School Chicks

We have been really lucky to have a delivery of chick eggs. They will remain in the incubator until they hatch. There are 10 eggs and we are hoping that all of them hatch. 
Once they have hatched they will be moved into the brooder box where they will will be looked after by the teachers and children until they are rehomed. We will keep you all updated!
Eggciting Antics
The 9 chicks have had a wonderful weekend. They have grown and can't wait to see everyone at school on Monday. Please keep your eyes peeled for updates and children's work.
Well done to all the children that were able to hep clean out the chicks. They were very well looked after.
We said a fond farewell to the chicks on Thursday. The children have had such a wonderful time watching them hatch and taking care of the chicks. There has been a huge amount of work produced by all the children. Please look out for the display around school.
Chick Cluckdate
We are pleased to announce that there are currently 6 chicks that have hatched from the eggs and two more on their way. The children have been very excited about this and have been helping to get the brooder box ready.