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Thursday 2nd July
Today we have learnt all about Punch and Judy shows. We saw how the theatre is put together and how the puppets are carved out of wood. Then we practised using the puppets. If the afternoon we were able to watch a live Punch and Judy show, it was so funny.
Friday 26th June
All of our plants have grown so well they needed repotting ready for our sale next week. Luckily some kind parents and grandparents offered to come in and help us. We would like to say a huge thank you to those helpers, we couldn't have done it without you.
Monday 19th June
We had a fantastic time during languages day. Some very kind people came in from the Universtiy of Derby and taught us a range of languages. Little Owls learnt French. Take a look at all the activities we did.
Wednesday 17th June
Have a look at the fantastic plants we have been growing. 
These will be on sale at the Little Owls and Kingfishers charity event in a couple of weeks time. We are raising money for Rainbows Hospice. We will also be selling lots of other craft items and refreshments.
Friday 5th June
We had an amazing time at Conkers. At the start of the day we went on the Conkerchoo and then followed the paths through the woods to find a wide variety of animals which live there. Then we had a go on the Adventure Playground which was fantastic fun, especially the zip wire. For lunch we ate our sandwiches in the ampitheatre and a magpie watched us, waiting to see if we left any food. 
In the afternoon we went on the Barefoot Walk. The water in the troughs was extrememly cold. Some of the troughs had slimly mud and clay in them whilst others had stones that we rough on your feet. After we had cleaned and dried off our feet we went back on the Conkerchoo to the indoor adventure play area. In there, as well as lots of fun slides there were factual videos to watch and fun bits of information to read about different plants and animals.
We all had a super time at Conkers and Miss Cox was very impressed and proud of how well we behaved. a fantastic day out.
Tuesday 12th May
This afternoon we had a fantastic time, a park ranger came into school to help us make bug houses from chopped up logs and bamboo canes. We would like to say a big thank you to Hayley for coming in and helping us.
There was lots of other activities going on throughout the afternoon for us to enjoy. We had a go at planting more seeds, making tiaras, leaf printing, cress shapes, making fluttery butterflies and lots more. Take a look at some of the fun we had.
Friday 1st May
Purple mash is a fantastic website that we have access too. Today we explored all the different tools / templates / games and much more that is on offer for us to use. We particularly enjoyed making our own songs and using the simple movie maker.
Please don't forget to log in at home to enjoy and use your favourite resources even more. The link is below and your log in details are in your reading diary.
Thursday 30th April
All this week we are looking at 'Pigeon Impossible' a short clip about a pigeon and a secret agent. Today we watched the clip and then we had to pretend we were Walter writing a recount of his view of the events that had taken place. We tried really hard to add lots of detail to our work so that the reader could picture everything that had happened.
The video clip of 'Pigeon Impossible' is below. Perhaps we could have a go at writing what happened from the pigeons point of view if we would like to practise our writing skills at home.
Wednesday 22nd April
This week in maths we have been learning all about number families. We started with a simple number sentence then we had to use the numbers from that number sentence to make three more number sentences. We worked really hard and all of the path outside our classroom was covered with number sentences.
Tuesday 21st April
In our art lessons we are learning how to make collages. This week we practised drawing round different 2D shapes and arranging them on the page to create exciting patterns and pictures. As it was such a nice day we did this lesson outside on the grass - it was very nice and relaxing.
Tuesday 14th April
There are lots of birds around school at the moment singing their lovely cheerful songs. They have made nests in a number of trees and bushes to keep their eggs and babies safe. We were challenged to make a birds nest using natural resources found on the school grounds. As birds have to make their nests using their beaks we were only allowed to use one hand to complete this task.
Tuesday 14th April
There are lots of different plants that grow in our school grounds. Today we were nature detectives and we tried to spot lots of different plants and minibeasts around the school and then use identification charts to work out what we had found.
Monday 13th April
This term we are going to be learning all about plants, minibeasts and animals. Today we have planted lots of different seeds which we are hoping will grow into bright and pretty flowers. At the moment these seeds are growing in our mini greenhouse but when they are bigger we will plant them outside into big plant pots. These brightly coloured flowers should attract lots of different insects.
Homework Sheets
Thursday 26th March
Today we got to pop the balloon which we stuck string around to create our Easter egg. First we had to run our finger underneath all the pieces of string to separate them from the balloon otherwise our eggs would have caved in. Then Miss Cox helped us to pop the balloons without making them go bang and we were left with our string eggs. We were very proud of ourselves as they all worked really well, take a look at our pictures.
Thursday 26th March
As part of out Geography this half term we have been looking at different countries around the world and comparing them to England. This week we had a very special treat, some of the parents / carers from the Kingfishers and Little Owls class have lived in other countries and they agreed to come in and talk about those countries. We had some questions prepared to ask and we learnt so much through the parents answers, the pictures they brought in and the many other objects. It was a fantastic lesson and we would like to say a big thank you to the parents / carers who came in as they were brilliant.
Tuesday 24th March
This afternoon we got very messy. We were making our string eggs by dipping pieces of wool into pva glue and then wrapping them round a small balloon. The balloons are going to be left to dry and then we can pop them leaving us with just the string in the shape of an egg. A lot of us weren't keen on putting our hands into the glue to begin with but once we got used to the texture of the glue we quite enjoyed it. Whilst we were waiting for our turn we got to do lots of fun Easter activities. We would like to say a big thank you to the parents and grandparents who came into help us as we couldn't have managed without them.
Monday 23rd March
In springtime you see lots of pretty daffodils growing. We made our our daffodils out of a flower template, straws, and strips of green paper. It was hard work wrapping the strips of green paper around the straw but we kept trying and we managed to make some beautiful daffodils to take over to the Easter service at the church.
Monday 23rd March
This week we are learning about capacity. We have been measuring capacity using water, pasta and cubes. The water helped us to demonstrate halves, quarters, three-quarters, full, empty and thirds. The pasta and the cubes helped us to order our containers from the one that held the smallest volume to the one which held the biggest volume.
Friday 20th March
Today was a very exciting day, there was a solar eclipse! We went outside this mornign and used pinhole projectors to project an image of the sun onto the wall / floor. This way we could watch the eclipse safely. Miss Cox gave us all a biscuit and we used the biscuit to show what we could see through our projects. After a while we realised that the best way to view the eclipse was to watch the reflection in the window as you could clearing see the moon passing over the sun. We noticed that during the eclipse it got darker and colder, it looked like night time even though it was half past 9 this morning. We had a great time and discovered lots of science facts.
Tuesday 17th March
We have been using the bee-bots and map games to learn about diredtions. The bee-bots can only travel forwards or backwards in straight lines so we had to give them the instructions 'forwards,' 'backwards,' 'turn left' or 'turn right.' The mole game on the computer was the same but this challenged us further as we had to say whether we wanted a 90 degree turn, 180 degree turn or a 270 degree turn.
Friday 13th March
We are becoming very good at building walls and fences. Today we looked at the fences we made previously and thought about how we could improve them. Hopefully our walls and fences will be really strong when they are dry.
Wednesday 11th March
This half term we have been thinking about our feelings and emotions and this week we have been looking at different ways to help us relax if we feels angry, frustrated, tense, nervous or worried. It was a lovely lesson and we felt so relaxed we could have easily fallen asleep.
Friday 6th March
We have been practising how to tell the time again. As well as looking at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to we have started to look at telling the time in 5 minute intervals. It was really tricky but we worked hard and are starting to understand it. We are going to keep practising lots at home.
Friday 6th March
Today we met the author Michael Cox and he told us the story of 'Little Fred Riding Hood.' Michael Cox was brilliant at using expression in his voice and he made us jump and laugh at different points throughout the story. After our session with Michael Cox we went back to the classroom to plan our own stories with similar ideas to the ones we had just heard. 
Thursday 5th March
Today we all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters. We all looked fantastic, Miss Cox could not believe how good we all looked. We used our costumes to help us write character descriptions. The costumes helped us to describe our characters appearance then we had to think about our characters personalities. 
Monday 2nd March
Today we have looked at lots of different materials and tested to see if they are waterproof or not. When we make a house for the Three Little Pigs it needs to be waterproof so they don't get wet it is raining. 
Tuesday 24th February
As part of our science and DT projects we are going to make a house for the Three Little pigs. We have been practising making fences and learning all about using support beams to make the fences strong. We have also looked at how bricks overlap to make walls stronger.
Year 1/2 Spring 2 homework sheets
Thursday 19th February
Today was Chinese New Year and the whole school have been celebrating in lots of different ways. We have made laterns and decorated them with sequins, stickers and feathers. We also coloured in dragon masks really carefully so they were symmetrical.
Tuesday 17th February
We decorated and ate some yummy pancakes today. Pancakes are eaten on Shrove Tuesday as during Lent lots of foods (including the things needed for pancakes) are not meant to be eaten. So pancakes used to be made on Shrove Tuesday to use up all these pancakes before Lent began. Nowadays we don't have to worry about food going off as we have things like fridges and freezers which help to preserve food but we still carry on the tradition of eatiing pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.
2nd February 2015
We love our PE lessons in the Little Owls class and this half term we have been practising different travels and balances. Here are some pictures of us balancing and travelling along the apparatus.
30th January 2015
We have been learning all about Rosa parks and Nelson Mandela. We have heard about the Apartheid and the segregation of people on buses, in restaurants, at schools and at many other places. Today we designed a poster to free Nelson Mandela during the time that he was in jail.
27th January 2015
Today we had our class assembly. It was all about sound. We explained how a sound is made, how the volume of a sound can be changed and even had a demonstration. There were lots of songs throughout our assembly and we really enjoyed performing to everyone.
Here are a few pictures of us practising. Can you spot the different expressions on  our faces?
20th January 2015
We have been learning all bout sound. This week we thought about the different sounds we could make on some of the instruments in school and have used the instruments to create a piece of music. 
Here are some pictures of us practising our song 'Rainstorm.'
15th January 2015
For our art topic this half term we are learning to weave. It is really tricky but we are trying our best and starting to get the hang of it. Can you see how we have weaved the wool over and then under, over and under? 
Year 1/2 Spring 1 Newsletter and Homework Sheets
19th December 2014
It's very nearly time to break up for Christmas. To get in the Christmas spirit we have had lots of fun making our very own Olaf's and decorating snowflakes.
19th December 2014
During our RE lessons we have thought about different religious symbols and signs that are seen at Christmas time. Today we have been making angels.
11th December 2014
Christmas is a special time of year, a time where decorations are all around us. But did you know that all of these decorations have a meaning behind them? We have been learning all about the different symbols which can be seen at Christmas time and have made our own star decorations. The star was the sign of a promise from God being fulfilled. We have put our own promises on our stars.
4th December 2014
It's getting close to Christmas and we are really excited! The classroom has been turned into a winter wonderland and there is glitter everywhere. We have started to make our Christmas cards ready to send home. Here's a sneak peak of the front of them. We will save the middle as a surprise.
6th November 2014
Remember, remember the 5th of November..............
We had made some beautiful fireworks today using a variety of skills. Our favourite part was using our fingers to print the spots.
3rd November 2014
This week we are learning to tell the time. It is very hard work but we have practised lots and are becoming good at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times.
24th October 2014
During the war people used to go into air raid shelters to keep safe. We made our own air raid shelters and them hid in them whilst we listened to noises of the First World War.
23rd October 2014
This half term we have been thinking about healthy food and why it is important. We have practised lots of cutting skills and we used these to make a delicious fruit salad for Bob the Builders birthday party.
22nd October 2014
Instructions are really important as they tell us which order to do things in. We wrote our own instructions for making rice crispy cakes and then we followed these instructions to make some. They were yummy and we even got to lick the spoon clean when we had finished!
16th October 2014
We have been learning all about harvest in the UK. Harvest is a time to be thankful for all the wonderful crops we are able to grow and a time to share our food with those less fortunate than us. Take a look at the lovely harvest pictures we have drawn.
2nd October 2014
Breaking News - The Gingerbread Man has escaped and is running around Etwall village.
We have learnt a lot about the Gingerbread Man during our English lessons and we recently discovered he is running around our village. Have a look at the pictures of our interviews, finding out how the village feel about the Gingerbread Man being on the loose.
2nd October 2014
During the war they had to preserve foods and lots of foods were in short supply. We had ago at making our own pickle, something that people did a lot during the war. 
It was great fun to make. We had to chop apples and onions. Then we placed these into our jars and added some vinegar, raisins, a pinch of salt, a spoonful of sugar and some spices. Each day the jars had to be shaken to mix the ingredients. 
26th September 2014
In Little Owls we love dressing up.
As part of our topic, 'What was life like 100 years ago?' we have learnt about World War 1. We were very lucky as we had some army uniform for us to try on. It was very heavy!
Do you think we look like soldiers? 
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