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Reception Robins
Parents of reception children, please look on the 'reception resources' section of the web site for resources that the EYFS team upload. 
For pictures of your child and information on what the reception have been doing in class please look on the Woodpeckers page. As the reception children spend their time in our reception unit their pictures often get taken in groups with woodpecker children and therefore loaded onto the Woodpecker page.
Wednesday 4th September
Today was the first day back in school and we had a go at lots of fun activities. We have been copying patterns made from cubes, practising our handwriting, reading in the book corner, using the numicon to find different ways of making 10 and much more.
Thursday 5th September
We have had another fun filled day with lots of activities such as number formation practise, writing postcards, spelling words from jigsaw pieces and many more.
Monday 9th September 
Counting is an important skill. Today we have been choosing a number card and then counting out that number of cubes to make a tower.
Thursday 12th September
We have been making teen numbers by making a tower of ten and then adding on extra ones. We also practised counting teen numbers on a bead string by pushing a whole section of ten over and then counting on in 1's until we got to the correct number.
Tuesday 17th September
We've ended today with a bit of role play. We really enjoyed exploring all the different outfits there are in the Robins class.
Wednesday 18th September
Sky Writer is a really useful tool to help with letter formation. We used it today to practise letters we are finding tricky.
Sky Writer
Sky Writer is a fun way to practise forming letters. You can access it on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone if you click on the link below. When you click on a letter an aeroplane will come onto the screen and form the letter in the correct way which you can then practise on either a whiteboard or paper.
Monday 23rd September
In maths we have been practising buying toys from the shop using just 1p's. If you would like to practise this at home then the link is below. You can select whether you just use one type of coin to pay or whether you use mixed coins to pay. We have just been using 1p's at the moment, we will move onto using other coins soon.
Thursday 26th October
We has begun to practise telling the time. Today we have been looking at o'clock times.
Monday 30th September 
Music is great fun this half term, the class are particularly enjoying the warm-up round to each lesson where you have to clap / tap / march / walk / bop in time with the music. Once you have mastered that you have to warm your vocals up by copying the sound patterns you hear.
Thursday 3rd October
Today was our Harvest Festival and the children in Robins have been learning all about how harvest is celebrated as part of Thanksgiving in the USA. They have all made turkeys as Thanksgiving is often celebrated with a big turkey dinner. 
Thank you so much for all the donations sent in, the children and families of Etwall Primary School have been very kind and helped us to support The Padley Centre.
Thursday 3rd October
We have started to look at symmetry in Year 1 today and we had a glitter / sequin filled lesson decorating stars and people cut outs, making sure they were decorated symmetrically.
Below is a link to a fun game where you can practise sorting shapes / letters / patterns based on whether they are symmetrical or not.
Tuesday 8th October
Today we have been practising taking away using towers of cubes. We have also practised reading and saying the word subtracting.
Monday 14th October
In history we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and have learnt about fire safety. Today we had a very special visitor. A fireman came in to talk to us about the job he does and to show us the uniform he wears. He explained how each piece of equipment helped to keep him safe or helped to save people during emergency situations. Then Mrs Swan had a race with the firemen to see who could put a firemans uniform on the was close, Mrs Swan took 1 min 1 sec and the firemen took 50 seconds.
Tuesday 15th October

We have been learning about our senses and we understand that our senses often work together. Today we have been thinking about what happens of one of our senses is not working. We went outside on the playground and working in pairs, one person had to close their eyes while the other person led them to an object to feel. Then we had to describe the object we felt.

Tricky words
Tricky words, or to give them their official title common exception words, are words that cannot be decoded. They are words that children have to recognise by sight. The links below will take you to some videos of phase 2 tricky words and phase 3 videos. The children love these but parents be warned, once these songs are stuck in your head it is pretty hard to get them out of your head again. Enjoy!
Wednesday 16th October
Today we have been choosing three number from a pack of cards up to 20 and have then placed these numbers in order from smallest to biggest.
The link below will take you onto a tablet friendly electronic version of this. Select the 'ordering' option and children have to drag the parts of the caterpillar to put them in order from smallest to biggest.
Monday 11th November
We have been learning about poppies and what they symbolise and created a beautiful display from paintings / drawings / colourings and more.
Tuesday 12th November
As part of science we are learning all about the weather and different seasons. Today we have painted trees to show the four different seasons.
Friday 15th November 2019
We have had a great afternoon! A travelling theatre company performed the pantomime "Peter Pan" for all of KS1. Take a look at our photos!
Tuesday 19th November
As part of our topic on seasons and weather we have been thinking about how shadows are form and why they sometimes change. We made some puppets and used the light from the projector to create a shadow on the board, exploring how we could make the shadow bigger and smaller.
Monday 25th November
A lady from the NSPCC came in to talk to us today about keeping safe and speaking out if we were ever worried. It's really important that we know who we can go to if we need help.
Thursday 28th November
Today we have been thinking about all the different possible ways to make 10. We played a memory game where you ad to turn pairs of cards over and if the two cards totalled 10 you could keep them. The winner was the person with the most pairs at the end of the game.
Monday 2nd December
A very naughty Christmas Elf appeared in the class today. Keep your eye out for all the things he gets up to over the next few weeks. And remember, Elf is watching you to make sure you are being good.
Tuesday 10th December
This morning we made some lovely christmas decorations and heard a story about the true meaning of christmas decorations. 
Wednesday 11th December
Today we had extra helpers in our class, some students on work experience from John Port. They helped us to cut out our christmas baubles once we had painted them.
Thursday 12th December 2019
Today we were weather forecasters. Take a look at our videos. What do you think?
Tuesday 17th December
The focus of our D & T topic this half term was to make a moving toy and as it is Christmas time we decided to make a moving christmas toy based on a model that we had in class from the Victorian period. 
Wednesday 18th December
Today was a very exciting day for the infants of Etwall Primary School, it was the Christmas Party. All the children brought their fancy party clothes in to wear and enjoyed dancing to Christmassy songs, the hall was lit up with special disco lights. The best part was a visit from a very special visitor.
Thursday 19th December
We have been working on our calendars for the last couple of weeks, using a painting techniques that we learnt earlier in the year. We painted 4 trees showing each different season. Today we finished them by adding the string and sticking on the calendar tabs.
Monday 6th January
Today was our first day back after the christmas holidays and on our playground was a crime scene. There were sticks and straw and bricks on the playground. We wonder what could have happened............
Tuesday 7th January
This half term KS1 are enjoying some cricket sessions on a Tuesday morning. This week they practised their throwing and catching skills, thinking about how to make their hands nice and open when catching the ball, quickly closing their fingers around as soon as they made contact. They also learnt how important it is to have good eye contact before throwing a ball.
Tuesday 14th January
It was our second cricket session today and we were focusing on batting. We are really enjoying these sessions.
Friday 24th January 2020
We have been learning the Creation story and its importance in the Jewish faith. We painted the story and made a promise tree to care for the world. Take a look at our photos.
Monday 27th January
This week in maths we are thinking about odd and even numbers and practising counting in 2's. Below is a link to a game where you can practise counting in different intervals. To change the steps you are counting in, use the slider at the top left of the screen. The children have really enjoyed playing this game in class and I am sure they will enjoy playing it at home.

Friday 31st January 2020


Today we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and we made a Sukkot using lego and natural materials. 

What is Sukkot?

•‘Sukkah’ is the Hebrew word for ‘booth’ or ‘tabernacles’. 
•‘Sukkot’ (the plural of sukkah) is the name of the festival of booths/festival of tabernacles. 
•The sukkah is a hut which Jews lived in during their years living in the desert after they left slavery in Egypt and before they arrived in the Promised Land (Israel). 
•This is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei (this varies from late September to late October). 
•Sukkot comes at the end of the High Holidays, which are the most serious days of the Jewish year.  •Sukkot is a joyful festival and one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals
Tuesday 25th February
Today the whole school became recording artists. A recording company came into Etwall Primary School and each class had to sing a song. CD's of these recordings are going to be made and will hopefully be in school in a couple of weeks time.