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Mrs Millward's phonics group spellings
Mrs Dickinson's phonics group spellings
Monday 12th September - Magician Monday!
Today we were lucky enough to have a real magician come into school to visit us! Not only did he do a show for the whole school in the hall, but he also came round to each class and performed some amazing tricks too! We had a great day dressed up as magical characters!
Friday 16th September- Learning Magic Tricks!
As part of our magic topic we had a go at learning some of our own magic tricks! We did a fabulous job of explaining our tricks to our friends and adding a bit of 'showmanship' to our own magic show! 
Friday 23rd September- Mastering Odd and Even!
The children have worked SO well today in their challenge to master odd and even numbers and to apply their knowledge to various challenges! Children had the cards 0-9 laid out on their tables and were asked to generate numbers based on a criteria i.e. make the largest 2 digit even number using the number 5.... What would that number be?
Monday 11th October- Harvest time!
We had a great time getting ready for our harvest festival (a slightly messy time too!) We produced some corn on the cob collages by using natural materials such as split peas, pearl barley and cous cous.
Friday 21st October- German Band Concert!
This morning we were lucky enough to be visited by a German band which has strong links with John Port! The children loved the very LOUD music and learnt what each instrument was called! They played some really popular songs such as the James Bond theme tune, songs from the Lion King and also some Lady GaGa!
Friday 21st October- Building air raid shelters!
This afternoon we had a go at building our own air raid shelters as part of our WWI topic. We wanted to experience what it might have been like to hear a siren and quickly find shelter!
Wednesday 2nd November- Indian Dancing!
Today we had a fantastic time learning some Indian dancing as part of our topic learning about Diwali!
Take a look at our video to see us busting some moves!
Friday 4th November- Fireworks artwork!
In anticipation for tonight's fireworks show we decorated our classroom with our own fireworks display! The children used toilet rolls and paint to create their masterpieces! They did an amazing job! 
Wednesday 9th November- Stick and Stones 
Today we were treated to another fantastic performance by Firehorse Productions! We last saw them during our E-safety week last February. This time they returned with a brand new play called 'Sticks and Stones'. The play thoroughly entertained the whole school and gave many very important anti-bullying messages!
Friday 25th November- Team Colours Afternoon!
This afternoon Kingfisher class was filled with many different faces! This was due to it being Team Colours Afternoon! Children were split into different classes depending on their team colour. As I (Mrs Millward) am part of 'Blue Team' many of the blue team pupils flocked to Kingfisher class to take part in some activities! To mark Roald Dahl's 100th birthday we learnt some of his poems from 'Dirty Beasts'. We then had a go in mixed groups creating our own beasts and poems. 
Wednesday 30th November- St Andrews Day!
Today we have been learning all about St Andrews Day! We all thoroughly enjoyed taking part in some Scottish themed activities to mark the special day. We created our very own traditional tartan paintings with a variety of bright and vibrant colours! We also had a go and creating the Scottish flag with tissue paper to add some texture!
Monday  5th & 6th December- Nativity!
Well done to all of the children for their amazing nativity performances! They have done a fantastic job learning lines and collecting costumes! We would also like to thank everyone for supporting our nativity show and for creating a lovely friendly audience for the children to perform to!
Monday 12th December- Christmas Hamper Raffle!
This afternoon the whole school gathered for the annual Christmas hamper raffle! Someone from each class one their hamper and there was even a staff one too! (Won by Miss King and Mr Jowett!) Take a look at our pictures of some of the winners!
Thursday 15th December- Weather Forecasting!
This afternoon Kingfisher class had a go at presenting our very own weather forecasts! The children approached the task very professionally and did a brilliant job! Take a look at our weekly weather forecast here....
Friday 16th December- EYFS & KS1 Christmas Party!
This afternoon marked the annual EYFS and KS1 Christmas party event! All of the children had a good boogie and a few little treats to  celebrate the end of the year! Take a look at some of the pictures we managed to capture during our party :) ....
Tuesday 20th December- Making festive biscuits!
For the final two days of this half term we have had a go and making and decorating our very own festive biscuits! This also helped us with our 'instructional writing' work! 
Friday 6th January- SPAG fun!
Today we have been learning about the 4 functions of sentences; commands, statements, questions and exclamations! The children were given a mixture of sentences to sort onto the correct poster which labelled what type of sentence it was i.e. 'Wipe your shoes' would be stuck on the command poster. The children worked really well together to complete the challenge!
Thursday 19th January- Author Visit!
Today we had a special visitor- award winning author Billy Bob Buttons! He came in to talk to us about creative writing and what we can do to make our writing WOW! He also read us some of his fantastic (and very funny....) books! We can't wait to put our new skills to good use in tomorrow's creative writing lesson!
Monday 6th February- Homework Showcase!
This afternoon we held our first ever 'Homework Showcase' to show off all of the amazing work children (and parents!) have been completing at home! All of the KS1 staff were blown away by all of the effort children have been putting into their homework projects! We would also like to thank all of the parents and carers who were able to attend the showcase, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!
All homework's will be on display in classrooms or in the KS1 corridor, so please do come and have another look!
Thursday 9th February- E-Safety Day!
This week we have been basing our work around 'e-safety' and thinking about what we can do to keep ourselves safe on the internet. Today we had 2 special visitors come into class who are experts on e-safety! They taught us a simple rule:
Before you click, click, click
you need to think, think, think
Friday 3rd March- Our Class Assembly!
Today was our class assembly and Kingfishers did an AMAZING job! We have had such a busy world book week and the entire class worked really well to practise and learn their lines ready for our assembly. As well as telling everyone about our favourite books and telling a Steve Smallman story (Dragon Stew) we also showcased some videos! Please take another look at our 'mannequin challenge' and World Book Day clip :)
We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who was able to come and support this morning! The children were proud as punch to show you what they have been up to! 
Kingfisher's Mannequin Challenge!
Our World Book Day Video...
Tuesday 7th March- Special Visitor in class!
Today we had special guest Reverend Greaves come in to visit us and help us with our RE topic. In RE we learning about people who inspire us and thinking about why they are an inspiration!
Monday 13th March- Kick-starting Science and Engineering Week!
Today we started our Science and Engineering week with a bang! We had a special visitor from JCB come in to talk to KS1 children all about his job as an engineer at the East Midlands based company. Children found out about the other tools JCB makes and also about the company's history in engineering! The children also asked some really good questions to find out even more.
In the afternoon children embarked on their own engineering challenge, by designing and creating a heli-pad! Take a look at our pictures!...
Thursday 23rd March- Imitation Stage!
This week we have started our new topic in English: Stories from other cultures. We have begun learning the story of 'The Genie in a Bottle'. We have used a story map to help us remember the structure of the text. Next week we are going to have a go at changing the characters to create and develop our own stories!
Tuesday 28th March- special visitors!
This afternoon we had some visitors come into class to talk to us about living in another country as part of our geography topic. The children came up with some really good questions and quizzed the visitors very well :) 
Thank you to those parents who volunteered their time to come into school- the children really benefited from your support!
Monday 3rd April- KS1 Easter Service
This morning the whole of KS1 and EYFS strolled down to St Helens Church to take part in our annual Easter service. Each class showed off some of their own work and we all sang some very spring-related songs! Many thanks to those who helped all 120 of us walk down to church and also to those who were able to come at watch! The children had a great time!
Tuesday 4th April- KS1 Homework Showcase!
On Tuesday afternoon this week we held KS1’s second homework showcase of the year. Once again children from Robins, Kingfishers and Little Owls had the chance to showcase their fantastic homework to their friends and family. Throughout the day children were eager to show off their work and talk to visitors about what they have been learning. Our topic ‘Where in the World…’ meant that we had many countries on display in the hall with an array of facts and information! We all learnt a thing or two! Whether the children had produced a model, a PowerPoint, poster or fact file in their homework book they had all clearly enjoyed their homework and gained a lot from it. Thank you to all of the parents/ carers at home that have ensured this homework topic was a success! 
Thursday 6th April- Brain Buster Workshops!
Today we had great fun taking part in a brain busting workshop! We had to work really well together as a team to solve the puzzles!
Thursday 4th May- RSPB Workshop!
This morning we were treated to a very exciting workshop by the RSPB! We took part in a 'bioblitz' outside as we spotted birds, plants and mini-beasts! We even had a look in the pond to see what is living in our school grounds!  All of the children had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed spending time exploring our environment in more detail.
Wednesday 17th May- Languages Day!
Kingfisher class have had a brilliant day learning some German! The theme of the day was all about animals as children learnt what their favourite animals are called in German. The class also took part in a special assembly at the end of the day and showcased a song they had learnt. They did a great job!! Thank you to the wonderful student teachers from Derby University for putting on such an interesting day.
Friday 9th June- Twycross Zoo!
Today we have had a fantastic day at the zoo! We saw so many fantastic animals and learnt lots of new things! We particularly liked meeting bearded dragon Alice and a hissing cockroach called Alan!
I would like to say a special THANK YOU to all of the parents that offered their help and came on the trip with us. We couldn't do it without you!
Wednesday 21st June- Rule of Law day!
As part of our 'Rule of Law' day we had a special visitor come in to visit us! PCSO Kelly came in to tell us all about her job role. She also showed us her police car and even let us sit inside it to see of the controls! The sirens were really loud!