Woodpecker Class 18-19

Welcome to Woodpeckers
Mrs Toynbee, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Draper and Mrs Fisher-Jones are looking forward to an exciting and fun learning journey with the new reception children.
Wednesday 5th September 2018
What a fun day we have had today! The children have all been superstars and settled into class well. The children had many compliments on how well they have settled at Etwall Primary School.
Well Done Woodpeckers
Friday 21st September
Today we had our first PE session and all the children got changed with little help required. Well done. Then we went into the hall and began our REAL PE  session and were moving around the hall on our pretend bikes. We used different movements for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. Afterwards the children changed back into their uniform although there was some confusion on what belonged to who.
Tuesday 25th September
In assembly we had visitors from the Yamaha Music school who showed the children what sounds and music can be made on a keyboard. The children sang and clapped along.
Thursday 27th September
Etwall Primary School held their annual McMillian coffee morning for family and friends of the school. Thank you for all the donations of cakes and for supporting this cause. 
Tuesday 2nd October
Today we walked to St Helen's church for our Harvest celebration. Reception children shared their scarecrow faces and snag a song about scarecrows.
Wednesday 3rd October
Today we have been writing our name.
Tuesday 9th October
We have been learning about numbers and today our focus number was 4. There were lots of counting activities. Some children were sorting out different ways we can show four or not four and worked with a partner.
Tuesday 9th October pm
Our story this week is Owl Babies. We went for a walk to our wooded area and in groups of 4 created owl nests for the owl babies. Then we retold the story together using some talk for writing actions.
Tuesday 23rd October
Being Healthy Day
Today the children experienced lots of activities on how to be healthy. We exercised outside, decided what goes into a healthy lunch box, learned how to wash our hands and sorted food. Also we talked about how we brush our teeth. The children took home a toothbrush and toothpaste so they can have a go.
Tomorrow they will be tasting different fruits.
Thursday 25th October
Today we were visited by the German Exchange Band who have travelled from Melle to John Port School. They played lots of music including music from Tazan and Lady GaGa
Wednesday 7th November
Today Hindus celebrate Diwali so in the EYFS we found out about how Diwali is celebrated. We listened to the story about Rama and Sita and sang a song. We made Diwali cards and diva lamps using clay.
Friday 9th November
We are thinking about Remembrance Day. This morning we walked to St Helen's Church to look at the community displays commemorating the end of WW1. The children looked around the church, looked at the war memorial and the Alms house.
When we arrived back at school we held a 2 minute silence remembering the people who fought in all wars and then the made Poppy biscuits to share at home.
Wednesday 14th November
Today the children watched a production of Pinocchio. It was fantastic and all the children enjoyed it. The joined in with the clapping singing and dancing.
Thursday 15th November.
Even though it was a day early Etwall primary school raised money for Children in Need by dressing up. Lots of fun was had by all.
Thursday 22nd November
In class today we talked about where we feel safe in school. The children in groups made posters telling everyone where it is safe.
Monday 26th November
Today the children were counting outside. We used a ten frame to help us count the leaves.
Tuesday 4th December
In Woodpeckers today the children decorated the Christmas tree by choosing decorations and putting them on the tree. It looks very festive in the classroom now.