Kingfishers 2015-16

Welcome to Kingfisher Class!
Monday 11th July- Shugborough Hall Trip!
Thursday 30th June- Y2 Mini Olympics!
Today all of the year 2 children took part in the mini Olympics at John Port School! There were lots of other local schools there that joined in with the fun too! We got to play lots of different games that were led by the year 10 sports leader students. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part!
Wednesday 29th June- Archery!
Today children took part in a 'virtual' competition with a premier sports coach. This means that the children are competing against other schools who are also taking part in the same activity! Our activity was archery! The children's scores were added up as they aimed for the target board. All together children achieved 62 points. We will soon find out how we did in comparison with other schools
Wednesday 22nd June
Today we received our very own books to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. We also had a special assembly with Rev Fiona as we thought about what the Queen does for our country and how she is the longest reigning monarch!  
Thursday 9th June- Rio Olympics Day!
Today we all took part in some olympic inspired activities to get us warmed up for the olympics this summer! 
Wednesday 8th June- The Queen's Birthday Party!
This afternoon the children took part in a great british birthday party as they celebrated the Queen turning 90! The children had sandwiches, crisps and even a cake! The children thoroughly enjoyed being in the hall all together to celebrate and admire the new display boards and bunting that have been put up! The children have also learnt the national anthem....just in time for the Euros...! 
Tuesday 7th June
KS1 have created a display board in the hall to show British Values. We decided to make a picture of our maypole dancing as the children all really enjoyed this and it is a big community event. Please take a look at it next time you are in the hall.
Thursday 26th May- Making puppets!
This half term the children have been very busy with Mrs Carter designing and creating their own hand puppets! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and learnt how to sew! They are already a lot better at sewing than Miss Lynch!
Wednesday 25th May- Languages Day!
Today we were lucky enough to have some very lovely student teachers from Derby University come in to teach us some German! The whole school took part in languages day and completed some really fun activities based on a variety of languages. Here are a few pictures of our day: 
Thursday 19th May- Computer Programming!
This half-term we have been improving our computer programming skills! Today we had a go at putting our own faces on Scratch to create our own animations! We took our picture- edited it so that it was just our heads and then drew a cartoon body! Next week we will be learning how to make our animations dance and move around the screen!
Wednesday 20th April- Making Shapes!
Today we made the most of the lovely weather and went outside to enjoy the sunshine! Our challenge was to make some regular or irregular shapes from sticks. To do this we needed to think about the properties of the shape and then collect the correct amount of sticks before assembling it togther! 
Thurday 14th April- Scooter Smart Training!
We've had a great morning practising our scooter safety skills! We had to tackle some really tricky obstacles and make sure we didn't run over the teachers toes!! We should now be able to cross the road safely (with an adult) whilst handling our scooter in the appropriate way. Kingfishers will be demonstrating thier excellent scooter skills on the way home tonight :) 
Phase 6 spellings for w/b 21.3.16
Thursday 3rd March- World Book Day!
We have had a great World Book Day dressed up as our favourite characters!! (Well done to all the parents who have rustled up the amazing outfits!) Take a look at our gallery of pictures from today! 
Wednesday 2nd March- Poetry Corner
As it is world book week and following on from Andy Tooze's visit we have been reading lots of poetry and also practise writing our own. In KS1 children are encouraged to learn a poem of by heart and recite it. Here is a video of some of us practising some of Andy Tooze's poems with actions! We did a great job!
Friday 26th February- Poet from the Peakes!
Today we were lucky enough to have the poet from the peakes: Andy Tooze come to visit us! We have read lots of his poems and will be focussing all of our poetry work on his poems next week!! He read us some of his poems and taught us the actions that go with them too!
Tuesday 25th February- Creaturama!!
We had a fabulous day making our dinosaur models! Our guest, Anthony James was fantastic at showing us how to make the dinosaur models from using recycled materials!
All of our models are now on display around the classrooms and also hanging around in the corridors! Do come in and have a look!! 
Friday 5th February- Team work!
This morning in maths the class were set the challenge to work in teams to math up coins to their total amount. To do this, children had to work together really well to count up the coins correctly. Mrs Carter and I were really impressed with their good team work! Well done Kingfishers!
Wednesday 3rd February- Art Sculptures!
Every Wednesday afternoon Mrs Carter and Mrs Crane and the Kingfisher class have been going outside to work on their sculptures! They have made some wonderful and very creative sculptures! Take a look at some of our lovely pictures. If you haven't already, come into class to have a look at our clay models that we have finished :)

Monday 25th January- KS1 Assessment info

This evening we held a meeting to inform parents about the changes in KS1 assessments. The way we assess children has changed in accordance with the new curriculum. The attachment below goes through what was discussed at the meeting. If you have any further questions- please ask your child's class teacher. Thank you!

Friday 22nd January- Beebot Shapes!
This morning we put our directional skills to the test! We used beebots (with pens strapped on them) to draw some different shapes. We needed to think about which direction we needed our beebot to turn and also whether it needed to be clockwise and anti-clockwise. Some of us were even able to cut out shapes into quarters and halves by using the beebot skillfully! Children were also set the challenge to draw a house by giving their beebot the right instructions. Our class winners were Jake and Matthew who completed a house with windows, doors and even squared tiles! Well done boys!
Thursday 21st January - Making 3D Shapes!
Today we had a practical lesson building 3D shapes using various different materials. We then discussed the name of the 3D shape and its properties (vertices, edges and faces) Kingfishers did a great job at building the different shapes!
Wednesday 20th January- Outdoor maths!
This morning we braved the cold weather and went outdoors for our maths lesson. In our previous lesson we struggled to grasp the concept of clockwise and anti-clockwise turns or 'rotations'. So today we created a game that helped us to practise our quarter and half turns. We used sticks and leaves as our rotational objects. The red and blue arrows helped to remind us which way clockwise and anti-clockwise was!
Tuesday 5th January- Elves and the Shoemaker Workshop
Today we had some visitors from Derby Live Theatre! They came in to do a really special drama workshop, just for us! We learnt how to walk and talk like an elf and also how to change our body movements so that we could be different characters! We will also be basing our English writing on The Elves and the Shoemaker for the next 2 weeks! 
Friday 11th December- Theatre trip!
We had a great time visiting the Guildhall Theatre in Derby to watch 'The Potty Professor's Christmas Miracle'. We even got a picture with Potty Professor himself!! The show has certainly got us in the Christmassy mood now!! 
Thank you to all of the parent helpers who volunteerd their time to make trips like these possible! 
Thursday 10th December- Astronaut exercises!
This afternoon we have been thinking about the importance of exercising to help keep our muscles and bones healthy! We discussed how it is even more important for astronauts in the International Space Centre to exercise in order to keep their muscles working when there is no gravity.
Wednesday 9th December- Visit to Church!
Today we waled up to St Helens church in Etwall to admire the amazing christmas tree festival they have there. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed looking around at all of the brightly coloured and superbly decorated trees. We even spotted a couple of Kingfishers in there! 
At the end of our visit we were asked to sing a little bit of 'Away in a Manger'. Take a look at the video of us singing! 
Thursday 3rd December
This afternoon we thought about what drinks Astronauts should drink. We discussed why our bodies need fluids and what it means when we feel thirsty. We then had a go at ordering some drink from least amount of sugar to most amount of sugar! We were really shocked to find out how much sugar is in some of the drinks we really like such as chocolate milk and orange juice. The children were already aware of sugary drinks such as coke and energy drinks and had a good guess at how many tea-spoons was in each!
Tuesday 24th November- Astronaut Training!
Today we took part in some real Astronaut training activities with Little Owls class. All of the children took part in a Vision test, endurance test, speed & agility test, a height test, a strength test and a spinning test!
Monday 23rd November- Planetarium!
We have had such an exciting day! We were lucky enough to visit the planetarium that visited our school! The children were so excited and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mr Morton, who owns the planetarium, was blown away by Kingfisher's ready knowledge of the planets in our solar system! As well as recapping the solar system we also got to experience star-gazing! We looked up into the planetarium and were shown which constellations to look out for and when! Next time there is a clear night sky- see if you can spot any of those constellations!
On behalf of myself and the children I would also like to thank the PTFA for funding this event! 
Friday 20th November- Class Assembly!
Kingfisher Class put on a super performance this morning with their Space themed assembly! There were all proud as punch afterwards and couldn’t stop talking about it! They have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Space- but we have only just started! On Monday we have the planetarium coming in where we will learn even more about the planets and solar system. Also, next week we will begin our astronaut training! How exciting!
New Homework sheets!
Thursday 12th November- Outdoor Autumn hunt
Today we made the most of the lovely autumnal weather by taking our English lesson outside! We put on our wellies and explored our lovely outdoor area. Lots of the children commented on how beautiful all of the autumnal colours looked! 
Children were given the challenge to find things that represented autumn i.e yellow/orange leaves, conkers, twigs etc. We then took our findings into the classroom and stuck them onto a big piece of card. Tomorrow we will be putting all of our creations on display. We will then think about what adjectives and similes we can use to describe all of our amazing work!
Wednesday 11th November- Planting!
Today we have been planting some bulbs into our little garden. The children had to do lots of de-weeding and then dig the right sized holes ready to put the bulbs in. As the months pass we will be planting much more into our little allotment area- so keep your eyes peeled!
Thursday 5th November- Outdoor Maths!
This morning we decided to take our maths learning outside and take advantage of the autumnal weather! This week in maths we have been continuing to learn about place value (a really important aspect of maths!) Kingfisher class have wowed all of the teaching staff this week by their super ability in this topic. So today we put them to the test! Twigs = 1 ten Leaves= 1 unit. Children were then given a number and had to collect the correct amount of twigs and leaves according to place value rules. 
They did a superb job and thoroughly enjoyed being outiside in the very fresh air! 
Tuesday 20th October- Ramp Investigation!
This afternoon we have been investigating friction and gravity by testing out how far our car travels. We have been investigating how the height of the ramp and the different materials used on the ramps impact the distance the car travels. We have also discussed how we can make the test fair (by using the same car). Kingfishers loved investigating with their car and are beginning to use some super scientific vocabulary!
Monday 12th October- SPAG workout!
Today we have had a SPAG workout! Everyday we practise our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills! Today we all focussed on identifying verbs in a sentence. We used our 'build a sentence' resource packs to help us make some weird and wonderful sentences! Other groups were set a SPAG challenge to complete on the ipads!
Wednesday 7th October - Biscuit designing and making!
Yesterday we designed our very own new brand of biscuit. We also had to write a set of instructions to inform others how they would make their biscuit! 
Today we all got to get our fingers very sticky and make them for real! We followed our instructions and completed our masterpieces! Take a look at our pictures to see our marvelous creations! If you would like to learn how to make them I am sure the children will be more than willing to photocopy their recipe guides! :) 
Friday 2nd October- Rugby World Cup Day!
Kingfishers have had a really fun filled and energetic day as part of Rugby World Cup Day. Children took part in 2 workshops. The first was all about dance and learning a new version of the Haka! During the second workshop children got to practise their rugby skills as they took part in some competitive games. Children were split into 6 teams: England, Wales, New Zealand, Italy, France and Fiji! The whole school battled it out to be in the winning team. At the end of the day ITALY were crowned the winners! 
Thursday 24th September- Sowing our wild medow seeds!
We had a super time sowing our new wild medow seeds for our outdoor area! We loved spreading the seeds evenly and stomping on them into the mud to make sure they didn't blow away! We can't wait to see the results!
We also had our first glimpse at the amazing new giants heads that have been created on the field. The giant's heads will be home to lots of creepy crawlies! 

Etwall Library Summer Reading Challenge

This year Etwall Library had a record number of children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge. We are very proud to say that lots of Etwall Primary School children were a part of this, and helped to make the challenge such a success this year.

Well done to all those children who dedicated time over the summer to reading so many books, and congratulation on receiving your certificate and medal!

Wednesday 23rd September 
We have been investigating the differences between us and our friends. We have investigated each others height, shoe size, hair and eye colour. Kingfishers have had a great lesson working really well together to get some very accurate results! 
The only problem we encountered was some smelly shoes when measuring our shoe size :) 
Monday 21st September- BUG CLUB NOW AVAILABLE 
Here in Kingfisher class we have had a practise of logging on to our new Bug Club accounts. All Kingfishers have their log in details stuck in the back of their reading diaries. Each child also has a laminated book mark with their log in details too! Bug Club is a fantastic resource to use at home to encourage reading and can now be accessed on tablets! Enjoy!!
Wednesday 9th September
Kingfisher class have been working extremely hard yet again! Today we have been learning about adjectives and nouns. On yellow post-it notes we wrote down all of the nouns we could think of. On pink post-it notes we wrote down lots of exciting adjectives! We then had a go an joining a pink post-it note to a yellow post-it note to see what it said. We came up with all sorts of funny phrases such as 'sparkly table', 'loud pencil', furry door' and many many more! 
Tuesday 8th September
We have had a fantastic first day in Kingfisher Class today! We have had a really exciting morning racing around as part of a challenge. It involved using our best phonic knowledge as well as working as part of a team. All of the children worked really well together and displayed excellent co-operative skills. A great start to the new academic year :) 
Monday 29th February - Team GB's Sarah Holt
Sarah Holt came to visit our school today. She placed 4th in the Commonwealth Games and is hoping to go to the Olympics later this year. We all had to do different exercises in the hall which we are being sponsored for (please bring sponsor money and forms in by Monday 7th March, thanks.) It was really hard but we all cheered each other on and we managed to complete it. Afterwards Sarah spoke to us all in assembly and made us realise that to achieve our goals we have to believe in ourselves and work hard and never give up.