Robin Class 18-19

Welcome to the Robins Class!
Times Tables
In KS1 we work really hard to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and know them by heart for the end of year 2. Here's a link to a really fun video that will help you learn them. 
Reading High Frequency Words
Reading is an important part of all children's education and we are using many different strategies to develop this skill. One strategy is to build up sight recognition of words which are most commonly used in a text. 
The link below will take you to a game which promotes this skill. At the moment we are working on the first 100 High Frequency Words. Start off with the phase 2 words and then if your child can read these quickly and fluently then move onto phase 3. Once your child can read the phase 3 words move onto phase 4 etc.
Friday 7th September
We have had a brilliant time during our first few days in Robins. Fine motor skills are really important and we will be doing lots of work to develop them this year. Today we were trying to stick down pieces of wool, following the lines.
Monday 10th September
Over the next two weeks we are going to be looking at an exciting poem called 'Monsters.' It is a counting down poem, starting with 5 purple monsters and by the end of the poem we are left with none.
Use the link below to practise more rhyming poems at home. Make them even more fun to learn by adding actions.
Friday 14th September
We have been learning the poem 'Purple Monsters' and today we had great fun painting purple monsters to help us visualise the poem.
Monday 17th September
Spelling and recognising numbers as a written word is often quite tricky. Below is a fun game where you have to read the word and then splat the correct number that it matches to. Start with numbers to 20 and then move onto numbers to 20. By the end of KS1 children should be confident at reading all numbers up to 100 in words.
Wednesday 19th September
Today we heard about Jesus feeding 5,000 people with just 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish. We then used puppets to practise retelling the story in small groups.
Friday 21st September
All year 1 Robins now have a copy of the poem 'Monsters' stuck in their blue learning diaries along with a copy of the poem map which we used to help us learn the poem. Please ask your child to show you the poem at home as they would love to share it with you.
Monday 24th September 
Over the next 4 weeks we are going to be looking at stories with repeating patterns or repeating phrases. We started by listening to the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' which has lovely repeating phrases to join in with.
Below is a link to watch Michael Rosen - the author of the book - reading it with actions. This is a fantastic telling of the story and definitely worth watching.
Tuesday 25th September
This week we are really starting to notice a change in the weather, the temperature is dropping, leaves are starting to change colour and there are lots of other changes taking places. In geography we are learning about these seasonal changes. 
If you fancy a walk one crisp autumn morning / evening why not print off a checklist from the link below and see just how many amazing signs of autumn you can spot.
Tuesday 25th September
We have been using the base ten equipment to practise making different numbers. For teen numbers we had to get a ten stick and then ones to make the number.
Tuesday 2nd October
Today we went over to St. Helen's for our Harvest Celebration. We have been thinking about countries from all around the world and how their harvest helps us. We focused on America and realised that nuts are imported from there. There are lots of lovely foods we couldn't enjoy if didn't have nuts. We printed out pictures of these foods and practised our really neat colouring skills. 
Friday 5th October
We are learning the story 'Peace at Last' and today we thought about the character of Mr Bear. We worked in pairs, one person pretending to be Mr Bear and one person pretending to be a reporter. We then asked Mr Bear questions to find out what happened in the story and how Mr Bear was feeling.
Thursday 11th October
We are learning how to add using cubes. We used 2 different coloured cubes. To work out 2 + 3 we had to get 2 cubes in one colour and then get 3 cubes in another colour and put these altogether to make a big tower. To get our answer we counted how many cubes there were altogether in our tower.
Tuesday 16th October
Today we have been using part whole diagrams and cubes to practise subtraction. This method is a super way to see subtraction visually and can be practised both at home and at school.
Tuesday 23rd October
Today we have been investigating shadows. We were challenged to see if we could make a shadow bigger, smaller, lighter and darker. To do this we had to make our own shadow puppets.
Tuesday 23rd October 
We are going to use our senses to write a poem about bonfire night. To help us think about the sounds a bonfire makes and what you can smell we used the fire pit in school to have our own bonfire. 
Monday 5th November
This half term we are going to be thinking of materials and their properties. Today we looked at building walls. We thought about how to join materials together and how we could make our walls stronger.
Monday 12th November
Today we learnt how to make strong corner joints to a model by over lapping the lego. This is how brick layers do the corners when building houses.
Friday 23rd November
As part of our topic on Little Red Riding Hood we have been thinking about questions we would like to ask the Big Bad Wolf. We held interviews with the wolf in pairs, one person pretending to be the wolf and one pretending to be the interviewer.
Wednesday 28th November
Today we have been sorting 3D shapes into 2 separate groups based on their properties. We found it quite tricky to count the number of vertices and the number of edges however we were quite good at counting the number of faces.
Thursday 13th December 
Today we made air raid shelters out of clay and other natural materials. We have been learning about the world wars and what life would have been like during that time.
Monday 17th December
Today we had a go at making air raid shelters out of junk modelling. Although we had been working on lots of ways to make strong joints / strong walls / strong roofs etc we realised that without sturdy material to begin with, building an air raid shelter could be quite tricky! We had lots of fun though.
Monday 21st January
We are going to be learning the story Handa's Surprise and writing our own version. To become familiar with animal names we were challenged to sort a pile of animals out, putting all the safari animals on the mat and then working together to name them all.
Monday 28th January
We are practising division by sharing. Today we have been sharing cubes into 2 circles to practise diving by 2.
Thursday 7th February
As part of our topic on keeping healthy and looking at the book Handa's Surprise we have designed our own fruit salad and got to taste lots of different fruits.
Tuesday 12th February
Soccerstars is a fantastic club that takes place on a Tuesday night after school (for the infants) and today we had a taster sessions of what you do in Soccerstars. It was great fun and we demonstrated some really goo football skills.
Wednesday 13th February
We have be revising our knowledge of place value. In pairs we had to choose a number and then make that number using the base ten equipment, getting tens and ones.
Remember if you would like to help your child to read both real and nonsense (alien) words then PhonicsPlay is a brilliant site to use. The children love to play Obb and Bob during class time. You can tailor the learning to your child's needs by selecting specific sounds that they are struggling with.
Addition and Subtraction
This is a great way to build addition and subtraction skills. Children have to work out the answer to addition or subtraction problems to decide where to drag picture pieces to on a puzzle. If they get all the puzzle pieces in the right place by answering the questions correctly then the children will make a picture.
Friday 1st March
Today we went on a bug hunt as part of our topic on habitats. We didn't see all the insects on our tick list though so we will be going out for another hunt when the weather is better. We found lots of worms which had come out after yesterdays rain.
Thursday 7th March
Today was World Book Day and we all came dressed as our favourite character from a story. We been writing book reviews and character descriptions and have heard lots of stories. It's been a fantastic day.
Friday 29th March
We have been thinking about minibeasts and why they are suited to live in their environment. We went outside to see which minibeasts we could see, then we drew these minibeasts and their habitats.
Monday 1st April
It has been an exciting time in Etwall Primary School as we have had some chicks in school. They arrived as eggs which if you listened to carefully you could hear cheap. We were very lucky as some of us got to see one hatch. We visited the chicks a few times and even got to stroke them when they were big enough.
Friday 5th April
Our trip to Conkers finally arrived and everyone was so excited. We participated in so many activities from going on a bug hunt, identifying wildlife living at Conkers, building bug hotels, riding the Conkerchoo, experiencing life as an ant in the 4D cinema, pretending to be a small insect exploring a garden at the indoor learning centre and much more.
Thursday 11th April
First Aid is such an important skill to have, it could save someones life. Today we received first aid training where we were taught how to treat a burn, we practised bandaging wounds and we practised CPR. To help us with the CPR and make sure we did the correct number of compressions  at the correct speed we sang 'Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus. Off she went with a trumpety trump, trump, trump trump.'
Monday 29th April
We have been on a walk round the school grounds trying to identify different types of trees. We had an identification sheet with pictures of different leaves to help us. 
If you would like to try identifying the trees at home or around the village then click on the link below and it will take you to an identification chart.
Tuesday 21st May
Today was languages day, an exciting event that takes place every year. Four student teachers from the University of Derby came into our class to teach us some French. We played fun games, made collages and coloured pictures and learnt how to count to act out a little jungle scene in assembly. It was great fun!
Friday 24th May
We have been learning about the Geography of the Seaside this half term. A video we used to help us identify some physical features of the seaside is a Barnaby Bear clip from the CBeebies website. If you would like to watch the clip over the holidays then please click on the link below.
Wednesday 6th June
Miss Cox started reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory to us today by Roald Dahl. The book is very imaginative, Mr Willy Wonka is a creative genius and has so many different ideas for chocolate bars. This book is our class reader and will help us to learn lots of new words.
To encourage these words in our writing you can follow the link below to download a page from Mr. Willy Wonka's secret recipe  book and write your own recipe for a new chocolate bar idea. 
Wednesday 12th June
Today was our class assembly. Last half term we learnt a song called 'Your Imagination' and this inspired our assembly. We talked about our favourite books and explained why they are our favourite books. We sang some of our favourite songs and showed our art work.
Thursday 20th June
Today we have been solving lots of problems. All of Robins and Woodpeckers were in the hall and to begin within they were given the task of balancing penguins onto an igloo. The igloo kept wobbling and it was really tricky but the teams soon realised if they worked together, took turns and put one penguin on at a time then they could succeed. After this each team started on a task and it was a race to see how many tasks each team could get through.
Tuesday 25th June 
Beach day has arrived and so has the rain. Luckily we have lots of fun activities that we can do inside so we can still go ahead with our beach day. 
Thursday 27th June
Today we made Punch and Judy puppets using split pins. Lots of kind parents and grandparents came to help us as cutting out card was a little bit tricky.
Monday 1st July
Our paperchains show the months of the year. We had to write the months of the year, draw a picture of an activity we could do in that months and then link all the chains together in the correct order.
Thursday 4th July
The weather is lovely and we have been enjoying the sun whilst doing some maths and PE. In maths we are looking at time and how long 1 minute is. We went outside and had 1 minute to complete each activity before swapping and letting our partner have a go.