Kestrels 2014-15

Welcome to Kestrels' Class Page!
In our English lessons, we do SPAG activities!  
Below are links to different SPAG games!
17th July 2015
Today, the children had a special visitor.  Rammies popped in to say, "Hello," to the children.  As you can see, the children were very pleased to see him!
Also, the children played the games that the children in years 5 and 6 invented to raise money for this year's chosen charity.  The children had great fun playing the games, especially the 'Sword Fighting Game'.
17th July 2015
Today, the year 3 children enjoyed singing to the whole school and some of their friends and family.
16th July 2015
Outdoor Learning!
Today, the children have been taking their learning outside.  
They have been measuring the perimeter and area of different shapes found outside.
They have also been measuiring different sounds using a decibel app on the ipads.
We found out that Izzy has the loudest voice and Zarah has the quietest voice!
14th July 2015
Today, some children had the opportunity to showcase what they have been learning to play on the flute in a special assembly to the rest of Key Stage 2.  Here are some childre in Kestrel Class playing their flutes.
13th July 2015
Today, the year 3 children took part in the Sing2Gether Workshop at John Port School.  They really enjoyed singing the songs with the other schools involved.  
Parents of year 3 children are invited to attend a Sing2Gether Assmebly at Etwall Primary School on Friday 17th July at 9:05 so the children can sing the songs that they have learnt.
10th July 2015
Today, the children have used their knowledge of capacity to make 'Summer Cocktails'.  
8th July 2015
Here is a video of the year 4 children playing their ukuleles.
2nd July 2015
Today, the children worked together to make a Norman castle.  The castles needed to have a keep, motte and bailey.  The children had great fun making them and demonstrated excellent team work.
26th June 2015
Here are a few photographs of our Sport's Day, sponsored run in aid of the Rainbow Hospice Charity and this morning's World Cup Morning! Well done to the Green Team for winning the netball tournament and the Blue Team for winning the football tournament. 
2nd June 2015
Today, the chidren were exploring the features of play scripts.
Here are some children performing a play script.
15th May 2015
Today, the children took part in ACES Day where all children were exercising simultaneously.  They took part in hula hooping, skipping, relay races and many more activities! 
24th April 2015
Today, the children had the opportunity to hold some unusual animals, including a white tree frog, a giant african millipede and a python.
Here are the children enjoying the 'Wild Science' Workshop.
22nd April 2015
Today, the children have been thinking about how music can expess beliefs.  The children composed music to go with 'The Lord's Prayer'.  
Here are the children's compositions.
14th April 2015
Today, the children used drama to retell the traditional tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. 
Here are some videos for you to enjoy!
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23rd March 2015
Today, the children took part in our Easter Celebration Service at St. Helen's Church.
Here are a few photographs for you to have a look at.
Also, if you were unable to attend or you just want to have another look, here is a video of some of the children reading out their poems.
20th March 2015
Today, the children enjoyed looking at the solar eclipse through pinhole projectors made out of cereal boxes.  They also enjoyed eating a biscuit to show how much of the sun they could see.  The children then wrote newspaper reports about the event!
A particular well done to Jacob, Zak and Kaine - your newspaper reports were great!
13th March 2015
Today, the children came to school wearing something red to raise money for Comic Relief!
Here are some of the children in their red clothes!
13th March 2015
Today, the children have been creating an animation about the water cycle on 2Animate.
Here are some of the children's animations.
6th March 2015
This week, in English, we have been studying a book written by Michael Cox.  
Today, Michael Cox came to visit us.  We really enjoyed his storytelling!
5th March 2015
Today, the children carried out an investigation in order to answer the question 'Does Water Always Flow,' as part of our 'States of Matter' topic in science.
Here are the children carrying out their experiments.
World Book Day - 5th March 2015
Today, the children came to school dressed as their favourite character from a story.  The children dressed up as a variety of storybook characters, including Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz', a Roman Goddess, Fantastic Mr Fox and Wally from 'Where's Wally'.  The children were also asked to bring the book that they were from so they could share it with their friends.
Enjoy looking at all of the children in their costumes! 
28th February 2015
Today, the children took part in a First Aid Workshop.  They practised putting bandages on each other and putting each other in the recovery position.
26th February 2015
Today, the children took part in a Cyberbullying Workshop.  The children really enjoyed it.  Florence said, "I enjoyed doing the role plays and acting them out in front of everyone."  Thomas said, "I liked it because you could do a role play about one of the dilemmas from the envelope."
Here are some photographs from the workshop.
23rd February 2015
Today, the children really enjoyed their visit to Think Tank in Birmingham.  They enjoyed taking part in the workshops, exploring the Science Garden and looking around the Gift Shop (of course!).
Below is a short film of our visit with photographs and captions!  Enjoy!
20th February 2015
Today, the children have been exploring 2Animate in Purple Mash.  They began creating their own animations.  Eventually, we will create animations explaining how the water cycle works.  
Here is an example of an animation!
19th February 2015
Today, the children made Chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year!
18th February 2015
Today, the children had their first cricket lesson.  They really enjoyed showcasing their batting, bowling and fielding skills!
18th February 2015
Today, the children have been finding out all about China and the Chinese New Year.  They have written non-chronological reports to show what they have learnt.  Some children used PowerPoint to present their information.  
Here are a couple for you to have a look at!
2nd February 2015
Today, the children visited the Tara Buddhist Centre!  The children were able to share what they have already learnt about Buddhism.  They also learnt lots of new things too!  Miss Marriott would like to say a big 'Thank you' to all of the adults who helped to walk the children to the centre.
30th January 2015 - Victorian Day
Today, the children experienced what a typical day in a Victorian school would have been like.  
They started the day with a fingernail inspections before they then went onto reciting the Lord's Prayer, practising their handwriting and chanting their times tables.  
Although most of the children said that they enjoyed the day, they are looking forward to returning back to normal on Monday!
28th January 2015
In German, the children have been talking about their families.  
Here are some of the year 3 children telling their partners all about their families!
Hast du Geschwister? 
27th January 2015
Don't forget to have a look on the 'School Sports' page to see photographs of this evening's Tryathlon at John Port School!
26th January 2015
Today, the children taught the other children in the class one of their talents.  This was part of the topic we are currently doing in PSHE.
21st January 2015
Today, the children performed in their Class Assembly.  They really enjoyed showing everybody what they have been doing over the past few weeks!  We hope that all of the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and children enjoyed watching it as much as the children enjoyed doing it!
16th January 2015
Today, the children made felt!  It was really messy but great fun!  Look out for photographs of our finished felt at a later date!
Happy New Year!
5th January 2015
Today, in R.E, we have been describing key symbols of Buddhism.  Here we are with the lotus flowers we have made!  Why is the lotus flower a key symbol of Buddhism?
Christmas Week 2014
18th December 2014
Last week, we had a visit from Mr Nightingale!  It was really nice to see him again and Kestrels would like to wish him a Merry Christmas!
8th December 2014
Today, the children have been finding out about what the cinema was like 100 years ago.  They watched some silent movies before making one of their own.
Here are some freeze frames from their movies!
5th December 2014
Today, the children continued learning about 3D shapes.
Here are the children making them and displaying their finished shape(s)!  How many faces does an octahedron have?!!!!!!!!!!
4th December 2014
Today, the children made string instuments in order to investigate how sounds can be louder or quieter!  What happens when you pluck/strum gently?  What happens when you pluck/strum hard?  What happens if you put a wider object under the elastic bands?  Why does there need to be a hole in the middle of the instrument?
Here are the chidren with their instruments!
1st December 2014
Today, the children have enjoyed playing with toys and games from 100 years ago, including Shove Ha'Penny, Hoopla and Punch and Judy.
They, then, had to write a set of insturctions showing somebody how to play one of the games.
Here are some of the children playing some of the games.
26th November 2014
Today, the children worked in groups to create small replicas of Stig and Barney's window from Clive King's Stig of the Dump.  They used jam jars, cardboard and clay to make their windows.  
Tomorrow, they will be writing instructions so somebody else will be able to make it!
19th November 2014
Today, the children visited St. Helen's Church to look at the WW1 displays.  The children were impressed with the different displays.  They found it interesting becuase they found out some new facts about WW1.  
They also stopped to look at the war memoria and the poppies at John Port School.
18th November 2014
Today, Miss Lynch ran an Anti-Bullying workshop.  The children thought about the different types of bullying, created freeze frames to show what they think bullying looks like and discussed what advice they would give to sombody who was being bullied.
13th November 2014
Today, the children have been continuing to learn about sound and how it travels.  The children made telephones using plastic cups and string to demonstrate that sound can travel through solids (string) as well as air.  They also learnt that sound can actually travel faster through solids than it can through air!
4th November 2014
Today, the children have continued to work on division using either the number line method or the short division method (Bus Stop Method).  If you would like some help with how to do the short division method, please watch the youtube video below.
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20th October 2014
Today, the children enjoyed participating in our Harvest Assembly.  
Thank you to all the children and parents who brought in contributions.  
Here we are singing some of our Harvest songs.
17th October 2014
The children had a fantastic day today writing codes.  This afternoon, they found out some facts about racing pigeons before attaching their secret messages to the pigeons' legs.  
We hope that the pigeons don't get lost!  
Will the code breakers who receive our messages be able to crack our codes?
13th October 2014
Today, the children have enjoyed a visit from a Blue Cross representitive.  The children were able to demonstrate all of the knowledge they have so far about how animals were used during World War 1 as well as learning some new facts too!
How many horses were used by the Brittish army?
How many pigeons were used in total? 
9th October 2014
Today, the children enjoyed writing World War 1 kennings with a partner.
Can you guess what our poems are about?
1st October 2014

Today, the children have worked with a partner to  begin writing an acrostic poem.  

Tomorrow, they will be thinking how they can improve their poem by including similes.
29th September 

Pupils of the week - Hayden and Luca!

Well done Hayden and Luca!  Last week, you used the method you were taught in maths to do some fantasic subtraction problem solving!  

Who will be next week's Pupil of the Week?

Today,  the children enjoyed looking at old photos of Etwall in a special history workshop!  

What new facts have you found out about Etwall?
26th September 2014

Today, the children created comic strips to show part of Friend or Foe.

Can you spot yours?

What will happen next in the story?????

To be continued..................................
25th September 2014

Today, the children have enjoyed using the outdoor area to help them solve some subtraction problems.  

What is the difference between the number of foot pegs on the Traversing Wall to the number of tyres on the Tyre Park?

In science, the children have been learning names of some of the bones in the skeleton.  

They have also carried out an investigation to find out which animal's skeleton is most like ours.

Are we more like a chameleon or a chicken?
24th September 2014

Today, we started to create our World War One sculptures using pipe cleaners and Modrock!

It was really messy but great fun!

23rd September 2014

This week, we are continuing to read Michael Morpurgo’s Friend or Foe.  We are really enjoying finding out about David and Tucky and their lives as evacuees.

Today, the children have written letters from the viewpoint of Jip (Mr. Reynolds’ sheepdog).  They have written a letter to a dog helping with the war effort.  Tomorrow, they will be finding out more about how animals helped during World War One and writing a reply from a dog on the Front Line.

Here are a few examples of the letters written.