Little Owls 2015-16

Thursday 30th June
This week Little Owls have been looking at poetry. They have been spotting rhyming words and where they sit in a sentence. They have also begun to think about the rhythm and pattern when performing poetry. Have a listen to some of them. 

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Tuesday 28th June
The field dried up and the rain held off so today we held our sports day. The morning began with lots of running races for KS1 and EYFS. These were followed by our field events. Everyone tried their best and had a great time. As a special treat an ice-cream van came at lunch time. 
Monday 27th June
In maths we are looking at money. We can recognise and sort coins based on their shape, colour and size. We have been practising making different amounts with coins and we are attempting to solve problems involving money.
Tuesday 14th June
Miss Jacobs has very kindly offered to teach us how to jive. Our topic work this half term is looking at life when the Queen came to the throne and the jive was a popular dance for that time period. It's a very energetic dance and we are having great fun.
Thursday 9th June
This year the summer olypmics will be taking place in Rio. In PE we have looked at some of the events that might be taking place and some of the flags we might see. It was a lovely sunny day and we had a great time.
Wednesday 8th June
On Saturday Queen Elizabeth II will have her official birthday celebrations for her 90th birthday. We have celebrated in school by looking at what it means to be British. We learnt the National Anthem and made flags to wave whilst singing this. In the afternoon we had a party in honour of the Queen. 
Tuesday 7th June
KS1 have been working very hard to create a new display board based on British Values for the hall. We decided to make a picture of Maypole dancing as all the children thoroughly enjoyed this and it is a big community event. Make sure you have a look at the board next time you are in the hall.
Thursday 24th May
Little Owls have been making lots of different old fashioned toys. They thought about the materials the toys should be made from, who would play with the toy and how far back in history those toys were first made. They had great fun playing with them and learning how to play games such as Cat's Cradle.
Thursday 17th May
This weekend is the Etwall Well Dressings. As a school we have designed and made a big well dressing to be displayed but we also got the chance to do a mini one as a class. We thought about British Values and Little Owls decided that being able to vote was an important British Value and so this was used for our well dressing.
Tuesday 8th May
Soon we shall have the Etwall Well Dressings where the year 2 will be performing some maypole dancing. They have been practising lots in PE. Look at the pretty patterns they have managed to make.
Friday 22nd April
Miss Cox set us a maths problem today. We were given a set of number cards 0-100. Miss Cox had taken some of the cards out and we had to find out which cards were missing. We needed to use our knowledge of place value, number squares and number lines.
Monday 18th April
This week we are learning about capacity. We will be measuring with water, pasta and cubes to find the capacity of a container. We will be comparing the capacity of these containers and using language such as full, half full, three-quarters full.
Tuesday 12th April
This week we are learning about shapes. Yesterday we had to describe the properties of 2D shapes. Today we used the properties of 3D shapes to sort them into groups.
Monday 11th April
In RE we are going to be looking at different stories from the bible. We started with the story of Noah's Ark today and we were challenged to build an ark to put animals in. 
Thursday 24th March
Little Owls have been very busy the last few days planting lots of grass seed around the trim trail so hopefully it won't be as muddy when we get back after the Easter break. They have also been planting lots of seeds and bulbs in preparation for our topic in the summer term where we shall be making salads using the fruit and veg we have grown.
Tuesday 22nd March
As part of science week we have been investigating colours and how they effect our mood. We made some beautiful colour boards displaying how each colour made us feel. We thought some colours were hot and some colours were cold so we tested out our theory to see if different colours would make a piece of ice melt faster or slower.
Phase 6 spellings for w/b 21.3.16
Monday 14th March
We have been thinking about the signs of spring and thinking about the different plants and animals we might be able to see. Today we had a go at making pecking chicks. Miss Cox wrote the instructions on the board and we had to see if we could follow the instructions.
Phase 6 spellings w/b 7.3.16:
Tuesday 8th March
Last weeks fundamental session was great fun and we practised lots of balancing skills. This week we had plenty of chance to practise our throwing, catching and dribbling skills.
Thursday 3rd March
All over the world people are celebrating World Book Day and we have had a brilliant day of fun. Take a look at our costumes, we all dressed up as our favourite book character, even Miss Jacobs and Miss Cox joined in.
Thursday 3rd March
Soccer stars club runs every Tuesday after school for KS1 and EYFS. The coaches who run soccerstars came into school today to give us a taster session so we could see what it is like. We have some super footballers in our class.
Tuesday 1st March
Today we had a special PE lesson called Fundamentals. We did lots of different games, activities and races to help develop our balance and co-ordination skills.
Monday 29th February
Sarah Holt came to visit our school today. She placed 4th in the Commonwealth Games and is hoping to go to the Olympics later this year. We all had to do different exercises in the hall which we are being sponsored for (please bring sponsor money and forms in by Monday 7th March, thanks.) It was really hard but we all cheered each other on and we managed to complete it. Afterwards Sarah spoke to us all in assembly and made us realise that to achieve our goals we have to believe in ourselves and work hard and never give up.
Friday 26th February
Book week starts next week and to get us thinkiing about books the poet Andy Tooze came to visit us at school today. His poems are brilliant and he was so funny when he read them out as he used lots of actions and lots of expression in his voice. Next week we will be trying to learn some of his poems off by heart ourselves - why not ask if you can hear them?
Tuesday 23rd February
Dinosaurs invaded our school today - our corridor looks like Jurassic Park! Anthony James from Creaturama came into school to explain how to make a really good dinosaur model out of recycling materials. We got really messy but it was so much fun and everyone is extremely impressed with how good our models are.
Creaturama - Tuesday 23rd February
If any parents / grandparents are available to help either in the morning or all day then please come and let Miss Cox or Miss Jacobs know. We need one parent helper for every two children. It will be a very fun day for both children and adults.
Thursday 11th February
The sun is shining and we couldn't have picked a better day to go a walk around out village. We have been learning all about our local area and developing our map skills. The walk around the village is going to help us plot different buildings of importance on our map.
Thursday 11th February
Today a theatre company came in and did a performance all about anti-bullying. It was a brilliant workshop and some of the children from our school were chosen to be volunteers in the show!
Wednesday 10th February
We have been thinking about our beautiful world and how we should look after and care for it. We all wrote a promise on a leaf and used these promises to create our lovely window display. If you look from the outside you will see lots of pretty colours. When the sun is shining really bright and we have to close the blinds, our display creates a fantastic silouehtte.
Tuesday 9th February
Today Miss Cox set us lots of problem solving activities that all involved the times tables. Everyone worked so hard that Miss Cox and Miss Jacobs were really proud of us. We all got a sticker. Some of us were matching up arrays with the number sentence and the correct answer, some children were reading worded problems and picking out the important information before deciding which multiplication to do and other children were trying to prove whether a statement was right or wrong.
Friday 5th February
Kestrels gave us a lovely treat today. They have made their own story books and today they came down to share them with our class.
Friday 5th February
This week we have been working on our money skills. We can recognise the coins and notes that we use and have thought about the different ways to make a given amount of money. Towards the end of the week we  started to look at some money problems to solve and even had a go at money dominoes.
Monday 25th February
In dance we are thinking about moving as different animals. We have been monkeys, hippos, snakes and next week we will think about moving like a lion.

Monday 25th January

Reminder – For parents who wish to attend, tonight we are holding our parents workshop on assessment. 3:45pm - 4:30pm in Little Owls room.

Monday 18th January
This week we are going to be looking at shape and direction in maths lessons. Today we have been sorting shapes based on their properties. Some children have been looking at direction and used a cut out of a smilie face to practise whole turns, quarter turns and half turns. They even thought about whether the turn was clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Thursday 14th January
Today we have been thinking about things that are alive, things that used to be alive and things that have never been alive. We went outside and took pictures of some of the things we spotted around school. Then we came back into class and tried to sort lots more objects depending on whether they are alive or not.
Tuesday 5th January
During our English lessons we are learning all about traditional tales. Today we had a workshop based on 'The Elves and the Shoemaker.' We did lots of fun activities which helped us to understand the charatcers and the story more. Our favourite part was where we ad to work in pairs and one of us pretended to be an elf and we had to find a way of cheering up our partner without talking.
Monday 4th January
This half term we are going to learn how to create a graph on the computer. To begin with we needed to understand how a graph works so we were all given a different coloured piece of lego and we went outside onto the playground to make a human graph showing how many pieces of each colour lego we had.
KS1 Homework for Spring 1
Please find below the homework for KS1 this half term. Please remember that rapid recall, spellings (for phase 6 phonic groups) and reading 5 times a week are a part of the set homework. 
Remember to comment in your child's reading diary when you hear them read so staff can form a clearer picture of your child's reading ability and so the children can earn their stickers. Thank you.
Monday 7th December
As part of our RE topic we have been learning about churches. Today we walked over to St. Helen's to see if we could spot items that are usually found in a church such as the font, the alter and the pews. Whilst we were over there we had a chance to see all of the Christmas trees which had been decorated. They were beautiful.
Thursday 3rd December
The nativity is fast approaching and we have been working really hard to learn our lines and all of the songs. Today we had our dress rehearsal which went really well. 
Monday 23rd November
Today we had a very exciting day, we visited space. A planetarium was set up in the school hall. We had to crawl inside it, it was very dark. Pictures of the sun, moon and planets were projected onto the wall of the planetarium and then all the lights were turned out ad there were stars on all of the walls around us. It was so dark it didn't look like we were inside any more, you couldn't see the walls. It really looked like we were in space.
Friday 20th November
As part of anti-bullying week we have made a poster. Our class slogan is join hands against bullying and so we have all coloured in a paper person and made them join hands. On the back of each person is a tip to help combat bullying.
Monday 16th November
As part of anti-bullying week we took part in some workshops with Miss Lynch. These were great fun and we learnt lots.
Friday 13th November
Today is Pudsey Bear Day. He is the mascot for Children in Need. To help raise money we have had a non-uniform day and donated money. The costumes we came in were fantastic. Which one is your favourite? Take a look.
Thursday 5th November
This week we have been learning about place value. We have been using the base ten equipment to show a number and to help us discover how many tens and how many units are in a given number.
Friday 23rd October
We love dressing up during golden time. Take a look at some of our favourite outfits - they make us giggle lots!
Wednesday 7th October
In literacy we are learning to write instructions. Today we thought about the equipment and ingredients we would need to make a biscuit sandwich. Then we were aloowed to make our biscuit sandwich. The look so yummy, we can't wait to get home to eat them. Tomorrow we will be writing a set of instructions so other people could make a biscuit sandwich.
Tuesday 6th October
This week we are learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been on a shape hunt around the school, described the properties of 2D shapes and thought about the different faces which make up a 3D shape. We used nets to make models of 3D shapes and to make them even more fun we decorated them to look like aliens and animals.
Friday 2nd October
After play we had a rugby workshop. We were split into different teams (England, Wales, France, New Zealand, Fiji and Italy) and had to compete against each other to earn points. Our coach was very funny, he made us laugh lots by putting on the accent for each country. As part of the game we practised touch down skills.
Friday 2nd October
First thing this morning we had a dance work shop. We practise different Bollywood style dance moves and put them to music to create a short performance. It was great fun!
Purple Mash
Purple Mash is a great resource that can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. It has a whole range of activities from using paint tools to composing music, writing templates and so much more. Your child will have their login stuck into their reading diaries, please see Miss Cox if you can't find it. So now your child can have hours worth of fun at home, demonstraing to you the computer skills they have been learning at school.
Friday 25th September
This morning we had great fun taking part in the obstacle course. Miss Lynch and Miss Cox set it up for us and we all found it really funny when Miss Lynch demonstrated what we had to do. There were ladders to practise small steps, hoops to throw bean bags into, hurdles to jump over and of course we included the trim as part of the obstacle course. We tried to get round it as many times as we could to raise money for the NSPCC - don't forgot to bring sponsor forms and money in on Monday or Tuesday next week!
Thursday 24th September
During our RE lessons we have been thinking about belonging. Today we had a special visitor and his mum come into school to talk to us about how a new baby is welcomed into a family and the different communities the baby may belong to. We enjoyed meeting the baby and he enjoyed meeting all of us.
Thursday 24th September
Magically some giants heads have appeared in our school grounds and today we went to take a look at them. They are really big and a great place for wildlife to live in. 
The junior children have been busy digging up the ground by the Willow palce so we can create a wild meadow. Today we went outside to help plant lots of seeds. We had to walk like ducks with our bottoms sticking out so we could get close to the ground to sprinkle the seeds. Everyone looked so funny!
Wednesday 23rd September
As part of our art project we are making hot air balloons. Today we worked with Miss Jacobs to papier mache around a party balloon to get the shape of our hot air balloon. We had to tear small pieces of newspaper and then use watered down glue to stick them on the balloon.
Tuesday 22nd September
As the Rugby World Cup has kicked off we decided to practise our rugby skills in a PE lesson. The rugby ball is a different shape to a football or netball and at first we found it hard to catch but as the lesson went on we got better and better at catching the ball.
Monday 21st September
We are all very excited about the start of the Rugby World Cup. In class we have all picked 2 countries that have entered and we are going to follow our countries to see how they do in the matches and to see how far they get. We are all hoping our teams win.
Today we looked at the flags for the countries we have picked and we used the colours on those flags to design a rugby kit. Which one is your favourite?
Tuesday 15th September
In our science lessons we have been thinking about how objects move. We have been experimenting to see if we can move objects in a different way to normal. We tried to push an elastic band instead of pull it, we blew on marbles instead of using our fingers and we even tried to move things by directing a small fan at them.
Using phonics to spell
As we are getting better at our phonics we are being encouraged more and more to use the sounds we know to spell words. We are going to be learning trickier sounds this year. The link below will take us to an activity to practise spelling a word after it is sounded out.
Rapid Recall - Counting
Some of the steps in rapid number recall involving counting on in various different steps. Why not try this fun game to practise counting? At the top left hand corner you can change the 'Steps of' so you can practise counting in 1's, 2's, 3's and more.
Tuesday 8th September
Today we have been practising our counting skills. We had to pick a number card between 0 and 100 and then make a tower using that many cubes. It was great fun.
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