Kingfishers 2014-15

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2nd July 2015
As part of our topic, we have been learning all about the history of the seaside. Today we had some special visitors! Punch and Judy! We started the day off by having a workshop where we were shown how Punch and Judy puppets are made. We were then lucky enough to have a go at handling some of the main Punch and Judy characters!
In the afternoon we were treated to the actual Punch and Judy show! It was brilliant! Take a look at some of our pictures!
29th June 2015
Today Kingfishers and Little Owls held their Garden Sale charity event to help raise lots of money for Rainbows Hospice for children. We have had lots of help from volunteers to help us re-pot all of the plants we have been growing over the past few months. The children would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has spent some money at our garden sale. We are still selling lots of plants and sweets everyday and so we will let you know the total amount very soon!

25th June 2015

In Kingfisher class we often like to take our maths work outside. In this lesson we were doing some problem solving. We used chalk on the path to show our workings out and calculations. We found it great fun, by spreading our sums out and showing our calculations helped us to solve the problem!

17th June 2015
Have a look at the fantastic plants we have been growing. 
These will be on sale at the Little Owls and Kingfishers charity event in a couple of weeks time. We are raising money for Rainbows Hospice. We will also be selling lots of other craft items and refreshments.
12th June 2015
Today in maths we took our learning outside! We combined our maths topic 'Data Handling' with our science topic of 'Mini-beasts'. With a tally chart in hand we explored our outdoor area and surveyed all of the mini-beasts we could find. We are going to transform our data into a bar graph to show the most and least common mini-beasts! 
10th June 2015
This week in maths Kingfishers have been drawing and completing their own bar graphs based on some data they were given. At the beginning of the lesson we discussed how to set out our bar graphs, then we had a go at doing it ourselves. We were very good at using a ruler to make sure our lines were nice and straight! 
Well done Kingfishers! Another super days work in maths!
8th June 2015
Kingfisher class thoroughly enjoyed their Sports morning! The children showed great sportsmanship and competed very enthusiastically. Thank you to all of the parents/ grandparents/ auties and uncles who came to cheer them along!  
5th June 2015
WOW! What a fun day we have had! We were extremly lucky with the weather as the sun was shining all day. First of all we enjoyed the 'Barefoot Walk' which the children loved! Then we travelled through the magical 'Fairy Labrynth' and got lost in the maze! We then moved on to the Sensory wildlife walk where the children enjoyed putting their hands into mystery boxes and guessing what objects were in there!
After a jam-packed morning we boarded the Conkerchoo train to go over to waterside. We ate our lunch in the Ampetheatre and then spent some time on the fabulous adventure play area! 
It was then time to meet Jack- our Conkers Ranger who took us on a mini-beast hunt. He knew all the right places to look and we saw lots of mini-beasts in their natural habitat!
Thank you so much to all of the parent helpers (we really couldn't do it without you!)
Take a look at our pictures and videos from the day!
Sunday 17th May 2015
Well done to all of the Year 2's who took part in the May Pole dancing for the Etwall Well Dressing Weekend. They all did a spectacular job in front of a rather large audience! Thank you also to all of the parents who came down to support us too!
Take a look at our pictures and video of some of the dancing!
15th May 2015
Today one of the children from our class brought in his guitar to show the rest of Kingfisher class. We were all really impressed at how talented he is at playing the guitar- he even played us 'yellow submarine!' 
Well done :) 
Mrs Murgatroyd's leaving film!
Today was Mrs Murgatroyd's last day in school before she begins her exciting new adventure! The whole school held a special leaving assembly for Mrs Murgatroyd to say a big THANK YOU for all that she has done for each and every one of us! She will be missed SO much! Here is a video we have made to sum up what Mrs Murgatroyd means to us all...
1st May 2015
This week in English we have been basing our writing around the adventures of Secret Agent Walter Beckett and a Pigeon! We have been writing character and setting descriptions as well as writing in the style of a character. Today we held a class debate on : whose fault was it? Watch the clip and decide, did Walter cause all of this chaos? Or is the pigeon responsible?
29th April 2015
This week in our Phase 6 phonics lessons we have been focussing on suffixes -ed, -er, -est and ing. We  have been learning all about the weird and wonderful spelling rules and some of the spelling exceptions! 
I was really pleased with how well the children took to today's challenges. Below is a picture of just one of the phonics superstars for the day!
22nd April 2015
During our computing lessons this term we will be foucssing on a computing programme called 'Audacity'. We will be building up our skills over the next few weeks. Audacity allows us to record our voices and other sounds, once we have done this we can then use the programme to change the speed, pitch, volume and echo. We soon got the hang of it and were confident in making our voices sound really squeaky!
Homework Sheets
14th April 2015
Today we spent the whole afternoon working outside in the beautiful weather. Children had 3 activities to complete- all linked with our science topic of 'plants and mini-beasts'.
Activity 1 was planting seeds so that we can monitor their growth and hopefully plant them outside once they are ready!
Activity 2- completing a 'Plant and Mini-beast investigation' where children had to explore our outdoor area and try to name as many things as possible using information fact sheets.
Activity 3- building a birds nest from natural materials. 
We had a great time exploring outside- take a look at our pictures to see what we got up to!
26th March 2015
Today we were very lucky that many parents gave up their time to come and speak to the children about life in another country. We all went into the hall and split off into small groups. The children were enthralled by all of the parents who came and asked some fantastic questions. Take a look at our video diary to see what we have learnt about living in another country.
Miss Cox and I would like to personally thank all of the parents who came in to talk to the children- you really made their learning come to life! Thank You! 
20th March 2015
Today was a very special day! Today we were lucky enough to have witnessed the Solar Eclipse. Thankfully the weather was clear enough for us to use our pin-hole projectors properly. We soon realised that the best view of the eclipse was in the reflection of our class windows. It was a fantastic spectacle and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed it!
We made a video diary of our morning outside- watch it to see what we got up to! 
18th March 2015
Today in English children have been investigating books to find rhyming words. Initially many kingfishers found it quite tricky to spot the rhyming words. However, with a bit of practise we soon got the hang of it!
9th March 2015
As part of our materials topic we have been constructing walls from straws, match sticks and lolly pop sticks during our DT lesson. The aim was to make the wall as strong as we could with using the resources and materials we had available. First children explored and created their own ideas. We then looked at how wooden fences are traditionally made stronger. After that we had a go at using the more traditional methods in our work! 
There is definitely a few budding architects in Kingfisher class!
6th March 2015
Today we were lucky enough to have the author Michael Cox come in to do a workshop based on one of his books. All of the children were thoroughly engrossed in the story he was telling and were enthralled by the pictures that accompanied the story.
Following on from the workshop we practised our own story telling skills. We thought about our expression, use of voice for different characters, use of our bodies  and how to create sound effects. We then performed some of our stories to the rest of the class. There were quite a few Oscar worthy performances!
5th March 2015
WORLD BOOK DAY! Today the children of Kingfishers were transformed into characters from our favourite books! We had spiderman, the Highay Rat, Wheres Wally, Harry Potter, Elsa from Frozen and even Pirates in Pants! 
We really enjoyed looking at each others favourite books!
2nd March 2015
Today in Science we completed an experiment to find out if materials were 'Transparent', 'Translucent' or 'Opaque' by shining a tourch at them. The children soon learnt what the three words meant.
CHALLENGE: Ask your child to see if they can remember what 'Transparent', 'Translucent' and 'Opaque' mean!
Year 1/2 Spring 2 homework sheets
26th February 2015
Kingfisher class have been working their socks off in our maths lessons this week! Miss Lynch has been completely blown away by their enthusiasm and resilience with fractions. Today Miss Lynch set some really tricky work to get their brains working- and the children responded by working their absolute hardest! 
We tried to work out the fractions of numbers by using our mental maths. If we struggled with this we then used cubes to help divide the number into the correct amount of piles- giving us the fraction of the number we needed. 
A big 'WELL DONE' to Kingfishers for all that they have achieved this week! :) 
23rd February 2015
Today children took part in a 'E-safety' themed drama workshop with Miss Lynch in the hall alongside Robins and Little Owls. The children really enjoyed playing the drama games and contributed to the workshop really well! 
We spoke about how fantastic the internet it as it helps us with homework and research for homework as well as letting us play some thrilling games! The children heard a story about 'Smartie the Penguin' and his troubles with his new computer. The children came up with some excellent and sensible advice on what the character could have done! 
Before you click, click, click
you need to THINK, THINK , THINK
17th February 2015
Happy Pancake Day Everyone!! Today we have been learning about the traditions behind pancake day or 'Shrove Tuesday'. We have also learnt about how people celebrate all over the United Kingdom. Once we knew what it was all about we then designed 3 different pancake toppings before choosing their best one! Toppings included, lemon, sugar, maple syrup, honey, chocolate spread, jam, milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips and, of course, marshmellows! Yum yum!
The children thoroughly enjoyed designing, making and of course eating the pancakes!
26th January 2015
Kingfisher class LOVE to experiment using the apparatus in the hall during PE lessons! Today's challage was to explore each piece of apparatus and think of interesting ways of using it (this might be how you get on and off the equipment, how you travel across the equipment or what balances you can hold on the equipment!) 
The children came up with many excellent ways of using the equipment! Take a look at the photos and see for yourself!
22nd January 2015
Today in maths children we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. We had a go at building 3D shapes using 2D shapes that click together! Some of us had the really tricky task of having to make a list of the 2D shapes we would need before we could build it! 
Once we had built the shape we then had to complete a 'Fact File' form which asks for the name of the shape, the number of edges, corners and faces!  
Year 1/2 Spring 1 Newsletter and Homework Sheets
9th January 2015
This week during our English lessons we have been reading all about Traction Man- a superhero character that completes special missions around the house. These include guarding the toast, rescuing the lost wreck of the sieve and saving the farm animals from planet duvet and the evil pillows!
Today children have been taking Traction Man and his pet Scrubbing Brush on special missions around the classroom. He went on some very exciting missions and even guarded Miss Lynch's laptop! Traction Man and Scrubbing brush have now been sent home with the children- I wonder what special missions he will be getting up to at home!
5th January 2015
Happy New Year and a big welcome back to all of Kingfisher class! It was great to see the children back in the classroom and working really well to produce some fantastic work on their first day back!
During our computing lesson this afternoon we began our new topic based on Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. Today we began using specific websites to find out more about Nelson Mandela. Children were quite shocked to learn that he went to prison on the remote island; Robben Island!
Children were really enthusiastic about wanting to learn more about Nelson Mandela. Why not complete some more research at home and see what interesting facts you can find?
20th November 2014
Today in Kingfisher class we have been very busy preparing and filming our anti-bullying advice videos. We have been thinking about what advice we could give to others who feel they, or their friend, may be being bullied. Watch the short film (below) to see what helpful hints and tips they give.
13th November 2014
WOW! What an assembly! Kingfisher class have worked extremly hard on their assembly and have done a fantsatic job this morning. All of their hard work paid off as they performed everything perfectly and sang all the songs spectacularly- I am one very proud teacher today!
Thank you to everyone who came to watch, the children were so pleased to see so many smiley faces as they performed- they have even asked to do another one soon!
Below are two videos of children singing as well as some pictures of their assembly. 
Kingfishers singing Goodbye-ee
Kingfishers singing 'It's a long way to Tipperary'
7th November 2014
Preparations are under way for the Kingfisher class assembly which will be showcased on Thursday 13th November at 9.10am! We have been very busy getting things ready, learning lines and even learning some songs! We can't wait to show everyone what we have been up to! 
4th November 2014
This afternoon we went on a hunt around our school grounds to discover what has changed because of the weather. We noticed that most of the leaves on the trees have fallen off and those that are still attached have turn a yellow-brown colour! We also found some interesting looking mushrooms and discussed how mushrooms like to grow in damp and cold weather conditions. 
The children were so enthusiastic about the work and were asking fabulous questions! Well done Kingfishers!!
3rd November 2014
Today we have started some really tricky work- computer programming! We have been using a programme called 'Scratch' which allows you to create your own animations and cartoons by giving the computer instructions. We were resilient learners and managed to de-bug our animation when we put in the wrong instruction. 
Scratch is a free downloadable programme, why not have a go at home too!
15th October 2014
In English we have been practising our instruction giving skills. Today we decided to film our very own TV programme which informs others of our morning routine, here in Kingfisher Class. We needed to make sure our instructions were clear and in the correct order!
We all did a fantastic job! Here are a just a few of our fabulous videos!
2nd October 2014
In our English lessons this week we have been learning about Traditional Tales and focussing on the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have been practising our speaking and listening skills by creating our own news reports for BBC Etwall News! We needed to warn the local residents of the naughty Gingerbread Man who had escaped and was causing chaos around the village! We were fantastic reporters and asked excellent questions.  
26th September 2014
As part of our topic "What was life like 100 years ago?" we have been discussing World War 1. Today we have been lucky enough to have tried on a real army uniform from the present day! It has even been to Afghanistan!  We loved dressing up but we were shocked at how heavy the armour was!
23rd September 2014
Today we have been making our own pickles as part of our topic: What was life like 100 years ago? We have been learning all about food preservation and thinking about how they kept their food fresh without luxuries such as fridges and freezers!  
We had a great time chopping, dicing, mixing and of course, pickling!