Thursday 25th May 2017
Today, we enjoyed doing our other two activities and went on a night walk!
Wednesday 24th May 2017
Tonight, we played a game called 'Star Ambush'.  In teams, the children had to try to find stars and take them back to base before being ambushed by a teacher.  If the teacher guessed their team name correctly, the children had to give them their star.  However, they could bribe the teacher by doing something for them to get their star back!  Here are some photos and a couple of videos of some of the children's efforts at bribery!  Enjoy!
Wednesday 24th May 2017
We have had a fantastic first day at Lea Green.  We arrived at 10:30am and then did a treasure hunt to help us find our way around.  Then, we had a lovely picnic lunch outside.  After that, we split up into our three groups.  Mrs Millward and Mr Heesom's group got very wet doing the stream walk.  Miss Marriott and Mrs Carter's group demonstrated excellent team work doing the obstacle courses and Miss Jacob and Miss Dunford's group had great fun doing the cave and problem solving.  We then had a delicious roast dinner for our evening meal, followed by chocolate sponge and custard for pudding!  We are currently playing a game called 'Star Ambush' where the teachers have got to try and steal stars from the children!  I had better go because I have some children to ambush!  We hope that everyone will sleep tonight after a very busy day!  I will keep you updated tomorrow!  Thanks, Miss Marriott!