Tuesday 6th September
Welcome to Robins.
Mr. Jowett, Mrs. Baldwin and Mrs. Fisher-Jones are looking forward to a wonderful year with the new Robins class. 
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Monday 12th September
Leon and the Place Between.
Wow, what a fabulous day!  Following our reading of "Leon and the Place Between" we have been tricked and enthralled by our visiting magician, surprised by the white rabbit and practiced our juggling skills, just like the acrobats in the story!
Tuesday 20th September
Maths Challenge.
This morning we explored number patterns, counting in twos and recording our patterns
Tuesday 27 September
Sharing a story
Wednesday 5th October
Today, as part of our traditional tales, we ordered 'The Gingerbread Man' and told each other the story.
Monday 10th October
Harvest Celebration
Robins had great fun creating a collage of the 'Big Red Combine Harvester' to accompany the Harvest song. They also practiced their painting skills to illustrate the farm machinery that we see around Etwall during the Harvest.  
Tuesday 8th November
Measuring with pencils.
Robins maths activity this morning included measuring bits of the classroom using non-standard measures (pencils on this occasion). We found big bits and small bits, All measured with care!
Anti-Bullying Week
Wednesday 9th November 
Robins children had a wonderful front row seat for this weeks performance of 'Sticks and Stones'. It's anti-bullying message captured the children's attention and was enjoyed by all.
Monday 14th November
Reading Partners
This morning we were joined by a group of year 13 students from John Port School in Etwall. The Robins thoroughly enjoyed reading to the students who, in turn, shared and read a range of beautiful new bigger books to the class. We are waiting for the day when the students return to share more learning and stories.
Monday 14th November
Testing Air Raid Shelters
This afternoon Robins were challenged to design, construct and test a model Air Raid Shelter. It had to be big enough to protect a Lego 'man' from falling 'bombs'. The children were asked to explain their construction and then watch as it was tested. Most of the shelters survived the experience.
Well done everyone!
Monday 14th November
Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' in great depth. Have a listen to the story at home. Can you learn it off by heart?
Thursday 2nd March- World Book Day!
Today was World Book Day! Take a look at some of our wonderful pictures from the day!
Thursday 4th May
What an amazing morning
                                              exploring the school grounds
                                                                                                 with the team from the RSPB.
We discovered a wealth of creatures in the pond,
                                               spotted a few of our trees
                                                                and used binoculars to watch the birds flying over the school.
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Wednesday 10th May
Today Robins joined the whole school to have a fantastic time exercising and having fun. We tried out lots of activities. Some we knew and some we did for the first time.
Watch the slideshow and see if you can count how many activities we captured on camera!
Thursday 12th May
Languages Day
Robins have had a great day learning animal names in Spanish.
Watch our slideshow and see if you can spot the Elefante, the Tigre, the Jirafa, the Gorila and the Cebra.
Tuesday 23rd May
Homework Showcase
Today we presented our fantastic homeworks to the school and all our parents and carers. Take a look at what we did and who came to ask us questions!
Friday 9th June
Twycross Zoo
We travelled to Twycross Zoo this morning. We saw an amazing array of birds, reptiles and animals from around the world. We were able to walk through an aviary, stand and watch the smelly camels feed, listen to the keepers tell us about the elephants and handle some unusual creatures. Can you spot them all?
 Wednesday 21st June
Derbyshire Police Visit Robins
This morning, as part of 'Rule of Law Day' we were treated to a chat with PCSO Kelly, who then showed us around her police car. We really enjoyed her visit.