Little Owls

Welcome to Little Owls!
Meet the children in the Little Owls class.
Friday 9th September
We have been working on place value this week and have completed lots of fun activities which include, making towers out of cubes to match a number card, finding objects outside and then counting them and cutting and sticking number lines in the correct order.
Monday 12th September
Today was such an exciting day, a magician visited the school and showed us some magic. Lots of people dressed up as magical characters. We have been learning all about 'Leon and the place between' where a little boy visits a magical place. 
Thursday 15th September
During our music lessons we are think about pitch (how high or low a note is.) We are becoming very good at identifying notes on a glockenspiel. Have a listen to these melodies.
Friday 16th September
Enjoying some well deserved 'Golden Time' at the end of the second week.
Friday 23rd September
Working in pairs, we have been challenging each other to work out the next number in a pattern. We  have been counting in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. 
Friday 23rd September
We are learning all about traditional tales during English lessons. By following the link below you can read or listen to some classics such as Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, The Shoemaker and the Elves and many more!
Monday 26th September
Look at our fabulous work on number bonds. We have been counting the spots on ladybirds and making sure that they add up to 10 and some children were challenged to find as many pairs as they could which made 20.
Tuesday 27th September
Life 100 years was very different to life nowadays. Our classroom was turned into an old fashioned classroom and we had to practise writing our 2 times tables and the alphabet with chalk. Teachers in the olden days were very strict and we weren't allowed to talk. All of our tables were split up and put into rows. 
Wednesday 28th September
In PE we are working really hard on our balances, making sure that we can hold them still for at least 3 seconds. We are trying to create our own sequences by linking together balances and travels.
Friday 7th October
Take a look at our beautiful art work. We are looking at the book James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Miss Cox and Mrs Carter were very please with the collages we made as we all worked really well together, took and time and paid close attention to detail.
Wednesday 12th October
Look at these fabulous sandwiches we have made with Mrs Carter! We have been learning all about healthy eating and thinking about all the different food groups. We tried to make an exciting sandwich. 
Wednesday 2nd November
Take a look at our Indian dancing. We got to try on some colourful costumes and were shown different movements to practise. After lots of work we put our sequence of movements with some music.
Thursday 3rd November
This weekend we will be celebrating Bonfire Night. We have created some lovely firework paintings with Mrs Carter. Using empty kitchen rolls, we cut round the bottom to create a stamper and then dipped this into different coloured paint. Take a look at all the bight and glittery colours we used.
Wednesday 9th November
A theatre company came into school today to perform 'Sticks and Stones' as part of Anti-bullying. The characters in the play helped us to realise that cyber bullying is just as bad as other forms of bullying and gave us ideas about how to deal with bullying.
Monday 14th November
Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' in great depth. Have a listen to the story at home. Can you learn it off by heart?
Tuesday 22nd November
This week we have been working on grouping objects into 2's and then counting in 2's. We found lots of different objects to count and we were really good at our counting.
Friday 25th November
Roald Dahl is a very famous children's author who has written some fantastic stories and poems. Today we celebrated his life and his work. Take a look at some of the character descriptions we have written on characters from 'James and the Giant Peach'. In the afternoon we work in our team colours to write poems based on the ones we heard from Roald Dahl's 'Dirty Beasts'.
Monday 12th December
White light is a mixture of many colours of light. When white light passes through some materials it can be split up (refracted) into its individual colours. This is how rainbows are formed, sunlight is refracted as it travels through rain. We made colour spinners in class. If they are spun fast enough then the light colours mix back together and the spinner appears white.
Monday 12th December
A big congratulations to our winner of the Little Owls class hamper. Lots of lovely treats to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.
Thursday 15th December
We have been thinking about different religious symbols and what they mean, in particular those relating to Christmas. We decorated stars and wrote our own promises on them.
Friday 16th December
Christmas is nearly here and today we got into the Christmas spirit with the KS1 and EYFS Christmas party. We had a very special visitor who flew in on his sleigh pulled by reindeer.
Tuesday 10th January
It's that time of year where adults are weighing themselves to see how much all the Christmas turkey, roast dinners and plenty of chocolates over the holidays have affected them. So we have been learning all about weight in class. We have used balanced scales to find out which object is the heaviest. We have weighed with cubes and we used digital scales to weigh in grams.
Monday 16th January
This week we are learning all about capacity, the amount a container can hold. We used cups and pasta to decide which container had the largest capacity and which container had the smallest capacity. Once we could order containers we practised filling containers to full, half full, quarter full, three quarters full and empty.
Tuesday 17th January
For art this term we are learning how to weave. Our first job was to measure a piece of wool the length of the table in our chosen colour. Then we had to tie the wool onto our weaving board. Tying knots is very tricky but we worked really hard and have managed to do this with just a little help  from adults. Finally we had to weave, remembering to go over and under and over and under. Take a look at our work so far.
Thursday 19th January
Billy Bob Buttons came to visit us today. He is a brilliant author and he gave us lots of tips to make our writing exciting! He read a couple of his books to us and we had the chance to buy his books.
Monday 23rd January
Today we are sorting our 2D shapes based on their properties. We have been practising counting the number of edges and the number of vertices each shape has.
Wednesday 25th January
We have been describing the features of 3D shapes, particularly looking at the 2D shapes you can see in each of the 3D shapes face. For example a cube has 6 square faces. 
Thursday 9th February
Internet safety is very important and today we had visitors in who helped us to think about who we should talk to if we have any worries about the internet or if we need some advice. Check out these super resources to use at home which help us to remember all the good advice we have learnt about the safe use of the internet.
Thursday 23rd February
How do you build a house? This half term we are going to be thinking about how to build walls, how to make strong joints, which materials are best for windows and roofs and many other things. This was our first attempt at making walls, we have discovered that dough is not a useful material, lego bricks are a much better choice.
Tuesday 28th February
Time for pancakes! Well some lucky children in Little Owls had already had pancakes for breakfaast. We learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and how it is celebrated around the world. We designed our own pancakes, choosing from a range of toppings and then we had to try and copy our designs. Finally we got to eat them, they were delicious.
Thursday 2nd March
It's World Book Day and the Little Owls class look amazing. Everyone put so much effort into their costumes. Take a look at our pictures. Can you spot Alice in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter? Or how about Rapunzel with her hair being climbed? 
We were extremely lucky to have the author Steve Smallman visit us today. He brought several of his books to read to us, demonstrating brilliant use of expression in his voice. His story 'Poo in the Zoo' is so funny! Steve shared with us some important tips when illustrating a book and showed us how to build a story by starting with a couple of characters and deciding how they feel about each other.
Tuesday 7th March
Reverend Greaves visited us today to talk about inspirational people. We heard all about Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press. Reverend Greaves explained how this was very important but until the printing was invented, only very rich people were able to own a book. Then we had to come up with our own inventions that would make the world a better place.
Thursday 9th March
We have been starting to think about the Etwall Well Dressings later in the year. Here are some of our first designs.
Monday 13th March
This week we are celebrating Science and Engineering week. We were very lucky and had a visitor come into school to talk all about engineering and making diggers. Then we were set the challenge of building a helicopter pad thinking about all the information we had been given on creating strong structures.
Wednesday 22nd March
This week we are learning to tell the time. We practised reading o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times using this fun board game.
Friday 24th March
Taking inspiration from the advert for 'Love Actually 2' as part of comic relief tonight, we have written our own messages on cards ready to read to our mums on Mother's Day. Below are a couple of examples.
Thursday 30th March
Today is the day we made our final project, we built a new house for the 'Three Little Pigs' to live in. During design technology lessons we have learnt all about building strong walls, making corner joints, which materials are waterproof and much more. Take a look at our finished projects.
Monday 25th April
This afternoon we went a walk around the school grounds to spot living things. We found lots of different plants such as daisies, buttercups, trees, bushes and grass. We also saw some insects like ants, spiders, worms, woodlice and bees. We heard different birds but couldn't see them as they were all in their nests.
Thursday 4th May
Today we have been visited by some members of the RSPB. We spent the whole afternoon learning about the animals that we might find on the school ground. We used pooters and sweeping bags to collect a range of insect and we even used nets to go pond dipping.
Wednesday 10th May
ACES day is a chance to get involved with more physical education. Each teacher set up a station with activities such as hurdles, javelin (foam) throwing, parachute games, skipping and much more. We spent around 8 minutes on each activity and had to do the activity none stop during this time to build up stamina. It was great fun and the weather was perfect.
Thursday 18th May
The Etwall Well Dressings are nearly here and so we are practising our maypole dancing so we are ready to perform on Sunday.
Friday 9th June
Today we visited Twycross Zoo, it was a brilliant day. We saw lots of different animals including penguins, meerkats and even a baby gorilla. At the discovery centre one of the zoo keepers, Nikki, talked to us all about adaptation and where the animals live in their natural environment. We got to stroke Monty the Chinchilla.
Tuesday 13th June
As part of ICT this term we are think about instructions and today we gave the bee-bots instructions to form numbers. It was quite tricky to form numbers like 3 and 8 with a bee-bot.
Friday 16th June
Sports Day! Luckily the weather is nice. We all competed in a sprint race, a hurdle race and then the fastest boy and girl from each team colour ran in the big cannon race at the end. We also took part in the long jump, shuttle run and bean bag throw. Once we had finished our races and eaten our dinner we were allowed an ice-cream from the ice-cream van.