Meetings 2018-19

Friday 24th May 2019
Today we sorted out some books that were delivered from The Book People. We ordered them using the £235 commission we earned when the Book Bus visited us at the start of Book Week.
We managed to allocate approximately 20 new books to each classroom, for children to enjoy.
Thank you for making this possible by allowing your children to visit the Book Bus when they visited us!
We look forward to reading the wonderful new books!
World Book Week 2019
We have been really busy in the last couple of weeks, organising our book week events. We arranged for the Book People Book Bus to come in to school, and all children got to visit the bus and buy a book/books, if they wished to.
We are having a 'dress up as a character from a book' day on World Book Day (7th March) and there will be a prize for the best costume in each class. We will also be giving out £1 book vouchers for a free book from participating book week shops.
The theme of book week has been 'Share a Story' and we are using the book Journey by Aaron Becker, a beautiful picture book, in all classes this week to tell stories and do work around it.
3rd December 2018
Today in our meeting we sorted out some Roald Dahl magazines that had been donated to us by Aniela and her mum. We shared them out amongst the KS2 classes, so that they could go on their books shelves for the children to enjoy during reading time.

Thank you Aniela and mum!

Thursday 8th November
Today we sorted out some book marks that have been donated to us by Derby Book Festival for the children in KS2. They are WW1 commemorative book marks. They have a lovely poem on them called A Year Younger,  which has been written by a child, and they fit in nicely with the time of year and with the wonderful work we have done over the last few weeks to learn about and commemorate WW1.
In our meeting we also sorted out the class and key stage winners of the 'most words read' competition that we hold every term. For this children are asked to do a book quiz on Accelerated Reader using an iPad whenever they finish a book, and their word count is collated from these quizzes. Winners will be announced in tomorrow's assembly!
26th September 2018
Today we held our first Literacy Committee meeting of the year. We planned out the Book Swap Friday dates for the year and put up posters around school to advertise it. It is on Friday 5th October in the library. We also made posters to display in classrooms to remind children to do a book quiz on the iPads when they have finished reading a book,  to encourage reading for pleasure and to develop their comprehension skills.
We will award prizes for the most words read in each class every half term.
Tuesday 10th September
Summer Reading Challenge 2018
Today we held our celebratory assembly for the summer reading challenge at Etwall Library. We are very proud of all of the children who took part and achieved their certificate and medal.
Well done and keep reading!