Kingfisher Class 18-19

Welcome to Kingfishers!
Times Tables
In KS1 we work really hard to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and know them by heart for the end of year 2. Here's a link to a really fun video that will help you learn them. 
Reading High Frequency Words
Reading is an important part of all children's education and we are using many different strategies to develop this skill. One strategy is to build up sight recognition of words which are most commonly used in a text. 
The link below will take you to a game which promotes this skill. At the moment we are working on the first 100 High Frequency Words. Start off with the phase 2 words and then if your child can read these quickly and fluently then move onto phase 3. Once your child can read the phase 3 words move onto phase 4 etc.
We will be sending home a list of 10 spellings which are linked to the phoneme that your child is learning every Friday. The children will be tested on the spellings the following Friday. This is just an opportunity for us to check your child's understanding of the sound but we would appreciate your support at home to learn these. Please note that this is for Mr Ormiston and Mrs Swan's phonics group only. 
During the term we will be working on the children's writing targets alongside the curriculum. These have been stuck into their learning journals. We will up date them when necessary. Please click on the link below to the glossary of terms for clarification of any terms.
Thursday 15th November
All the children have had a wonderful time dressing in brown and yellow ready for Children In Need tomorrow. We have managed to raise over £200- Well done everyone!!
Wednesday 14th November
What a great performance of Pinocchio. The children loved watching the theatre performance and have used it to help them understand traditional and classic tales.
Friday 21st December
We had a great time during our Christmas Craft Morning.
Wk Beg 7th Jan
This week we did some outdoor learning in phonics.
15th January 2019
This week in maths, we have been using arrays to help us solve multiplication calculations.  For more information, visit
22nd January 2019
This week we have been learning our 2x, 5x and 10x tables.  The children have been using the videos below, you may enjoy sharing these at home.
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Please use the above link and the passwords and usernames in your child's learning journal to log into Spelling Shed. This is a new online resources that we have signed up to as a school to help children practice their spellings and common exception words. It has fun games and the children can look at how well they are getting on by checking out the league tables.
Book Week
Don't forget that it will be book week next week. We are really excited about sharing the focus book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. We have loads of interesting activities planned.
As requested, I have attached a link to a video that shows the phonic sounds being spoken. This is to support parents working with their children on their phonic sounds.
Thursday 7th March
It has been a great week celebrating book week. Well done to all the children that were able to dress up as their favorite book character- you all looked fab. 
Monday 25th March
We have had fun looking for the signs of spring for our spring pictures. We have also worked hard in teams to help learn about capacity and using scales.
Tuesday 2nd April
The children were really excited to see a dragon in the playground today! This has begun our work on instructions. 
Wednesday 3rd April
Well done to all of the Kingfishers for their wonderful class assembly, Miss Brailey and Mrs Swan are very proud of how hard they all worked.
We are holding a planting workshop on Friday 12th April starting 3:00pm to 3:30pm. Parents and carers are warmly invited to come and join us.
If you have any yogurt pots and/or vegetable seedlings please bring them along for us to use.
Please see below for some websites that will support your child with maths and writing.
Friday 5th April- Conkers Trip!
We've had a fantastic day at Conkers exploring and learning new things! First we visited the Discovery Centre and the 4D cinema (which was amazing!) We then got onto the Conkerchoo train over to the amphitheater where we had our lunch. After that we had a play on the ginormous outdoor play area which was fantastic! Once we'd released some energy we met our park ranger who took us on a mini beast hunt. We saw lots of different mini-beasts, we even saw a Newt!!  
Thursday 11th April- Meeting the Chicks!
We have been really lucky to have the chicks in school this year. Today we got to have them in our class and were able to hold them and let them run around on our carpet! Everyone in the class loved having them with us for the lesson - they're super soft! 
Sunday 19th May
We are all very proud of the year 2 children that took part in the Maypole Dancing at the weekend. Thank you to the talented Mrs Appleton for working with the children to create a great dance.
Mrs Swan and Mr Ormiston's Phonics Group
As we will be busy with 'quizzes' this week we have decided that we will be working with the children to revise the common exception words. There will be no formal test on Friday however we will spend some time checking the children's spellings of these words. There is a copy of the words attached for your reference.
Tuesday 22nd May
The children had a fantastic time learning French during languages day. They enjoyed yoga outside created some wonderful pictures and descriptive sentences of animals they would find in the rainforest.