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Mrs Dhillon and Mrs Hall
Friday, 6th September 2019
Toga Day 
Today, we have enjoyed kick starting off our topic on Ancient Greece. Aswell as dressing in Togas, we have heard the ancient myth of Medusa and completed some artwork, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed doing. We have attempted some Zorba dancing and made and tasted Tzatziki. (traditional Greek dip).  We have all had a good day and are now looking forward to a much needed weekend!
Thursday, 26th September 2019
Over the last two weeks, we have been reading and discussing the features of Greek myths. Today, we have all written our own myths. Myths always have a moral so before children could a write myth,  they had to think of the  moral they wanted their myth to teach,  decide on the characters and then plan a story, which displayed the features of a Greek myth. .  After two weeks of planning, today they completed their myths. 
Thursday, 16th October 2019
Times Table Workshop
This morning, Ospreys learned their times tables through playing games and problem solving. Children enjoyed working with a partner to see who could answer a question the fastest, They also enjoyed working as a team to match pairs and complete a loop. I am sure that your child will be able to tell you all about it. Lots of Starfish points were collected, which children were keen to add to their team chart in the hope that their team will be the winning team this week.
Friday, 8th November 2019
As part of our work in English, we have been learning the poem The Highwayman. We have looked at techniques poets use to add description to their work. We have enjoyed the poem so much, that we have decided to present it in our class assembly next week. We have made a start on rehearsing our assembly, and  look forward to sharing it with our school and our families.
Thursday,14th November 2019
Today, Ospreys presented their class assembly. Over the last two weeks, Ospreys have been learning a poem called The Highwayman. Ospreys decided that because they had enjoyed the poem, they would like our families and our school to enjoy the poem too.  
Monday 18th November
We had quite a dramatic start to the day today! Upon our arrival at school, we discovered that someone had rampaged through the playground, turning over chairs, benches and picnic tables and scattering rubbish and classroom items on the ground. We also found some giant footprints on the playground and Mr Ormiston in a sling! We think that a large beast (Bigfoot) may have made an unwelcome visit to school, knocking Mr Ormiston over and injuring his arm in the process.
Today we wrote a newspaper article on this unfortunate event for our cold task, to start off our new Talk for Writing unit. We hope that we don't have another such visit from this mysterious creature!
Monday 25th November
Today UKS2 had a workshop led by the NSPCC about different types of abuse and how to stay safe. We learned what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour towards us from others, and who to talk to if we are ever in need of support.
We all agreed that we have the right to stay safe and to speak out if we feel worried about something.
We memorised the Childline phone number, which is 0800 1111. 
Friday, 6th December 2019
Christmas Jumper Day
As part of a PTFA event, Ospreys have enjoyed coming to school in their Christmas jumpers. We are all ready for the season and looking forward to Christmas events happening in school. 
Thursday, 12th December 2019
As part of our RE (Religious Education) work, we have been reading and listening to parables. Jesus used parables to help people understand how to be behave and why. We too have learned from them and related them to the STARFISH values, which our school follows. We have created comic strips of our favourite parables.
Wednesday 18th December 2019
Today, in science, we investigated sound proofing. As a class, we listened to heavy snoring and we had to create some kind of ear plugs to soften the noise so that Sam could sleep. We used a sound metre to measure the decibels and covered our sound source up with different materials. Take a look at our photos.  
Monday, 13th January 
Today, we have been learning about cave paintings and what we can learn from them about how early humans lived. Ospreys have created their own pictures (in the style of cave paintings) using charcoal and oil crayons. 
Wednesday 22nd January 2020
Today in Science, we have been lighting technicians. We have explored the different shadow effects we can create using a variety of materials and coloured papers/plastics to create a shadow ‘setting’ of flowers and trees. We found out that opaque objects did not let any light through, translucent materials let some light through and created colour and transparent materials let all the light through so could not be seen. Take a look at our pictures.
Wednesday, 29th January 2020
Today in science, we have exploring colours and white light. We split the light using prisms and torches and named all seven colours of the spectrum. We found out that an object that appears red absorbs all of the colours in white light except red, which it reflects. We experimented to create different colour effects.
 Wednesday 5th February 2020
Today, we have been looking at the reflection of light. We know that a reflective surface (e.g. a disco ball) results in much less ‘controlled’ reflection as light is reflected in many different directions, while the duller the surface the less reflective it is as it absorbs more light. We made our own periscopes and experimented with reflecting the light. Take a look at our photos.
Tuesday, 3rd March 2020
To mark World Book Week, we have enjoyed a storytelling session  from Rocking Chair Tales. We heard extract read with expression and props to help bring stories to life. 
Wednesday 11th March 2020
Today we have been Pompeii news reporters and have interviewed survivors of Mount Versuvius erupting in 79 AD. How did the people feel when they saw the ash cloud and explosion? What did they do? Take a look at our news reports.