Falcons 2015-16

Wednesday 8th June
The Queens Birthday Celebration
Today we celebrated the queens 90th birthday. We were very creative, designing royal crowns, learning to draw Buckingham Palace, researching the amazing life of the Queen and being mathematically challenged to find ways to make 90. We completed the celebration with a whole school party, where we ate sandwiches, raised a toast to the queen, sang the national anthem and shared birthday cake.
Monday 6th June
Peter Pan Launch
This morning we came to school dressed as characters from the story of Peter Pan. this is the beginning of our exploration of the story, the characters and the different settings.
Wednesday 25th May
Languages Day 
Today Falcons were inspired and encouraged to delve into the country of Spain and the Spanish language.
We played games, learned our colours, researched famous Spanish olympians and tasted the delights of spanish food.
we finished the day with an olympic parade into the school hall where we presented all that we had discovered.
Thursday 19th May
Stone Age Experience Day
This morning was the "Best day ever" according to the children. They spent the morning outside, whilst wittling cooking utensils, spear throwing, cord making and raft building. They enjoyed cooking and eating bread on an open fire, despite the taste of the rather overcooked crust. Great fun was had by all. 
Tuesday 17th May
Today falcons created a set of electromagnets to conclude their series of work on magnetism.
Wednesday 3rd February
This morning Falcons were soothed, stretched, calmed and extended both in their bodies and their minds through the ancient art of Yoga. 
Thursday 14th January
Falcon class enjoyed an amazing day discovering Roman Chester. The day began with their transformation into Roman Legionaries, followed by a march to the Ampitheatre, where the children were drilled in the art of the tortoise formation by an imposing Centurion.
The day continued with archaeological investigation and research in the Grosvenor Museum galleries, discovering fascinating facts about the daily lives of Romans living in Ancient Britain.
Wednesday 9th December
We spent the first part of our maths lesson today, finding and identifying angles.  The children labelled any angles they could find and also drew some of their own.
Thursday 26th November
We had a fun time getting dirty today!  The children worked really hard to weed our new raised bed, to plant daffodil bulbs ready for spring and to collect and cover the bed with fallen leaves to protect them from the frost and help to reduce the weeds.
Now we just have to wait for them to appear!
Friday 20th November
This week was anti-bullying week.  We have had lots of discussions and taken part in lots of activities to learn more about this topic. 
The children all wrote a message on a leaf about what anti-bullying means to them.  We then built a tree out of our messages, which is in the corner of the classroom.
We also talked about cyber-bullying and the children all wrote an imaginary text message to the little boy who looks sad in the photo.  They discussed what kind of text messages may have been sent to him to make him unhappy and they all had some super ideas for cheering him up!
Monday 16th November
Don't make promises you can't keep...
Well done Falcons!!
Every one of you got 100% in your spelling test today and I promised you that if you ever did that, you could pie me in the face!!
Let the photos tell the story!
Wednesday 7th October
We had great fun in PE today!  The children played a game, which involved working as a team to cross a swamp without falling in. They had a number of mats and had to cross from one area of dry land to another, taking the mats with them.
It then got a bit harder as we added some crocodiles and some bridges rigged with explosives!
Fantastic team work and leadership skills on display (also some slighly unnerving acrobatics).
Friday 2nd October
We have had a really exciting World Cup Rugby day! 
First the children took part in tag rugby matches in their teams representing different countries.  The winners of Falcons class rugby were Italy, closely followed by England!
Then they learnt a modern style Haka in a dance workshop, which was great fun!
We hope you enjoy the photos!!
Wednesday 23rd September
We have had an exciting day today!!
Some of the children have been helping to build the giant head on the field.  The weather was super, although they still managed to get muddy!
Our Year Four's enjoyed their second ukulele lesson and have been learning all about pitch, rhythm and timing.  We had some real fun trying to keep time together!
Finally, the children have completed their NSPCC Big Workout.  They designed an obstacle course and then tried to run around it as many times as possible in twenty minutes.  They did really well and hopefully will be able to collect some sponsorship money over the weekend.  Those that didn't manage to take part will join Kestrels on Friday.
Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th September
We have had a wonderful two days experiencing flavours ofthe Mediterranean!  The children have made and tasted food from five different countries; Greece, Spain, Morocco, Italy and France.  Please have a look at the photos from Falcons class.
Y5/6 residential, October 2016
For your information: here is the presentation that was used during the parents information evening about the Y5/6 residential trip to the Hollowford Centre, 17th - 21st December 2016.