Kestrel Class 18-19

Welcome to the Kestrels class page!
We would like to welcome you to our class page, where you will find all of the information you need, as well as exciting pictures of what we have been doing throughout the year!
If there is anything you can't find on here then please see Mrs Dawson, Mrs Bradley or Mrs Dickinson and we will endeavour to help.
Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times, so that they can take part in the various clubs and activities on offer if they would like to do so.
We do our spelling test on a Friday, and this is when we give out the new spellings, so please make sure your child has their orange spelling book in school.
Otherwise, please see us if you need anything at all. 
Mrs Dawson, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Dickinson
Friday 14th September - Election day
The children voted for their School council representatives and their Eco council too. 
After an excellent week of campaigning, the results were as follows:
Robbie and Caitlin: School council
Ryley: Eco council
Ava: Literacy committee 
Well done to all who put themselves forward and joined in the experience! It was a valuable part of our citizenship learning.
Why not ask your child what they learned from the voting experience?
Monday 17th September 
We have been using the Talk for Writing approach in English, and we have begun to learn the text 'The Promise'. It was great fun coming up with ideas as to how to show each word using actions, such as 'dry' (pretended to dry ourselves after a shower) and ugly (did our most gruesome faces)
Ask your child to show you the actions and see what they can remember!
Monday 17th September - Science
In Science we are learning about our bodies and how they work. We are particularly focusing on the musculoskeletal system, and at the way our muscles are engineered to make our skeletons move. 
We looked at Usain Bolt's 100m in 9.68 seconds. We tested ourselves to see how far we could run in the same amount of time, and used maths equipment to measure the distance we ran.
We are going to create a bar graph to show our results next lesson, but generally we were half as fast as Mr Bolt! We can explain why though...
Why not ask your child why they think they are not yet as fast as Usain Bolt?
Friday 5th October 
Today we used Base ten equipment in Maths so that we could really see how adding and subtraction works with place value. We played with addition and subtraction and realised how numbers relate to each other. We discovered lots of different ways that make 297. 
In science we looked at the skeleton and identified various parts as well as identifying the skeletons of other creatures. 
Why not ask your child how their body moves?
Friday 19th October
Kestrels have been very busy lately, preparing for the centenary of the Armistice for which there will be an exhibition of the children's work in St Helen's church, after half term.
We have also started looking at discussion texts in English and will be debating a variety of topics in the coming week.
In maths we have been subtracting and adding using the column method, and next week we are using the inverse operation to check our answers.
Thank you to all the parents who attended parents' evening this week. It was a pleasure to see you all. Please remember we are here to support you and your child, so please make an appointment with Mrs Dawson if you would like to discuss anything at length. Additionally, Mr Ormiston is happy to hear from parents, too.
If you didn't manage to see Mrs Dawson last week, please make an appointment for another occasion which is mutually convenient. 
Thank you!
6th November
Welcome back to school after what we hope was a restful half term! 
This term we are focusing on times tables and division facts. Please refer to the times tables leaflet handed out at the end of last term to point you in the direction of some good resources. 
Swimming should be back on w/c 12th November so if you can spare any time on a Tuesday afternoon to help us, please get in touch!
Thank you.
Mrs Dawson & Mrs Blake
Sunday 2nd December
Christmas Lights Switch-On
Many Kestrels children attended the Etwall lights switch-on as part of the choir or audience. It was lovely to hear the carols sung so beautifully, and a great start to the festive season!
8th December
Computing Showcase
Kestrels worked hard on computing projects, building and controlling a lego 'froglet' and programming mini-games using Scratch. It was lovely to see so many parents at our computing showcase. The children enjoyed the opportunity to show what they had been doing, and had a lot of fun throughout the day!
Monday 17th December
Key Stage 2 Carol Concert
Children in Kestrels wrote mini-reviews of our Key Stage 2 Carol Concert, and it seems like they all enjoyed it very much! Here is a selection of their comments :
The Christmas concert was awesome!
We had a jolly time.
Mr. Ormiston said this was the best concert.
It was a very nerve-wracking experience.
Even the adults sometimes joined in, but my mum didn't, funnily enough!
St. Helen's Church said it was the best concert ever.
The choir were beautiful.
All of the children and teachers were dressed up as Victorians because this year the theme was Christmas from the past. Next year the theme could be anything;it even could be robots!
Mrs Blake was great on the piano. [Thank you!]
The whole school had something to show.
I was in the choir and I was really nervous until we did Christmas Alphabet - that got me going.
It was a very magical time.
The songs were nice, but I'd rather rock!
It was an amazing concert and everyone loved it.
Thursday 10th January 2019
Lotus Flowers
In RE this week, we learned about symbols of Buddhism, including the lotus flower. The children enjoyed making their own lotus flowers and learned about what the flower represents to Buddhists.
6th February 2019
Internet Safety Week
We have been talking about internet safety this week, including passwords and how to keep them safe. Below are some pictures of children's work, with examples of passwords and stories to help remember them.
7th March 2019
We have loved book day today, we had great fun dressing up.  Mrs Bradley was very impressed with our costumes!  This week we have been looking at the book 'Journey', and imagined our own world, which we enjoyed painting.  Today, we enjoyed taking part in a book quiz, and then enjoyed writing our own.
Monday 19th March 2019
We have been looking at the effect of different drinks on our teeth. We used hard boiled eggs to simulate the enamel on our teeth, and discovered that although we might consider full sugar Cola to be an unhealthy option, Orange Juice was worse for our teeth!
Why not ask your child if they understand why this is. 
See below for pictures of our experiment!
Wednesday 27th March 2019
Today we went outside to do our maths. We had a great time measuring different things in the playground and then   Working out what the length was to the nearest metre.
Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Today has been an exciting day! Not only have the chicks started hatching (see the chick news page!) we also had the first of our two Castle days.  We spent the morning finding out about Norman castles and then making some small scale ones.  This afternoon we were let loose on the giant cardboard boxes to start our castles.  We look forward to seeing you at our showcase tomorrow where you can look at our finished designs.
Friday 5th April 2019
Today we have had a computing day where we have created wonderful, exciting and engaging PowerPoint presentations all about Fairy tales!
We have practised copying, pasting, adding animation, adding sound, adding transitions and many other valuable skills for presenting information. 
Why not ask your child what they enjoyed most about the computing activities?
Today has been another great opportunity to see some truly positive team working skills. 
Tuesday 9th April
Today has been an exciting day; this morning we had our Easter performance, and then this afternoon we got to hold the chicks if we wanted too!
Tuesday 30th April
We had a wonderful day at Cadbury World, as I'm sure your children will have already told you! We learned about the process of making chocolate, as well as the manufacturing steps that bring it to our shop shelves. 
We enjoyed a 4D cinema experience as well as tempering chocolate, and writing our names in yummy melted Dairy Milk!
We will be learning about states of matter in Science, as well as reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as our class reader this term. Come to our class assembly next week to find out more!
Why not ask your child about what they think Charlie in  'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' might have experienced when he went to Willie Wonka's factory?
Tuesday 7th May
Today we went outside and dug out the weeds from the garden ready to plant some seeds. 
Thursday 9th May 2019
Today was our class assembly. Mrs Bradley, Mrs Dawson and Mrs Dickinson were very proud of us as we wrote it ourselves! We did a great job, and told everyone about chocolate!
Tuesday 21st May 2019
Today has been one of our favourite days of the year. It has been languages day! We were learning some French animals and did some activities based on these. We sang ‘In the jungle’ in French in assembly. 
Summer term 2019
Kestrels class have been so busy this term, learning about bees in Science and doing lots of writing and reading in English, as well as doing loads of times tables practice and shape work in maths. 
Science has been really interesting, as we are learning about the importance of bees, and their role in our environment. Why not ask your child how they could help keep the bee population healthy and alive?
Performance poetry
This week we are looking at performance poetry. We have watched Michael Rosen perform his poem, 'Chocolate Cake', and we have listened to his tips for what makes a good performance. He has given us lots of ideas as we have practised other poems, one of which is called 'The Sound Collector'. 
Why not ask your child to tell you about the poem they have chosen to perform? Or even to tell you the Chocolate Cake poem by Michael Rosen?