Woodpecker Class 18-19

Welcome to Woodpeckers
Mrs Toynbee, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Draper and Miss King are looking forward to an exciting and fun learning journey with the new reception children.
Wednesday 5th September 2018
What a fun day we have had today! The children have all been superstars and settled into class well. The children had many compliments on how well they have settled at Etwall Primary School.
Well Done Woodpeckers
Friday 21st September
Today we had our first PE session and all the children got changed with little help required. Well done. Then we went into the hall and began our REAL PE  session and were moving around the hall on our pretend bikes. We used different movements for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. Afterwards the children changed back into their uniform although there was some confusion on what belonged to who.
Tuesday 25th September
In assembly we had visitors from the Yamaha Music school who showed the children what sounds and music can be made on a keyboard. The children sang and clapped along.
Thursday 27th September
Etwall Primary School held their annual McMillian coffee morning for family and friends of the school. Thank you for all the donations of cakes and for supporting this cause. 
Tuesday 2nd October
Today we walked to St Helen's church for our Harvest celebration. Reception children shared their scarecrow faces and snag a song about scarecrows.
Wednesday 3rd October
Today we have been writing our name.
Tuesday 9th October
We have been learning about numbers and today our focus number was 4. There were lots of counting activities. Some children were sorting out different ways we can show four or not four and worked with a partner.
Tuesday 9th October pm
Our story this week is Owl Babies. We went for a walk to our wooded area and in groups of 4 created owl nests for the owl babies. Then we retold the story together using some talk for writing actions.
Tuesday 23rd October
Being Healthy Day
Today the children experienced lots of activities on how to be healthy. We exercised outside, decided what goes into a healthy lunch box, learned how to wash our hands and sorted food. Also we talked about how we brush our teeth. The children took home a toothbrush and toothpaste so they can have a go.
Tomorrow they will be tasting different fruits.
Thursday 25th October
Today we were visited by the German Exchange Band who have travelled from Melle to John Port School. They played lots of music including music from Tazan and Lady GaGa
Wednesday 7th November
Today Hindus celebrate Diwali so in the EYFS we found out about how Diwali is celebrated. We listened to the story about Rama and Sita and sang a song. We made Diwali cards and diva lamps using clay.
Friday 9th November
We are thinking about Remembrance Day. This morning we walked to St Helen's Church to look at the community displays commemorating the end of WW1. The children looked around the church, looked at the war memorial and the Alms house.
When we arrived back at school we held a 2 minute silence remembering the people who fought in all wars and then the made Poppy biscuits to share at home.
Wednesday 14th November
Today the children watched a production of Pinocchio. It was fantastic and all the children enjoyed it. The joined in with the clapping singing and dancing.
Thursday 15th November.
Even though it was a day early Etwall primary school raised money for Children in Need by dressing up. Lots of fun was had by all.
Thursday 22nd November
In class today we talked about where we feel safe in school. The children in groups made posters telling everyone where it is safe.
Monday 26th November
Today the children were counting outside. We used a ten frame to help us count the leaves.
Tuesday 4th December
In Woodpeckers today the children decorated the Christmas tree by choosing decorations and putting them on the tree. It looks very festive in the classroom now.
Wednesday 12th December
Today we played a game where we needed to ask each other questions to find our matching pair. The children grew in confidence as the talked to their friends.
Friday 14th December
Today is Christmas Jumper day. Look at our jumpers- no one had the same jumper!
Friday 14th December
Christmas Nativity
The children have worked so hard on learning the lines and songs over the past few weeks and today they performed the Nativity for the school, pre-schools and parents. It was fantastic.
Thank you to all the parents who helped by providing costumes and helping the children to remember what to say.
Monday 17th December
Christmas Craft Morning
Thank you to all friends and families who came to support the craft morning. The children had fun, made 4 decorations and worked together.
There was ALOT of GLITTER
Wishing all children and parents a happy and healthy 2019 from Mrs Toynbee and the EYFS team 
Monday 7th January
Today we talked about the end of the Christmas story when the three Kings visit the Baby Jesus. This is called the Epiphany.
 The children made crowns and decided to say what they would give to the Baby Jesus.
" I would give medicine to make him better when he is poorly."  Oscar
" I would give him a pram." Holly G
" I would give him some food especially fruit as it is healthy." George C
Monday 14th January
Friday 18th January
Today we have finished reading and working on the three little pigs. The children have enjoyed exploring the different materials that the pigs used to make their houses and decided that the bricks were the strongest.
Here is a link to the story.
Friday 25th January
Today the Reception children took part in a balance bike activity.
 They learned to put on cycle helmets, how to balance on the bike. Then they used dinosaur steps to travel on the bikes getting quicker as they practiced. Finally they took part in a race. Lots of fun was had be all.
Friday 25th January pm
This afternoon the children worked together with the parent helpers to build rockets using junk.
Tuesday 29th January
We went to the library as part of National story telling week and the children listened to a story and were able to take a book home.
Wednesday 6th February
This morning the children arrived at school to find a strange incident had happened in the room. Mr Harrison had to cordon it off and the children were asked to think about what might have happened.
Please have a chat about this at home too.
Thursday 7th February
A book was delivered to the classroom to help explain what had happened. It was from an alien called Q Pootle 5.
Friday 8th February
Today the children were introduced to Supermovers. Try the link and learn the song Full Stop Bop
Tuesday 12th February
Today the children experienced a taster session for Soccer Stars. They had mini football games and were taught hoe to control the ball. It was lots of fun.
Wednesday 13th February
Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for a Number workshop.
The children demonstrated how we count, order, add and take away numbers.
All resources are on the Reception Resources page
Tuesday 26th February
We went for a walk around the school grounds and found a patch of crocus which were in full bloom. The children looked at them and drew pictures of what they could see.
Thursday 7th March
World Book Day
Today the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character and shared the book with the class. Look at all the characters.
Friday 15th March
Today we wore RED for Comic Relief
Friday 15th March
This week the children made jelly and talked  about how the jelly changed from a solid to a liquid and then back to a solid. The children then tasted the jelly and then voted on their favourite flavour.
Wednesday 20th March
Today is the beginning of Spring and we learnt about the festival of Holi. It is the the festival of colour and celebrated by Hindus. The children took part in throwing colours at the outline of the person. Then we watched a clip about how a Hindu boy celebrates Holi.
Thursday 28th March
Today we experimented with bubbles and found out if the shape of the bubble wand changes the shape of the bubble. We used words to describe the bubbles and how they floated around.
Wednesday 3rd April
Exciting News!
Today the chicks have begun hatching. At the start of the day there was a single chick by the end of the day there were seven. Reception children visited them this morning and were lucky to be able to watch one of the chicks hatch.
Friday 5th April
Easter Learning Together
Today the children have worked hard exploring Easter through different activities. They have been helped by parents, grandparents, aunts and friends. The children enjoyed this time together.
Monday 8th April
The book we are reading in class is the Pig in the Pond and the children are able to retell the story. To develop their vocabulary the children experienced splashing in water and thought of words to describe it.
Wednesday 10th April
Today the children walked to St. Helen's Church to take part in an Easter celebration. The children sang a song about chickens and presented their chicken pictures. Mrs Toynbee was really disappointed to have missed this but was delighted by all the wonderful praise for Reception. Well done.
Thursday 11th April
Reception class were very excited today as they were beginning to learn about First Aid. Flat Stan came into school  with Derwent First Aid and taught the children about how to do CPR in an emergency. The children also learnt about the recovery position and who to call for help.
Tuesday 30th April
We are learning all about people who help us and superheroes this term. To start our topic off George's uncle Mat visited us today and spoke about how he helps people in his job. He is a pilot of helicopters and aeroplanes in the Royal Navy. He explained how he helped people in the Philippines when their homes we destroyed and how he helped feed animals on remote farms in Britain in the snow. Mat showed the children all the types of aircraft he flies and what special clothes he has to wear. We decided he is a real superhero!
Wednesday 1st May
Another Superhero visited Reception today.
From Scardale Vets Robert and Holly came to school with ponies Jack and Twinkle. The vets told us how they look after animals and what they do as a job. The children had an opportunity to meet Jack and Twinkle too.
Tuesday 7th May
Fire Fighters are superheroes!
Today Green Watch from Kingsway fire station visited reception and told them how they save and protect people. The children looked at the fire engine and squirted water.
The children also learned about smoke alarms and what to do in a fire.
Wednesday 8th May
Reception class were high flyers today when they learnt all about how cabin crew help us when we travel. They learnt about how to be safe on a plane and what cabin crew do. 
Tuesday 14th May
Today Reception were trainee crime fighters when the Police came to Woodpeckers. Police sergeant Andy visited.
He showed us his uniform and told us about how he does he job looking after us.
Then we went outside and looked around the police car and listened to the siren.
Thursday 16th May
Woodpeckers finished their contribution to the well dressing today. The design was of the first aid cross. The children picked their own daisies to use.
Monday 20th May 
Don't Panic! No one hurt at Etwall Primary school but an ambulance did visit Reception.
Mr Kirke came to school with an ambulance to talk about his job. The children all went into the ambulance to find out what it is like.
Tuesday 21st May
Today is Languages Day. Derby university students came to school to teach us Spanish. Miss Moss, miss Tarbuck, Miss Green, Miss Sidwell and Miss Evans taught the children how to count in spanish.
Friday 7th June
Our Trip
How exciting reception set off on a coach to Birches Valley for a teddy bear's picnic. The children and staff had a fantastic day but did get a little damp!
Look at the photos of all our adventures.