warm, so don't forget to follow the Sun safety advice that we have taught you at school. Perhaps you could make a poster or a leaflet about how to stay safe in the Sun!