Meetings 2019-20

Friday 7th February

Today we met to sort out some books that have been donated to school. We placed them on reading shelves in the classrooms, to give children some new books to read.

In our next meeting, we will be arranging Book Week, which is w.b. 2nd March.

Tuesday 10th December
Today we sorted out our Book People leaflets so we can send them out to all families in school. The leaflets are notifying families that if they buy any books from the Book People, they can select our school name at the checkout, and this will give us points on our school's account which we can put towards books for school.
Thank you for supporting us!
Wednesday 23rd October
Today in our meeting we put up posters around school to let everyone know that Friday 25th October will be this year's first Book Swap Friday. We will host it in Eagles classroom at lunch time, and at this event children are welcome to bring in any books they have finished reading, and swap them with books donated by other children. (Books from home, not school or library books!)
It's a great event to encourage children across the school to read and to share the books that they have gained so much pleasure from. We hope it will be as big a success as it has been in previous years!

Tuesday 8th October

Today in our meeting we organised the Scholastic book fair that we are having during next week's parents’ evenings.

The book fair will be delivered on Friday 11th October, and will be with us until the following Friday.

Children and parents will be able to buy books during each of the parents' evenings, and this will raise money for the school.

We have put posters up all around school to advertise it, and will be sending leaflets home with children tonight to let families know about the book fair.


Thank you for supporting us!


Thursday 26th September

Today we held our first Literacy Committee meeting of the year. We handed out some books that had kindly been donated to KS2 by Mrs Toynbee, and put them on the shelves in classrooms for children to enjoy.

We will be meeting again next week to organise the book fare that we are having during parents’ evening.