Below, you can find details of our school uniform, along with details of suppliers.  Before reading, please note that we amass an awful lot of lost property throughout the year, the majority of which cannot be returned to its owner because it doesn't have a child's name in.  It is a huge help to both teachers and office staff if your child's uniform is labelled.
Everyday Uniform
Our dress code for school clothing is :
  • Royal blue for jumpers, cardigans and sweatshirts (plain or with school logo)
  • White polo shirts (plain or with school logo)
  • Black or grey skirts of the appropriate length or trousers - leggings are not permitted)
  • Black or grey socks or tights
  • Blue and white dresses - not to be work=n with tights and black or grey shorts may be preferred in hot weather
  • A closed toe black or navy blue school shoe or sandal with low heels, which allow your child to play actively.  Open backed slip-on style or open toed shoes are not permitted.
  • Boots deemed appropriate by school may be worn in adverse weather only.  Suede, inappropriate lace ups, UGG style or knee length are not permitted
  • Royal blue school fleeces or reversible jackets are optional
Each item of school clothing needs to be named to enable it to be returned to the rightful owner should it be lost.  Unclaimed clothing is disposed of at the end of each term into the PTFA clothing bank.
Normal school clothes are to be worn during the day and for school journeys, unless otherwise authorised by the organising teachers.
Nail colour or make up is not to be worn - children will be asked to remove this in school.
PE Uniform
Each item must be clearly named and kept in a named draw string bag.  The correct clothing needs to be worn for all lessons and this is listed below:
  • White T-shirt
  • Blue or black shorts
  • Leotard (optional)
  • Short white socks
  • Clean plimsolls
  • White T-shirt
  • Blue or black shorts
  • Short white socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots (optional)
  • Trunks or costume
  • Towel
  • Cap
Please note that in the interests of hygiene children need a separate t-shirt from normal school wear for P.E.  Please keep a check on your child's P.E. shoe fitting as it can be uncomfortable for children whose feet grow quickly.  P.E. kit should normally stay in school throughout the week; we would suggest however that it is taken home at least half-termly for freshening up.
All children are expected to participate in each lesson.  A note will be sent home, with your child if appropriate clothing is not available for swimming, or PE or if your child is not following the school uniform dress code.  We appreciate your support in this matter.
All children are expected to have their hair tidy and longer styles must be fully tied back.  Hair must not be dyed an unnatural hair colour including streaks or tips of hair.  If this is done during holiday times, it must be washed out ready for returning to school.  Hair must be checked regularly for head lice and appropriate treatment given if found.  Hair must be appropriately cut – no Mohican style cuts or razored designs within the hair style.
Jewellery and Valuables
Mobile phones or electronic game devices (or equivalent) are not allowed in school.  We do not allow the wearing of jewellery (rings necklaces etc.) for school, although a watch can be worn when not participating in PE lessons.  The class-teacher will arrange where any items are to be placed once removed, however school will not accept responsibility for their loss, or damage.  Any child with pierced ears must remove their studs for PE and swimming lessons, which is why we recommend piercing is during the summer holidays to avoid the need to remove studs from newly pierced ears.
Our unpredictable British weather means that even on sunny days we often need a coat in school.  The children regularly take part in outside lessons and spend up to an hour outside at lunchtime so please make sure your child is properly attired. This means bring a coat and a sunhat.
Art and Craft
Everyone needs a painting apron.  An old T- shirt or an old adult shirt is ideal and, in our experience, more practical and hard-wearing than many commercial plastic art aprons.  Aprons should be kept in the P.E. bags.  Children are expected to wear painting aprons or shirts to protect clothing whenever doing 'messy' activities.
We work with two local suppliers to provide school uniform with our logos on.  Whilst this is not essential (non-branded items from Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco are perfectly acceptable), the links below will point you in the right direction should you wish to make a purchase.
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