Robins 2015-16

Welcome to Robins
It's great to be back and see such lovely smiling faces. Miss Peel, Mrs Giles and Mrs Baldwin are looking forward to having a fantastic year with you all.
Monday 11th July
Year 1 and 2 thoroughly enjoyed their time at Shugborough Hall today. The Robins got to experience what life was like in a bakery in 1805, and were able to make some of their own bread. They decided to make theirs into the shape of mice! After this, we experienced life as a gardener in 1805, and found out about what plants and flowers they grew. Our favourite were the lambs ears plants that were really fluffy! Finally we were able to look at all of the different animals on the farm and even stroke the lovely donkey Dolly. Everyone had a great time and we even had some children sleep on the way home! Thank you to everyone who came along with us and helped out.
Thursday 23rd June
Robins have had a super time this week being able to prepare and taste a range of fruit and vegetables. The class really enjoyed tasting the different food, and had a whole range of responses to what they tasted like - especially the lemons and limes!! The children learnt about being safe using knives to cut and chop food up, and were able to pod the peas and eat all the peas they found inside! This was a great success, and the children all tried everything, even though the avocado was a little slimy and squishy!
Tuesday 7th June
KS1 have created a display board for the hall to show British Values. We decided to make a picture of the maypole dancing as the children really enjoyed this activity and it is a big community event. Please have a look at it next time you are in the hall. 
Tuesday 7th June
We have begun our plants topic today, and we started off by getting to plant some seeds and beans so we can watch how they grow over this half term at school. We have all planted a sunflower seed and runner bean, so we hope that as we continue to look after the plants they will start to grow. We decided that the things a plant needs to grow are: soil, water, sunlight and air. We also thought they would need some space for their roots, and some time so we didn't rush them.
Wednesday 11th May 2016
We continued making some old fashioned toys today. Do you know what a thaumotrope is? 

thaumatrope is a toy that was popular in the 19th century. A disk with a picture on each side is attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers the two pictures appear to blend into one due to the persistence of vision.

Examples of common thaumatrope pictures include a bare tree on one side of the disk, and its leaves on the other, or a bird on one side and a cage on the other. They often also included riddles or short poems, with one line on each side. Thaumatropes were one of a number of simple, mechanical optical toys that used persistence of vision. 

Have a look at the ones we made.

Friday 6th May - ACES day
This afternoon the whole school have had a great time getting involved in different sporting activites. The robins had a great time and when asked what their favourite activities were they answered 'ALL OF THEM!' Well done to all of the robins for being so well behaved and joining in with all of the activites.
Wednesday 4th May 2016
We had lots of fun today! Our topic is old toys and we have been looking at lots of toys from the past and  comparing them to toys today. Did you know that poor children often made their toys from bits of wood or any material they could find? We made a "cup and ball" toy using paper cups, string and foil. We practised trying to get the ball into the cup which was lots of fun!
Tuesday 26th April - Maths
This week the Robins have been learning about odd and even numbers. We have found out that any number ending in 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 is an even number, and if it ends in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 it is an odd number. Keep practicing at home and see what numbers you can find around the house that are odd and even.
Thursday 21st April 2016 - Showcase
This afternoon the children had a chance to show some of their parents, grandparents and siblings some of the work we have been doing in class. The showcase was focused on Noah's Ark as we have begun looking at Bible Stories. We also spent some time sorting a range of objects into different hoops, depending on the material they are made from. Thank you to everyone who attended the showcase, the children very much enjoyed showing off what they have been making, and of course eating the cake too!
Wednesday 20th April 2016 - Toys
Today we brought in our favourite/special toys for our topic this half term. We explained why they were special to us and then looked at toys that our Grandparents might have used. We all thought that toys today were much more interesting. 
Thursday 14th April 2016
Everyone was very active this morning as we learned to be SCOOTER SMART. The children all came to school on scooters and we were taught how to be safe when riding on it. Even Miss Grindulis had a go but found it a bit tricky.
Wednesday 23rd March 2016
Today KS1 walked to St Helen's Church for our annual Easter Service. Robins worked really hard to learn their lines and perform a fabulous poem with all the actions. Watch our videos and see what you think. The children were fabulous - Well done!
Autism Awareness Week
This week we have enjoyed laerning about Autism and understanding that it is OK to be different.

Right In the middle of the week we wore our pyjamas showing that it is OK to be different. Some of us also wore pink as this is the colour for the National Autistic Society. 

After reading “My Friend Sam”

The children thought of words to describe how they can show that they accept someone.These included being a friend, kind, understanding, helpful, nice.

Each child then had a jigsaw piece template to create a wall of "acceptance."

Wednesday 2nd March
As part of World Book Week Robins have been learning different poems and practising performance skills of reciting them to an audience using expression and actions to keep the listener interested. We tried really hard at this. What do you think? 
Monday 29th February
Sarah Holt came to visit our school today. She placed 4th in the Commonwealth Games and is hoping to go to the Olympics later this year. We all had to do different exercises in the hall which we are being sponsored for (please bring sponsor money and forms in by Monday 7th March, thanks.) It was really hard but we all cheered each other on and we managed to complete it. Afterwards Sarah spoke to us all in assembly and made us realise that to achieve our goals we have to believe in ourselves and work hard and never give up.
Wednesday 24th February
We have had tremendous fun making dinosaur models. Anthony James came in to help us and gave us lots of superhints which made sure our dinosaurs stood up properly and didn't fall apart. He showed us how to use sticky tape to hold parts together and to add detail such as eyes. Our models are displayed in the classroom, please have a look at them in the morning.
Wednesday 24th February
Artist Anthony James visited school today. He is the founder of "Creaturam" the collective name for his work. In 1992 he developed "Creaturam Universe" an exhibition of alien costumes and models all made from recycled materials. "Creaturam Dinosurs" followed. Anthony James is one of the first BBC Vision Trainees and has appeared regularly on Blue Peter since 1994.
Take a look at us working on our models in the classroom - "Here's one I made earlier."
Creaturama - Wednesday 24th February
If any parents / grandparents are available to help either in the morning or all day then please come and let Miss Peel or Mrs Giles know. We need one parent helper for every two children. It will be a very fun day for both children and adults.

Monday 25th January

Reminder – For parents who wish to attend, tonight we are holding our parents workshop on assessment. 3:45pm - 4:30pm in Little Owls room.

Wednesday 20th January 2016 - Walk around Etwall Village
We had a really great time this afternoon! We went for a walk around Etwall Village and used a map to help us. We identified buildings and then marked them on our map. The weather was fantastic and next week we are going to order the photographs in order of when we saw them. Take a look at what we passed.
Thank you!
Thanks to your fabulous generosity our class hamper is overflowing! Thank you to everyone who contributed. We wish you all good luck when tickets go on sale!
Monday 23rd November - Visiting The Planetarium
Robin's class had a fabulous time at the planetarium on Monday. We entered it by crawling along a tunnel, it was great fun! Once inside we sat in a circlular room and it got very dark but we were all brave. We saw pictures of the planets in our solar system, watched videos about the moon and warched the stars travel across the sky above our heads. We also learnt how to identify some of the star constellations. It was a wonderful afternoon. Some of us said it was 'the best day ever!'
Wednesday 25th November 2015
We had a fantastic time training to be an astronaut. We had to check our height - did you know that the requirement to be an astronaut is between 165-190.5cm. We had to have a vision test - an astronaut has to have both near and far sighted eye sight. We then had to perform an endurance test to prepare us to wear a heavy spacesuit. We had to run laps carrying our school bag. We had to do a speed and agility test because space walking is hard physical work. We had to see how many laps we could do in 3 minutes balancing across the trim trail and jumping hurdles. We had to carry out a strength test and squat with our arms out in front and see how long we could last. Finally, we did the spinning test because weightlessness can make you feel dizzy. We put our hand on the cricket stumps and spun round 5 times the we had to see if we could walk in a straight line. This was very good fun and we all think (apart from the height test) that we would make very good astronauts in the future.
Friday 20th November - Show and Tell
For my 'show and tell' today I showed the children the photographs I took in 2010 when the Robin's classroom was being built. In the pictures you can see the position of the old blue doors. These were moved when the old KS1 corridor was extended. The photographs also show different areas of the classroom before they were finished and furnished and the boarded up patio doors that used to lead from the Kingfisher's classroom out on to the playground. I wonder how many parents remember them?Those of you with children higher up school may also recognise Miss Jones who left Etwall Primary School in July 2011. The children wanted to share these photographs with you too. We hope you enjoy them..  
Friday 20th November Anti-Bullying Week
Robins had a great time during anti-bullying week. Miss Lynch ran a workshop for us all which was fabulous! We learnt alot and had lots of fun! In class we made a poster for our class wall. Our slogan is 'Don't keep it to yourself make a noise!' We joined an anti-bullying assembly on Friday afternoon and every class shared their posters. They all looked wonderful! Well done Etwall!
18th of November 2015 - Biscuit Bear
We have read the story called "Biscuit Bear" by Mini Grey and been doing all our English work around this story all week. It is a great story about a little boy who bakes a biscuit and it comes to life. Biscuit Bear makes his own friends in the night when the boy is asleep and disaster strikes! Today, we made our own friends for Biscuit Bear and we are looking forward to decorating and eating them once they are cooked. Yum yum!
13th November - Children In Need
Robins had a fabulous time raising money for Children In Need. Thanks to your generosity Robins raised £36.43! 
We would like to say a huge thank you to the kitchen staff who stayed at school past 21:00 on Thursday making cakes for Friday! They baked 300 cakes, made 600 ears and placed 1,200 spots on Pudsey's bandages! Well done ladies a phenominal effort! And the cakes were delicious!
EYFS & Year 1/2 Newsletters
New year 1 homework sheets!
Wednesday 14th October 2015
In English today we pretended to be Newspaper Reporters. We practised asking questions to find out what happened in 1666 at the Fire of London. We spoke to Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner the King's baker, King Charles the second and one of the firefighters. Have a look at our videos. 
Wednesday 7th of October
Yesterday we had to write a set of instructions to make a biscuit sandwich. We thought  about what we needed to do first, next and last. 
Today we all got to get our fingers very sticky and make them for real! We followed our instructions and completed our masterpieces! Take a look at our pictures to see our marvelous creations! 
Ruby World Cup Competition Day-2nd October
We had great fun today at the Etwall Primary School Ruby World Cup Day! Each class in school was split into six teams; Fiji, New Zealand, England, Wales, Italy & France. During the day each class had a dance session. We were taught a simplified Haka by Miss Lakhan it was lot of fun. During the morning we also took part in a Rugby competition. Everyone completed to earn points for their country. At the end of the day we went to a special assembly to hear the results! It was very close with only a few points between each team. The overall winners were Italy! Well done to Kody, Hope, Star and Jack who were on the winning team in Robins. 
Ruby World Cup Competition Day-2nd October
We had great fun today at the Etwall Primary School Ruby World Cup Day! Each class in school was split into six teams; Fiji, New Zealand, England, Wales, Italy & France. During the day each class had a dance session. We were taught a simplified Haka by Miss Lakhan it was lot of fun. During the morning we also took part in a Rugby competition. Everyone completed to earn points for their country. At the end of the day we went to a special assembly to hear the results! It was very close with only a few points between each team. The overall winners were Italy! Well done to Kody, Hope, Star and Jack who were on the winning team in Robins. 
Thank you!- 25th September 2015
We have had a busy week of fund raising! 
On Friday morning Robins, Kingfishers and Little Owls went outside to take part in the NSPCC Big Workout. We set up an obsticle course, it was tiring but lots of fun! 
Your child's sponsor form can now be handed in. Please leave your sponsor money envelopes in the special postbox at the back of Robins class. The NSPCC lady will be returning on Wednesday 30th September to collect in our envelopes. Thank you to all those who have sponsored a child the money you have donated will help many vunerable children to a better life. 
A second big thank you to all those who were able to take part in our MacMillan coffee morning. Robin's class all had a cake on Friday morning after play (a welcome reward after our NSPCC Big Workout!) and we raised over £26 from our class alone! Fabulous effort everyone well done!
Planting a Meadow! - 24th September
On Thursday we helped to sow the seeds for our school meadow. We had great fun dancing in our wellies to press the seeds down into the ground. 
Science Investigations - 21st September 2105
The Robin's have been investigating forces in science this week. We were amazed how many things needed a push or pull to make them work!
Reception Robins
We are making new friends and enjoying playing in Woodpeckers. Look at us having fun!
Monday 23rd November - Visiting the Planetarium
We had a fabulous time visiting the planetarium on Monday. We crawled inside the tunnel and found a circluar room where we got to watch videos of the moon, look at the planets and watch the star move across the sky. It was very dark but we had a fabulous time! Some of us thought it was 'the best day ever!'
           Wednesday 23rd September 2015
Year 1 Robins have been adding using a number line. We put a dot under our starting number and jumped along to find out our answer. We worked very well and were very good at helping each other.