Meetings 2015

December 2015
The Giant Heads have been named!!
We have the Big Friendly Giant and the Childchewer!!
Tuesday 13th October
The following items were discussed at the meeting:
  1. Eco-Council members discussed possible ‘names’ for the two Giants Heads. They will be named after the giants from Roald Dahl’s BFG. One will be called the ‘BFG’ and there are four suggestions for the other (Bonecruncher, Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and Childchewer). These will be sent around classes so that children can vote on the winner.

  2. Sam and Liam have agreed to draw a plan of the raised beds. We will then assign each class a raised bed.

  3. Miss Walton will get quotes for class signs for the raised beds.

Tuesday 6th October

New Eco-Council members were welcomed.  A group photo will be taken at the next meeting.


  1. Arrangements for Eco-week were discussed. Staff have been notified of the rota for class responsibility. It was agreed that:


  • Sam and Hope to take the litter pickers to whichever class is on the rota first thing on a Monday morning.

  • The paper-weigher would be kept in the staffroom and member would notify the relevant class as to the location.

  • Eco-monitors would be responsible for reminding each class when it their turn on the Eco-rota.

  • A link to our Energyhive would be emailed to all staff by Miss Walton, so they can check electricity consumption during their rota week.


  1. Miss Walton to check photo consents for members.


  2. The next Eco-meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th October to discuss the raised beds and to assign classes to a bed.