Osprey Class 18-19

Friday 7th September
We have had a great first week back! We have been working with 7 and 8 digit numbers in maths and we are enjoying our class reading book, WarHorse. 
We have even started our spellings and these have gone home tonight.
Wednesday, 12th  September
As part of our topic work, we are learning about World War 1. This was known as The Great War because no other war until then had had such an impact on the world. It took many lives and changed the lives of millions more. It was 'great' in the sense of scale: large or huge.
We had a debate "Was it right for Britain to enter the war?"
Take a look at our videos.
Monday, 17th September
We thoroughly enjoyed Dr Hendriksen's science enrichment visit this morning. He taught us all about what the heart is for and how it works. We learned lots of interesting facts such as how many times a minute our hearts beat compared to other animals' hearts, and how big the human heart is.
We also dissected some pigs' hearts which helped us to understand they job that the different parts of the heart does. It was absolutely fascinating and the children were very sensible.
Thank you Dr Hendriksen!
Friday, 21st September
In PSHE we have been looking at ways to be healthy and lead a healthy life. The 5 ways to well-being have been researched and developed to help improve well-being. These are: learn, give, take notice, be active and connect. Take a look at the link below.
Wednesday, 26th September
On Wednesday, we had a visit from the Yamaha Music School in assembly. They showed us how to keep in time and how rhythms can fit together. We played "We Will Rock You!" It was great fun.
Tuesday 2nd October
We enjoyed our harvest celebration today. Every class produced some excellent work about harvest around the world, and we learned a lot!
Wednesday, 10th October
Our visit to the Arboretum today was very informative and also very moving. We saw many of the memorials there and learned about the work done by brave men and women during World War 1 and 2. We took part in an act of remembrance, to remember the soldiers and civilians who have died during wars.
Wednesday, 17th October 
KS2 had a fantastic afternoon showcasing their resources brought from home from World War 1 and World War 2. All the children were able to talk in length about what their artefact was and where it was from. We had medals, letters, ration books, bullets and a gas mask still in its box. Children drew and wrote a fact about an artefact and also designed a poster to help encourage people to ration food. Take a look at our photos.
Wednesday, 7th November 2018
Today we visited St Helen's Church to look at the exhibition which celebrates the end of World War 1. Children particularly enjoyed looking at the Etwall Primary School display. St Helen's Church invited our school to contribute to the exhibition and we accepted gladly. All classes worked hard and contributed to the display.
Monday 12th - Friday 16th November
This week is anti-bullying week. We have watched some anti-bullying videos and discussed the different scenarios in them. We have also written anti-bullying pledges and made posters with messages about being kind and showing respect.
Our new anti-bullying pledge is displayed in our classroom. We came up with some great slogans and eventually came up with "Don't Forget - Respect!"
Check out the video below.
Choose Respect this Anti-Bullying Week
Wednesday 21st November 2018
In Science today, we have been learning about sound. We carried out an experiment to see how the pitch was altered by adding water into a jar. We realised that the jar with the least amount of water had the highest pitch. This was because it vibrated more. We concluded that the faster the vibrations, the higher the pitch will be.
Wednesday 28th November 2018
Today has been a brilliant day! We have all been dressed as Victorians and have spent the day
re-enacting a Victorian school day.  The children behaved brilliantly! Take a look at our photos to see what we did.
Thursday, 6th December 2108
Ospreys have been busy programming. Children made a model out of Lego and then programmed it to move using software. Children were able to create a set of algorithms (instructions) to get the model to follow. They all had a great day!