Little Owl Class 18-19

Welcome to Little Owls!
Times Tables
In KS1 we work really hard to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and know them by heart for the end of year 2. Here's a link to a really fun video that will help you learn them. 
Reading High Frequency Words
Reading is an important part of all children's education and we are using many different strategies to develop this skill. One strategy is to build up sight recognition of words which are most commonly used in a text. 
The link below will take you to a game which promotes this skill. At the moment we are working on the first 100 High Frequency Words. Start off with the phase 2 words and then if your child can read these quickly and fluently then move onto phase 3. Once your child can read the phase 3 words move onto phase 4 etc.
Friday 15th September
What a fabulous first week back. We have had a great time getting to know each other. We are beginning our work on place value next week and continuing to look at number rhymes. Please check out the homework booklet and newsletter on the website.
We will be sending home a list of 10 spellings which are linked to the phoneme that your child is learning every Friday. The children will be tested on the spellings the following Friday. This is just an opportunity for us to check your child's understanding of the sound but we would appreciate your support at home to learn these. Please note that this is for Mr Ormiston and Mrs Swan's phonics group only. 
During the term we will be working on the children's writing targets alongside the curriculum. These have been stuck into their learning journals. We will up date them when necessary. Please click on the link below to the glossary of terms for clarification of any terms.
Thursday 27th September
Thank you to all the parents that were able to make the phonics workshop last night, I hope we were able to answer any questions that you may have had. I will send home a copy of some useful websites that you may like to use to help your child with phonics and spelling.
Thursday 27th September
Mrs Carter will be sending home some banana facts for a few children to learn for the school Harvest assembly next week. Please try to encourage your child to practice over the weekend (they do not need to remember them off-by-heart) ready for Tuesday 2nd October. Thank you.
Friday 28th September
What a fab week. The children have all been working hard to understand number and place value. They have also enjoyed learning about onomatopoeia and reading the story 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy. Here are a selection of photographs of our busy week.
I have attached a useful video that demonstrates the 42 phonemes and how they are pronounced just for your information.
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Rapid Number Recall
Your child will have their rapid number recall step stuck in their learning journal. This will help you to see what areas this will test so that you can help them to practice at home. The year 2's have all started on 1.8 although I know many where on a different level. They will be moved on more quickly if they are finding it too easy but we felt we wanted to get the children used to the time limit they have.
Wednesday 24th October
We really enjoyed experiencing a bonfire today ready for writing bonfire poems on Friday.
Friday 9th November
Thank you to all the adults that were able to help walk to the church for the WWI exhibition. We are very proud of our work and pleased that it has been enjoyed by everyone.
Wednesday 14th November
What a great performance of Pinocchio. The children loved watching the theatre performance and have used it to help them understand traditional and classic tales.
Thursday 15th November
All the children have had a wonderful time dressing in brown and yellow ready for Children In Need tomorrow. We have managed to raise over £200- Well done everyone!!
Friday 23rd November
During Anti-Bullying Week the children have been thinking about respect. They made Respect Rainbows to help them think about how to show respect.
Thursday 6th December
During the week the children have been learning about money. We have been ordering money and combining amounts.