Meetings archive

26th September 2018
Today we held our first Literacy Committee meeting of the year. We planned out the Book Swap Friday dates for the year and put up posters around school to advertise it. It is on Friday 5th October in the library. We also made posters to display in classrooms to remind children to do a book quiz on the iPads when they have finished reading a book,  to encourage reading for pleasure and to develop their comprehension skills.
We will award prizes for the most words read in each class every half term.

20th June 2018

Today we put up a handwriting display in the KS1 corridor, and refreshed the KS2 display, to celebrate handwriting in each key stage. We are trying to encourage the children to do their neatest handwriting at all times, according to expectations of their year group.

 We also made some posters to display around school to remind children to do a book quiz on Accelerated Reader whenever they have finished reading a book. Their word count for books read will be collated, and each half term the Literacy Committee will award prizes for the most words read in each class and each key stage overall.

16th March 2018
Today we put up a display in the KS2 corridor to celebrate beautiful handwriting. This is to encourage children in KS2 to try their best with handwriting and to join their writing at all times.

We will change this display every two weeks, selecting different children’s work every time to go on display.

We are going to put up a similar display in the KS1 corridor very soon.

World Book Day 2018
Here are the winners of our best costume competition for World Book Day.
Please visit class pages to see our fabulous costumes and what we have been up to in our classes this week!
14th February 2018
Today we have been busy planning Book Week, which is from Monday 26th February - Friday 2nd March.
Letters will go out to families tomorrow, to tell you what we have planned.
Our theme for the week is maths! We have some wonderful picture books with a maths theme for each class so that children can learn about maths through reading fun stories. Thank you to the Hawk & Buckle for raising £84 and donating it to us. We have used this money to buy books to use this week, and for book vouchers to use as prizes for the best costume in each class.
We are having a dress up day on World Book Day itself, when children can come into school dressed up as their favourite character from a book. There will be a prize for the best costume in each class! They can also bring their favourite book with them, to share with the class. Teachers will also be visiting different classes and sharing their favourite stories with them.
We are looking forward to a great week!
2nd February 2018
We enjoyed another Book Swap Friday today. Thank you to all of the children who came along and enjoyed swapping their book for a new one!
29th November 2017
Today we sorted through lots of books that were kindly donated by a parent, Mrs Dempster. There were piles of them!

Each class has now got at least 20 new books to go on their reading shelves, which the children will thoroughly enjoy.

 Thank you for your kindness Mrs Dempster!

1st November 2017
Today in our meeting we talked about promoting the next Book Swap Friday, which is on Friday 10th November. We are going to give the children lots of reminders next week and also text parents, so that children know they can come and swap books.

 We also discussed changing the book displays outside the school library. We are going to ask teachers to put up a display about their class reading books this term.

 The other job that we are getting started on is creating a Handwriting Heroes display in the main entrance to school. We are going to ask Mrs Dixey which notice board we are allowed to use, and then we will create a beautiful display board showcasing examples of the neatest handwriting across the school.

6th October 2017
Today we held Book Swap Friday. Lots of children went away very happy with the new books they had chosen. Jack even chose some books for his little sister - how kind he is!
Thank you for supporting us with this event.
The next Book Swap Friday will be on Friday 10th November - see you there!
27th September 2017
This year the Literacy Committee consist of Josie, Grace, Aeron, Lucy, Erin, Jasmine, Jack and James.
Today we held our first meeting of the year. We discussed some of the work we are going to do this year to encourage children to take pleasure in reading and writing, and we organised our new notice board. 
We also set the dates for Book Swap Friday for the year, and decided to have themed book swaps on some occasions this year.
We are looking forward to meeting again next week to begin our work!
Friday 9th June 2017
Today we held another Book Swap Friday. It was a bit quieter than usual because KS1 were out on a school trip, but we didn't mind because it gave us chance to sort out some books that have been donated to school by some kind parents. (Thank you Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Maxwell!)
We sorted the books into classes and put them on the book shelves in the classrooms, so that all classes have some lovely new books to read.

Sponsored Read and Book Fare

Thank you to everyone who supported us at the Book Fare on the two Parent’s Evenings in March, and also to the children and their families who supported us so fantastically well by taking part in the sponsored read, as part of the Book Week activities. We raised an amazing £955.23 in total, which included commission that we earned from Usborne, due to raising so much money.

Thank you very much to Mrs Glaze for supporting us during these events, and collating our earnings for us!

The children in each class are currently very busy choosing new books to spend their hard earned money on, to add to their reading corners!


We hope to see lots of children enjoying our next Book Swap Friday on Friday 7th April. This is turning into a much loved event by the children, many of whom were very enthusiastic when speaking to our Ofsted inspector about it last week!

Thursday 21st February 2017
Today we organised Book Week, which is next week. We have put posters up around school to advertise what we are doing, and we are going to talk about it in assembly tomorrow, so that everyone can start looking forward to it!
We also met with Mrs Glaze, who helped us to finalise arrangements for the sponsored read that we are doing next week. Letters are being prepared to send out tomorrow.
We will give out £1 book tokens to all children on World Book Day. These can be used at the book fare that we are having w.b. 6th March. We are also looking forward to a visit from the author Steve Smallman on World Book Day (Thursday 2nd March) and to dressing up as our favourite character from an author who inspires us (the theme for the week).

We will be running another Book Swap Friday on Friday 3rd March.

We are looking forward to a fun week!

Book Swap Friday!
On Friday 3rd February we had our first Book Swap Friday, which was run in the library by Miss Warburton and the Literacy Committee at lunch time. The event was very well attended, with children from across the school enjoying bringing a book or two that they had finished reading, to exchange with another child. It was a real pleasure to see the children engaged in discussions about how much they had enjoyed their books, and recommending them to their peers. Thank you to those of you who supported this event by allowing your children to bring in books to exchange. We hope that this will continue to be such a well attended and much enjoyed event, that will encourage our children to read for pleasure!  Book Swap Friday will take place on the first Friday of every month.







Monday 23rd January 2017

Today we finalised the arrangements for the first Book Swap Friday, on Friday 3rd February.

We have written a letter to send out to parents to explain how it will work. We are also going to write an article for Miss Dixey to put in the newsletter, so that the school community is aware of what we are doing. 

We will tell the school all about it in assembly next Monday, so that children know what to do. 

The Literacy Committee and Miss Warburton will be in the library from 12:05 on the first Friday of every month, to run Book Swap Friday. 

We are hoping it will be a great success, and that it will encourage lots of children to read more books! 

We will tell the school all about it in an assembly just before we do the first Book Swap Friday.
Friday 13th January 2017

Today we made posters to advertise our first Book Swap Friday on Friday 3rd February. 

We will also write a letter to explain how Book Swap Friday will work, to send out to parents. 

We will tell the school all about it in an assembly, just before we do the first Book Swap Friday.


Friday 25th November 2016

Today we started to think about launching a ‘book swap’ slot in school, to encourage children to read good books that have been recommended by their peers.

 Ideas that we came up with are:

  •           Book Swap Friday once a month.
  •          We will have a ‘stall’ in the library for children to leave the book/books that they are donating.
  •          They can then select another book to take home with them and enjoy.
  •          The Literacy Committee would run Book Swap Friday along with Miss Warburton and Mrs Hall.
  •          When children bring a book to school, they can give it to their class teacher in the morning, who will write their name on a list. The teacher will put all donated books form their class in the library and the Literacy Committee will sort them out at lunch time into age groups. In the afternoon, the Literacy Committee will send for children who have donated a book to come and choose a new one to take home and keep. We will do this one Friday of every month.
  •          The Literacy Committee will make some posters and leaflets to advertise Book Swap Friday and we will advertise it every month, in the lead up to it.
  •          We will also produce a ‘Book Swap Friday’ register for teachers to record the name of children who need to come to the library because they have donated a book.
  •          We will have a meeting with Miss Dixey to agree how Book Swap Friday will work, then we can organise the first one in time for January.

 Date of next meeting: Friday 2nd December.

Friday 7th October 2016

Today we sorted out the books that Mrs Toynbee’s son, Matthew, had kindly donated to school.

We shared them out among the classes so that all of the book shelves in the classrooms have some new books on them for the children to read. They are beautiful books and we can’t wait to read them!

Thank you Matthew!

30th September 2016
  •          Notice board and website

We are going to put our meeting minutes on the notice board every time we have a meeting, as well as information about the work we are doing in school.

We will also put this information on the school website.

  •          Scrap book

We will put information about our meetings and the work that we do in the Literacy Committee scrap book, which will then be put out for display for all to see.

  •          Reading display afternoon – Friday 7th October

We have written a letter to the teachers to tell them about our reading display afternoon. We have assigned each class a display board and they will produce some work to go on them, about their class reading book.

  •          New books

We stamped some new books which were donated to us by Mrs Toynbee’s son, Matthew. Next week we are going to share them out among all of the classes, so that the children have some new books to read in their classrooms. We are going to write a thank you letter to Matthew for donating the books to us.

10th June 2016


Today we sorted out outdoor summer reading. We are going to put together a KS1 and a KS2 box of books to place in the gazebo, so that children can read them at playtimes. We will change the books at the end of each week, so that there is a different choice of books each week.

We have also done a rota for which member of the Literacy Committee changes the books each week.

We are going to tell the rest of the school on Monday morning in assembly that the summer reading books are now out.


Week beginning

Who will sort out the books

13th June

Saffron & George

20th June

Sian & Matthew

27th June

Eleanor & Daisy

3rd July

Florence & Alex

10th July

Amelie & Saffron

17th July

Sian & Daisy


19th May 2016
Today the Literacy Committee did a 'reading walk' of the school.  They looked in all of the classrooms at the reading displays that were in there and at the books on the book shelves. They also asked children what their class reading book is, and how often they visit the school library. From this they are making recommendations to teachers about how to make their classrooms an environment which encourages children to read and to enjoy books. Here are some pictures of some of the reading areas in school.
7th March 2016
Today we put up a World Book Week display outside the library. We hope you like it!  

Date of next meeting: w/b 11.04.16 – Outdoor reading planning.

29th February 2016
Today we met and discussed Book Week, which is taking place this week.
  •      We sorted out the £1 book tokens that are to be given to the children in each class.
  •      We also discussed the prize for the best costume in each class on World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March.
  •         The literacy committee are going to remind their classes of what is happening this week to celebrate Book Week.
  •         We also discussed putting up a Book Week display in the library next week, using work from classes. We will speak to Mrs Hall about which display to use in the library, and we will collect work from each class to put up on the display board.
Date of next meeting: Monday 7th March

2nd February 2016


Today we met and discussed the notice board outside the library.

We decided that every class is going to take turns to put a reading display up, to share with the rest of school what they are reading, and to encourage them to read it too.

The literacy committee made a rota and Miss Warburton will share it with the rest of the teachers.

Eagles and Ospreys will do the display board first, after the half term break.


Date of next meeting: w.b. 22nd February (planning Book Week)

16th October 2016

Today in our meeting we put up our display outside the library. It is there to recommend our favourite authors to other children. We hope that it will encourage children to read the wonderful selection of books we have in the library!

Our next job (after half term) will be to look at all of the reading areas in each classroom, and see if we can make them more eye catching, to encourage children to use them. We are also going to look at what book each class has a ‘class reader’ and recommend books if necessary.

2nd October 2015


Today in our meeting we decided that we were going to put up a display outside the library. We are going to use it to recommend our favourite authors to other children.

We chose some authors and printed off pictures of their book covers, ready to go up next week when we have our next meeting. We will put a photo of the display board on the school website when we have done it!

After that our next job will be to look at all of the reading areas in each classroom and see if we can improve them in any way.

5th June 2015
Outdoor reading

Today we met to sort out some outdoor reading books for lunch times, now that the weather is drier and we are able to use the field more! These are the plans that we have made:


  •         KS1 and KS2 are to have separate boxes containing different aged books.
  •         Mrs Hall and the librarians will change the books every Friday, so we have a lot to choose from each week.
  •         The boxes will be kept under the benches in the gazebo from Monday to Friday, and will be brought back into the library on a Friday afternoon by the librarians so they can change the books.
  •         The Literacy Committee will monitor the books each lunch time, to make sure they are being looked after. We will also ask Mrs Archer to let the midday supervisors know about this, so they can keep an eye on them too.
  •         We will let the classes know next week in assembly about outdoor reading, and will also put some posters up around school.
We hope that everyone enjoys outdoor reading at lunch times!
23rd April 2015

Mrs Toynbee and Miss Cox kindly donated some books to school, and today we met to sort them out. We had three boxes full of books to organise! We decided to use them to replenish the book shelves in the classrooms in school, so we sorted them out into classes and delivered them to the class teachers. We are sure the children will enjoy reading the books. A big thank you to Mrs Toynbee and her children, and also to Miss Cox, for donating the books.

 Happy reading everyone!

26th February 2015

Today we met to finalise arrangements for Book Week next week.

We are going to go round all of the classes in school this afternoon to remind children what is happening in school next week. We will also tell them about the sponsored read which starts on Saturday, as letters about this are going out tonight. We also put some posters up around school to promote Book Week. Next Thursday we will deliver a set of £1 book tokens to each class.

 We are looking forward to a great week next week!

19th February 2015
Mrs Glaze from Usborne Books attended our meeting today. We discussed World Book Week (w.b. 02.03.15) - Ready Steady Read!
  •          We discussed having a sponsored read during World Book Week called ‘Ready Steady Read’.
  •        The sponsored read will be from Saturday 28th February until Friday 6th March.
  •        Each child will take home a sponsorship form and ask family members to sponsor them.
  •        Children can ask family members to sponsor them per minutes read, or for a total donation            for reading throughout the week.
  •        We will send a letter about the sponsored read home on Thursday 26th February, and the              sponsorship forms will then go home on Friday 27th February.
  •        We will ask for money to be brought in by Thursday 12th March.
  •        Money raised will go towards new books for the school library. We will ask children from each        class which authors they like, and which books they would like us to order for them (each              class will have the opportunity to have a look through an Usborne catalogue to select some              books).
  •        The prize for the best costume on World Book Day will be a £5 book voucher. There will be           one for KS1 and one for KS2. 

 Date of next meeting: Thursday 26th February, 12:05, Eagles classroom.

16th January 2015

Mrs Hall attended our meeting today. We discussed the lunch time library club that we are going to start. Here are the minutes from our meeting: 

  • Library Club is going to run every Monday lunch time, starting Monday 23rd January.
  • Two members of the Literacy Committee will read with reception children each week. This will be on a rota.
  • Mrs Hall will produce a rota for which Literacy Committee members’ turn it is to help at Library Club each week.
  • There will be 10 places for KS1 & 2 children in Library Club available each week. Children can sign up for it outside the library on the notice board.
  • Mrs Toynbee will choose 6 children to attend Library Club each week. Once they have read a story with the Literacy Committee, the children will be taken to lunch.
  • We will announce Library Club in assembly on Monday morning.

12th December 2014

Mrs Hall, who runs the school library, attended our meeting today. We discussed starting a lunch time library club after the Christmas holidays. We discussed how many children would be allowed in Library Club each week, and how they would sign up to it. We decided that members of the Literacy Committee would help to run Library Club each week, and that we could invite some reception children to have stories read to them, as well as having older children attending to read books, write book reviews, use the library to research homework topics etc.

We are going to meet with Miss Dixey to discuss our ideas, and we aim to get Library Club up and running as soon as we can when we come back to school in January.