Ospreys 2014-15

Thursday 16th July
Today was our end of year performance, Alice the Musical. The children have worked extremely hard for the last few weeks to learn their lines and practise the songs, and to help Mrs Bullock and Mrs Dorrington make the props. I'm sure you will agree that the children did us proud! Both performances yesterday were fantastic, with all actors, dancers and singers doing an excellent job. We had some fantastic costumes so thank you to all parents/grandparents and family members who helped to make it look so good. Thank you also to Mrs Bullock and Mrs Dorrington for making the props and decorating the stage, and a huge well done to all of the chidren for their hard work. We hope you enjoy the photos!
7th July
Today, 8 year 6s went to John Port School to represent Etwall Primary in a maths competition. They spent the whole day there and took part in a wide range of challenges. We are so pleased and excited to announce that one of the Etwall teams, The Etwall Rangers, came first!  Well done! 
2nd July
This morning, all of year 5 and 6 got together to design games for the summer fayre.  Some of the games have been very imaginative and look like they will be lots of fun for everyone to play!  You will see some of the games at the summer fayre next Friday (10th July) and all the the children in the school will be able to play all of the games before the end of the year. We will give you the date nearer the time. 
22nd June
We have had the third of our handball lessons today - we are really enjoying this new sport. Today we were practising our passing and then we split into small sided games so that we could develop our skills of marking. We had great fun!
19th June
Today was Languages Day. We were taught by Senor Jackson and Senora Scott. We learnt Spanish and drew our own monsters using the names of the Spanish body parts. Everyone also found out lots about bullfighting from Senor Jackson as it's very popular in Spain. We played some Spanish games and everyone had fun!! To end the day, we showed off 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in Spanish for assembly. We'd like to thank Derby Univerity for coming every year and we hope they carry on coming!!!!
By James and Jacob, Ospreys Y6's!      
11th/12th June 
The year 5's in Eagles and Ospreys have been taking part in the bikeability awards. We spent Thursday morning earning our level 1 awards which involved having control of our bike when we were riding and knowing how to look after it properly. On Thursday afternoon and Friday we went onto the roads to practice doing different turns from major to minor roads, this was to help us gain our level 2 award.  We finished off the Friday afternoon by having a lovely cycle around Etwall. 
11th June
The year 6s joined together from both classes for the morning and we investigated lots of different methods of measuring trees. We are not sure which methods were most accurate but think we found rough estimates of the heights of some of the trees!
3rd June
In English this week we have been looking at stories from other cultures, and in particular the 'Grimm tales'.  The one we have focussed on is Hansel and Gretel.  We are planning our own versions of these stories.  We went outside and made the houses in the story out of natural materials. 
Summer Term 6 Homework
21st May
Well done to the Ospreys class!  
We spent the morning baking 10 different types of cakes ready to sell at home time to the rest of the school to raise money for Rainbows Hospice. Once we had made them the kitchen staff kindly cooked them for us in their huge ovens. We then worked out how much to charge by looking at Miss Gale's receipt and working out the cost of each cake/biscuit - we wanted to make sure we made a profit!
We had a great time, and raised £79.47 for charity as well! Thank you also to those people who made cakes at home last night ready to sell as well - It was very much appreicated. 
11th-14th May
This week we have made our well dressing design, ready for the weekend. Our design was a butterfly! This is  how we made it:
  1. Firstly we got a picture of the butterfly and got the clay ready. 
  2. Secondly with some coctail sticks we copied the butterfly onto the clay.
  3. Next with some coffee beens, which smelt delicious, we went around the butterfly filling out the outline.
  4. After we had done that we filled in the fbutterfly with some orange lentils, petals and other natural objects.
That's how we made our class well dressing!
29th April
This week we have been working on ratio and proportion problems. We completed this work by working out the amount of ingredients we would need for the 'tangerine dream cocktail' in a group, after working out the ingredients for other group sizes!  It was very sweet when we made it but a very popular drink!
28th April
Some of the year 5 and 6 children took part in a netball tournament after school against lots of other local schools.  There were about 20 teams who took part so there were lots of matches to play.  Miss Gale and Miss Featherstone were very impressed with the standard of play from both teams, and it is obvious that the children had been working hard at netball club each week. The 'Etwall A team' played particularly well and managed to come third overall - well played everyone!
23rd April 
Today we had a workshop with 'Wild Science' as part of our topic on habitats. We learnt a lot about some different animals from different habitats, and even got to hold some of the animals. We were very brave!
20th April
In English we looked at the features of instruction writing.  We then went outside and made some nature pies and wrote instructions on for somebody else to be able to follow. 
Summer term 5 homework
15th April 2015
We met our pigeon, Dash, today! The gentleman who is looking after our pigeon for us, and training it for races came in and brought with him 40 pigeons to release from the school grounds.  He answered the many questions we had about pigeons and then we watched them fly off to start their journey back to his home. Thank you for coming in, we enjoyed your visit. 
Thursday 26th March 2015 - Visit from Basmati Restaurant
We smelt lots of different spices that are used in Indian cooking and got to taste some too. We have all got vouchers to eat there. Thank you for coming to talk to us.
20th March 2015
This morning we had a great time out on the school field watching the solar eclipse. We took our cereal box pinhole projectors out with us and observed the eclipse, making sure that we kept our backs to the sun the whole time. We even got to eat a biscuit - we tried to eat it into the shape of the eclipse! 
We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the eclipse, and were fascinated by the changes in light and the drop in temperature that we experienced.
5th March 2015
Today has been world book day, but we have also been cooking as part of our maths lesson! We are about to learn about conversion of meansurements and reading scales so this helped us to get our minds ready for the challenge. We had mixed results but some of the cakes we made looked great - every cake passed our important taste test though!
4th March 2015
Today was our class assembly.  It was titled 'Keeping Safe', we taught everyone about the first aid we learnt last week and how to keep safe on the internet. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures for you to look at as Miss Gale was enjoying the assembly so much she forgot to take any! You will have to look at the photo's of our first aid day instead!
25th February 2015
Today we had our 'First Aid in a Day' training from St John's Ambulance. It was a really good day where we learnt alot of first aid.  We learnt about DRABC and what to do in an situation where we thought someone was unconscious; how to bandage a cut; how to deal with a nose bleed; what to do if someone is choking and what should be in a first aid kit amoungst many other things. 
24th February - Thinktank Museum
Today we went to the Thinktank museum, we had an amazing time exploring all the different science areas. 
First, we took part in a lego workshop. We used computer programming to control our own robot, such as directing it around some cans and controlling its direction. After this we all took part in a competition to see who could get their robot closest to the wall without it crashing. That got quite competitive! 
In our second workshop we became clever detectives, solving a crime and detecting the suspect. This was really exciting as we got to take our own finger prints, even the teachers! We learned all about the different pieces of evidence we might find at a crime scene and how useful these might be when solving a crime. 
After lunch, we spent some time outside exploring the science garden. There were lots of activities to explore such as the human hamster wheel; the square wheeled go kart and a 'build your own bridge' area. Everybody really enjoyed this part of the day, we didnt want to go back inside! 
Finally, to finish off a brilliant day, we were able to find out all about  'Science at present' indoors,  looking at medicine and features of the human body as well as lots more. It was a brilliant trip, with lots of fun and engaging activities. 
19th February  - Chinese New Year
This afternoon we made some Chinese handscrolls to celebrate Chinese New Year. We looked at some examples of them on the whiteboard, and then looked at the types of buildings there were in China. We designed our own in groups.  We are very proud of the results - we think they look great! We also were given some fortune cookies, we think we are going to have a good year! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
Spring 2 - Homework. 
3rd February 2015
This morning we had a very intersting visit to the Tara Buddhist Centre.  When we arrived we were met by Dreamer, and she had kindly prepared some refreshments for us. We started by learning about meditation, and everyone who wanted a go at it tried it, while everyone else sat quietly. We were then told about what Buddhists believe, and had some good discussions about their beliefs. At the end of the morning we did a play about Buddha. 
30 January 1895
Today we had a Victorian day. Ospreys went back in time to 1895. All the lessons started with a fingernail inspection and the Lord's prayer. The lessons included handwriting, arithmatic, observational drawing and English. Miss Gale had a cane and unfortunatly had to use it on a few of the unruly children; she also used the dunce's hat. The class was divided into two sections, one for the boys and one for the girls. There was even one door for boys and another one for girls. The whole class had lots of fun being Victorian for the day!    
26th January
We tried to visualise the escape scene from 'The Street Child'. We thought carefully about emotive words to include in a list poem about this section of the book.  We improved our poems and then some of us read them out. Let us know what you think of them!
15th January
We created squares of numbers and wrote down how many cubes we had used.  We noticed that we were forming the square numbers and looked at all of the patterns associated with this. Some of us made cubes with the blocks and we worked out the cubed numbers.  We noticed a pattern and were able to work them out wihout having to build them by the end of the lesson.
We also created freeze frames of the book we are reading at the moment - Street Child. The photographs have got muddled up - Sorry!
17th December
We had a great time at our Year 5/6 Christmas party.  We played some games in the hall and then came and ate our party food. It was a close call for the 'decorate your table competition'.  All of the tables were very well decorated and it was a tricky decision for the secret judge!
16th December
We have been busy sewing for the calenders we are going to bring home. It has been quite noisy as we have been singing Christmas songs at the same time!
4th December 2014
We had our last session with Stedroy Baker today in basketball.  We have learnt a lot of different skills. Today we were practicing bouncing the ball, and even had to have a go at doing it lying down! 
3rd December 2014
Today we went outside for maths, and made and interpreted pie charts.  We collected some leaves from the nature area, and then sorted them into the different types. We then split our hoops up into segments which represented the fraction of the leaves we found. It was cold but we had great fun and learnt alot!
Tuesday 2nd December
We had a very exciting time decorating our classroom! Each table got given different decorations to put up, we think you will agree that it looks much more festive now! 
17th November
Today we started our anti-bullying work in English by reading the beginning of the book 'Confessions of a Former Bully'. We thought about the different types of bullying it talked about and then created some freeze-frames to demonstrate them. We discussed the feelings of the characters within the freeze-frame.
Monday 3rd November 2014
In English we worked hard to write reports about famous people when they were younger. We pretended to be teachers and thought about the features of non-chronological reports to make sure they were good! 
Thursday 23rd October 2014
This week we have been looking at the importance of the poppy and at the Poem 'Flanders Fields'. We thought about the meaning of the poem and painted our own pictures of the field. 
8th October 2014
Some of Ospreys went and worked with Mrs Cheetham to work out how to convert between miles and kilometres.
They worked very hard looking at local maps to work distances in both units of measure.
29th September 2014
Rebecca came in from Derby Record Office and we looked at marriage and baptism records from St Helen's Church to have a look at the jobs the people who were living in Etwall had at around the time of World War I.  
It was interesting to find out most people were labourers, and we also found out that there used to be three hospitals in Etwall. 
17th September 2014
We were very lucky to have Dr Hendriksen come into our class to help us to learn about the heart. He helped us to learn about the function of it and the different parts of it.
We dissected pigs' hearts to help us to look at them in detail as they are very similar to human hearts.