Falcons 2014-15

Wednesday 8th July
Year 4 ukulele concert was brilliant! It was the first time I had hearn them play and I was incredibly impressed and proud of their achievements.
Please have a look on Kestrels class page to view the video of the concert.
Miss Walton
Thursday 1st July
We have had a fantastic day making Norman castles.  Children worked in teams to create castles from their own designs, using a range of every day materials.  The only criteria was that each castle must have a keep, motte and bailey.  The completed castles can be viewed in the second set of photos.  Castles will be judged by staff and a winner announced on Monday.  We are hoping to display them for parents to view over the next week.
Monday 8th June
Thank you to everyone who came along to support Sports Day.  Please have a look at the photos showing the children having great fun!
Thursday 21st May
Falcons really enjoyed trying to create the other half of a Lowry portrait today.  They used mixed media including soft pastels, acrylic paint, watercolour paint, felt tips and pencil crayons, with some excellent results.
Friday 24th April
We were lucky to be involved in an animal workshop today, where the children learnt about different animals and their habitats.  They even got to handle the animals and they were all extremely sensible in a very exciting lesson.
First they looked at a Berber Skink lizard called Clyde, followed by Millie, the Giant African Millepede.  We found out that millepedes have two brains - one is needed just to move all of the legs! 
Then we looked at Alby, the White Treefrog from Australia, where his relatives would live in the rainforest canopy. 
One of the most exciting animals was Betty, the Royal Python, who is native to the African grassland.  Although the Royal Python is the smallest of the African pythons, she is still pretty big when she is up close!
Finally the children learnt about the origins of the pet gerbil, which has fur not to keep it warm, but to protect its skin from the sun.  Surprisingly, we discovered that whilst pet gerbils live about 4 years in captivity, wild gerbils only survive about 4 months, before they get eaten by predators!
Friday 17th April
In art we learnt all about the work of Lowry today and after experimenting with stick men , the children searched for materials outside to make their own figures that fit into a Lowry scene. 
Wednesday 25th March
In art today the children made their own graffiti tag stencils, which took a lot of patience.  Making a stencil for letters is hard, particularly working out stop the centres of letters falling out.  They all worked really hard to make their tag work and some had two or even three attempts without giving up.  I'm sure you will agree that their final tags are eye catching!
Thursday 19th March
In art we have been learning about Pavement Art and trying to re-create the three dimensional work of Julian Beever.  Falcons tried to create the illusion of a hole in the playground.
Friday 13th March
Thank you for all those who dressed up for Red Nose Day and donated money to charity.  Please look at the photos of the children's costumes!
Friday 6th March
Falcons enjoyed a fun workshop with visiting author Michael Cox.
Thursday 5th March
A huge thank you to all the parents and children for their effort in dressing as their favourite character for World Book Day today.  The costumes were brilliant and the children enjoyed sharing their thoughts about their favourite books.
Please have a look at our fabulous photos!
Thursday 26th February
As part of E-Safety week, Falcons enjoyed a fun-filled drama workshop with Miss Lynch today. 
Monday 23 February
Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a day out today to visit the Science Think Tank at Millenium Point, Birmingham.  The children toured the interactive science garden, investigated forensic science and the human body, watched an exciting chemistry workshop and learnt how to programme lego robots. 
The children were a credit to the school with their exceptional behaviour and thirst for knowledge.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped us to make this trip possible.
Please have a look at all of the photographs below!
Thursday 19 February
Falcons celebrated Chinese New Year by making Chinese lanterns.
Monday 16th February
Falcons worked extremely hard today during their weekly maths problem solving lesson.  They were working on a variety of activities involving money
Wednesday 4th February
Today the children used their new wet-felting skills to make their own felt pot.  Please have a look at the photographs of the children making their pots and the finished articles!  They were all extremely successful.  Well done Falcons!!
Wednesday 4th February
R.E. this term has been focussed on learning about Buddhism.  The term concuded with a visit to the local Buddhist centre, the Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre.  We had fantastic weather for our long walk to the centre, where the children learnt more about Buddhism from the teacher, Dreamer.  Some quotes from the children:
"I thought it was brilliant because I really liked the meditation." (Jack)
"I thought that the trip was exciting because we had to pick something we liked and offer it to the world." (Emily)
"It was really good.  We did a little play.  Miss Walton had to be a princess - it was really funny!" (Rosemary)
"I thought it was a lovely walk and the play was funny." (Caine)
"Falcons enjoyed the Tara Centre becuase they taught us about Buddhism" (Edan)
Friday 30th January

Thank you to all the parents who helped the children in Falcons to dress as Victorian children today.  Their costumes were fantastic!

The Victorian experience begin when children lined up outside the classroom in silence for a fingernail check in the morning.  In all line ups during the day, boys stood at the front and girls at the back, as boys were seen as more important than girls in Victorian times.  In class the children sat in rows, with their backs straight and hands on their lap.  The had to stand to answer questions and whenever an adult came into the room.  The children worked in silence for the whole day, speaking only when they were spoken to.  During lessons the children recited the Lord's Prayer, then wrote in out into their handwriting books from memory.  They then recited times tables and wrote these out.  We all agreed that it was very boring at school during Victorian times! 

The children spent some time working on observational drawing, in silence.  This lesson was far from our usual art lessons, which are full of fun and laughter. 

If the children slouched, spoke out of turn or made mistakes with their work they had to wear the dunces hat or stand at the front of the room.  Naughty children were threatened with the cane! 

Thursday 29th January
In PSHE the children enjoyed planning and then teaching a new skill.  We had a wide range of skills on show; karate, dancing, drawing, modern foreign languages, hair plaiting, body co-ordination to name a few!  The children had to plan the best way to teach the skill which often incuded a demonstration!
Thursday 29th January
Enjoying our poetry lesson.  Children enjoyed reading a range of poetry in their small groups and then sharing their favourites with the class.  
Monday 19th January
The children enjoying exploring Victorian artefacts in their history lesson!
Thursday 15th January
This term the children are learning how to make felt out of Merino wool.  Have a look at the slideshow to see them making their piece of felt!
They also learnt about Turner as part of their Victorian theme.  They found inspiration for their sunset-themed felts by looking at Turner's paintings of landscapes and seascapes, particularly his skies.  Their finished felts can be viewed below.  They will be displayed at school this term. 
Monday 1st December
In History, children are currently investigating leisure from 100 years ago.  As part of this theme they have watched some Charlie Chaplin silent films and then had a go at creating their own.  They also put music to the drama (thank you Emily for your input as Musical Director!).  It was great fun creating a 'cops and robbers' scenario.
26th November 2014
The children were set a challenge in Design and Technology today.  Our class story is Stig of the Dump and the children read about how Barney and Stig fill an old tin bath with chalk and then drag it out of the den to empty it.  Their challenge was to design and then make a hand cart that had the following success criteria:
1. There must be a container which will hold the chalk.
2. The cart must freely move on wheels.
3. The cart must have some way of pulling it.
Here are the photos of the children making their carts.  It was an enjoyable lesson and the children were outstanding in both their behaviour and their team spirit as they helped one another overcome any problems in the designs.
We hope that parents will be able to come to our showcase next week to view the finished products!!
14th November
It was fantastic to see the children choosing to spend their 'Golden Time' today playing games that have been made as homework projects.  Two blow footballs games provided nearly the whole class with some competitive games!!
13th November
In science today Falcons were investigating how sound travels by making telephones!  They experimented with different ways to hold the string and discussed the science behind their results.
12th November
In music today children looked at improvisation and created a short group composition.  Children selected sounds and each played a seperate part in a group performance, keeping time with other members of the group. 
13th October 2014
Just a few examples of the super homework that children are bringing to school!
29th September 2014
We were lucky enough to have a member of Derbyshire Records Office in school to talk to the children about the village of Etwall during World War 1 and how soldiers were encouraged to join the army.  Children examined artefacts from the area and then created their own recruitment poster to persuade young men to join the army!  
24th September 2014
Our art workshop where children made sculptures of soldiers from World War 1 using pipe cleaners and Modrock. 
22nd September 2014
Enjoying investigating WW1 artefacts!