Maths Information Page

Maths is a really important subject and helps children to develop skills that they will use everyday for the rest of their life: whether they are going shopping, looking at the football scores, looking after their finances or have a job that is based on using mathematical skills.  
Maths is embedded in everyday life, and it is important that we support the children in building up these skills to help them make the most of their potential. We have tried to put together some information that will be helpful in you supporting your child in partnership with all of the school staff. 
Please look at the kid's zone for websites that the children can log onto, to enhance the skills they have learnt in their maths lessons.
Helping your child with their maths
Check out this website
It has lots of advice on how to talk to your child about maths, and games and activities you can do to support your child.  
We have also produced a leaflet entitled: How to help your child learn their times-tables.  Click on the link below to open it.  It is also on all of the class pages for Y2 upwards. 
Other useful websites: 
Here are some links to great websites with different games on for children to play.  All are either free or school have paid a subscription for both interactive resources and mathsframe. 
Interactive resources and mathsframe:  The username and password are both epspupil, and are the same for all children.  
Methods of Written Calculation
We have re-written the calculation policy to make it clear the methods of written calculations we use within school. We have taken out many of the mehtods that we have been teaching in the last few years to ensure children have a clear understanding of each method.  As well as being able to 'compute' the answer it is also important to us that children can understand why the method works. Please look at the links below for each operation. 
Our parent calculation booklet is full of explanations of the methods we use in school to teach each addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Some of the children have made some videos to explain these methods.  We will keep updating them until all the methods have been covered!  We hope you find them useful. 
Please see the videos we have made so far below.  We will keep adding to them as we make them over the rest of this term. 
Addition 'How to' Videos
Subtraction 'How to' Videos
Multiplication 'How to' Videos
Rapid Number Recall (supporting mental calculation)
Each child in school (Y1 upwards) has a rapid number recall target they are working on. These are stuck into their reading journal/diary. As well as the target that your child is working on, there is also more information about what this target means and how you can help your child to achieve this target. There is also time for children to practice this in school after lunch everyday. To move up to the next target children will have to complete correctly 24 questions based on this target within 2 minutes on three different occasions. 

Rapid Number Recall is based on the belief that if children have rapid recall of key facts in maths, they will find all other areas of the maths curriculum much easier. For example, when being asked to find out the fraction of an amount, if they have good understanding of their multiplication facts, they will find this much easier.

There are 7 steps in the programme, and within each step there are several objectives.  Your child’s teacher will initially tell your child where they will start, and then they will work through the steps in order. You will find the step, and the target within that step, your child is on in their reading journal, along with ideas of how you can help them achieve this target. Children will also have time to practice these in school, but obviously the more help they get the quicker they will achieve!

Each target has a 24 question quiz that children will be asked to complete at least once a week. When they can get 100% three times, children will move onto the next target.  The progress your child is making will be recorded in their reading diaries so you can share their successes with them.



Y3/4 have their own updated steps which will be trialled from Easter 2018.  These have a multiplication and division focus. 

7th July
Today, 8 year 6s went to John Port School to represent Etwall Primary in a maths competition. They spent the whole day there and took part in a wide range of challenges. We are so pleased and excited to announce that one of the Etwall teams, The Etwall Rangers, came first!  Well done! 
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