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Homework -  Summer Term 6
Homework - Spring Term 1
Thursday 16th July
Today was our end of year performance, Alice the Musical. The children have worked extremely hard for the last few weeks to learn their lines and practise the songs, and to help Mrs Bullock and Mrs Dorrington make the props. I'm sure you will agree that the children did us proud! Both performances yesterday were fantastic, with all actors, dancers and singers doing an excellent job. We had some fantastic costumes so thank you to all parents/grandparents and family members who helped to make it look so good. Thank you also to Mrs Bullock and Mrs Dorrington for making the props and decorating the stage, and a huge well done to all of the chidren for their hard work. We hope you enjoy the photos!
Wednesday, 8th July 2015
Today, we watched the Ukulele Concert performed by all Year 4 children. They sounded great! They have clearly worked hard on practising chords with both past and present tunes. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and Year 4 children most certainly brightened our day. I have added a short video. If you would like to watch the whole performance, please go to Kestrels class page. 
Friday, 26th June 2015 

Today was our World Cup Event, where our school teams play against each other in football and Netball. Each coloured team collected points with every match and the winning teams received trophies and much cheer from their fellow team members. The winning team for football was the Blue Team and the winning team for netball was Green Team. Well done to all players for giving their best performance, and a well done to the non-players for being excellent supporters. A lovely morning as everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and the friendly competitiveness.  

Friday, 19th June (Languages Day)
Today, we have learning German vocabulary. Miss Easter, from Derby  University,   introduced us to the work of a French Artist James Barraband, he enjoyed drawing pictures representing nature. We learned the German names of key garden minibeasts and then went outside on a bug hunt. On discovering a bug, we had a go at observational drawings in the style of J.Barraband. 
Monday, 8th June 2015
Today, was Sports Day and the weather was good. Children participated in a range of sports, all trying their very best.  The winning team this year is Blue Team- well done to all of them! The morning was: fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. 
Thursday, 4th June 2015
Today,  Year 5 children have been learning to ride a bike safely. The weather was fantastic so the perfect setting for getting on a bike. All children have gained their Level 1. Children enjoyed the day, and are very much looking forward to tomorrow to further develop their saefety awareness. 
Monday, 20th April 2015
Today, we have looking at instructions. We learned about the importance of features included in instructions. As the sun was shining,  we went outside to make mud pies using natural materials such as: twigs, leaves, grass etc.  On thinking Sheets, we created a set of instructions 'How to make a mud pie'. Children enjoyed the activity and worked well. The best part was getting wet and muddy!
Friday, 17th April 2015
Today, we have been learning to spell words with prefixes /ably/ and /ibly/. We reminded ourselves of  /able/ and /ible/ rule (if root word is an actual word add /able/ and if not, add /ible), we then used the same rule to learn this week's spellings. We all went outside to learn spellings. Children walked/skipped/hopped around and when teacher shouted spell, children tested each other. We thoroughly enjoyed the activity! 
Tuesday, 17th March 2015
Today, we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes. We weny outside on to the playground and made shapes using outdoor materials. We described the shapes using useful polygon words such as: vertices, parallel lines, regular shape, irregular shapes and names of triangles. 
Friday, 13th March 2015
Today, we all came to school wearing red to support Red Nose Day. Thanks to all our children bringing in a donation, we can help projects that really do change people’s lives.  The Ladies in the kitchen made some fantastic biscuits, cakes and jellies all having a red nose. We also said goodbye to Miss Walker (Student Teacher), who has been with us for the last 7 weeks. We wish her well and good luck! 
World Book Day 4th March 2015
Today, children came into school dressed as their favourite book characters.  We have shared our favourite books and learned that we all love books. Did you know: reading for just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to children's learning! When reading, children deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them, through empathising with characters and events in good stories.
Thursday, 25th February 2015
Today, we visited Thinktank in Birmingham. We had a great day. Lots to look at and learn about. We had alot of fun in the  Science Garden which is  an outdoor discovery space packed with surprises and interactive  activities.  We particularly enjoyed programmimg the robots. We soon learnt that robots are not clever, they only do exactly what we programme them to do!
Friday, 30th January 2015
Victorian School Day
Today, has been a very interesting day. Children and adults took on the role as Victorian children and school teachers. As described by Ellen, ' I thought the Victorian Day was full of fun and I liked being in the role of a Victorian school girl. It was good seeing what it was like in that time and I particularly thought it was hard  not to talk or laugh with anyone. I think it was really hard to be children in that time.'
Tuesday, 27th January 2015
Don't forget to have a look on the 'School Sports' page to see some photographs from this evening's Tryathlon at John Port School!
Thursday, 22nd January 2015
Today, we have been looking at artefacts from the Victorian period. Lots to look at and explore. We will be looking at them again and finding out exactly what they were used for and how they have changed over time. 
Friday  19th December 2014
Today, was the Year 4 Christmas party and they have  had a lovely afternoon. Lots of music, games, dancing and party food.  Thank you, for  supporting this worthy cause!
Wednesday 17th December 2014
Today, was the Year 5 Christmas party and they have  had a fantastic afternoon. Lots of music, dancing and plenty of party food.  Thank you, for  supporting this worthy cause!
Anti- Bullying Week November 17-21st 2014
This week, we have been learning all about Anti-Bullying. We produced posters for children giving them lots of advice and tips. We worked in groups and this helped as we were able to share our ideas and understanding.
Children In Need Day
Friday, 14th November 2014
Today we raised money for Children In Need. We came to school in whatever we wished, still worked hard and had lots of fun!  Our class raised over £30. 
Thursday 6th November 2014
Today we have been learning about the trenches in World War 1. We have been busy writing a diary entry from the point of view of a soldier. Children have enjoyed their writing activity and have included lots of detail. 
World War 1 (local area) Workshop
29th September 2014
 Today, Sparrowhawks  had the opportunity to imagine what life in the village (Homefront) would have been like during the war. They explored original newspaper articles, ration cards, tea cards and posters. The children were particulary interested when surnames that are familiar to them appeared.
17th September 2014
Today, Year 5 children had the oppurtunity to dissect a pig's heart. Thanks to Dr Hendriksen, children learned about the important parts of the heart and its functions. Children thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience and it will be one they won't be forgetting any time soon! 
Wednesday 25th February 2015
Today, we have been to Think Tank in Birmingham. Lots to do and see! We particularly enjoyed programming robots and soon learned that instructions needed to be very accurate as robots are not clever, they only do exactly what we programme them to follow. A great day!
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