Welcome to Woodpeckers
Mrs Toynbee, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Draper are looking forward to an exciting and fantastic year with the children. We are all going to have fun.
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Here is a book for children who will be in Woodpeckers class.
Tuesday 6th September.
What an exciting day!  A new start to a new year and for the Woodpecker children the start of their school life at Etwall Primary School. 
All the children settle in well after just a few tears (mostly from parents) and have had a great day exploring the classroom, school and outside areas. They all want to come back tomorrow.
Here a a couple of photos to show what fun was had during activity time.
Monday 12th September.
Today was a very magical day with a visit from Paul the magician. He came and amazed us with magic tricks. We had a fantastic day.
Tuesday 20th September
Today we decorated biscuits to look like funny faces. It was lots of fun and very yummy!
Thursday 29th September.
This week we have been talking about how the weather and seasons are beginning to change. We have learnt a weather song.
What's the weather? What's the weather?
What's the weather everyone?
Is it windy? Is it cloudy?
Is there rain or is there sun?
( to the tune O my darling Clementine)
Also we have started our Autumn show and tell table with some children collecting conkers.
The children have made clay hedgehogs which are slowly drying and will be painted next week. We have read the Biff, Chip and Kipper story about the hedgehog too.
Wednesday 7th December.
The children in Reception took part in the Nativity Play. They all sang beautifully and joined in.
Monday 12th December.
The children took part in the PTFA Christmas Hamper Raffle. We had lots of winners.
Friday 16th December.
This afternoon the children took part in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 Christmas party. Lots of dancing sweeties and a visit from someone special.
Wednesday 11th January.
This week we have started our topic about Space. We have read the book Aliens love underpants and created a story map. The children have been reading the map and will read it to you.
Friday 13th January.
We woke up this morning to snow so the children explored it on the playground.
Friday 13th January
We had a very special visit in Woodpeckers this afternoon. Herman the Tortoise came to school. The children asked its owner lots of questions and then drew pictures of Herman. Come into the classroom and have a look at them.
Wednesday 18th January
Woodpeckers arrived in class to find a crash site. There was lots of discussion between the children and parents as to what has happened. I am sure we will work it out.
Monday 30th January
Today we were learning about Chinese New Year. We listen to a story and a boy called Ian  and how his family celebrated. We made a rooster, and a large dragon. We learnt a song too.
Monday 6th February
The Reception Children visited St. Helen's Church in the village to explore special places. We met Rev. Fiona and she tols us all about the  church and why it is special for some people.
Thursday 9th February

During our On-Line safety week we have been talking about what we can do in Reception, and all the different devices we have access to.

The story of Smartie the penguin helps us to remember how we can keep safe. All the children learnt this song...

Thursday 23rd February
What a windy day. The children in Reception found out about the wind and watched what happened to some ribbon. They talked about how the wind made them feel and how to describe it. We learnt a song about the wind.

Tune:  Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Wind, wind, blow the clouds
Fast across the sky.
Blow the branches back and forth
In the trees so high.

Friday 24th February
Today we had the first of our special visitors this half term linked to our topic of People who help us. Mr Gregory came and told us about his job as a postman and how he helps people.
Thank you Postman Adie for talking to us today.
Tuesday 28th February.
Today we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and how some people celebrate. We have looked at how people around the UK and the world prepare for Lent and make PANCAKES.
We tasted pancakes and decided whether we liked sweet or sour tastes.
Thursday 2nd March
World Book Day
The children in Woodpeckers and Robins Reception dressed up as their favourite book character. We listened to Steve Smallman our visiting author and helped him create a story.
Friday 10th March
Today was the last session on the balance bikes which was led by Milly and Emily. The children honed their skills of balance, gliding and dinosaur steps.
Look at how they got on. Some photos are a little blurry but the children were travelling very fast!
Friday 10th March pm.
This afternoon the PCSO visited us. PCSO Karen came to the class to talk about how she helps us. The children were fascinated and asked some really interesting questions about why she does her job and how the police help us keep safe.
Monday 13th March
This week is National Science Week.
In Woodpeckers the Reception children were visited by a Mechanical Engineer called Derek. He told the children about his job and showed the children how to make a bridge from cardboard. Then the children made their own bridges using Lego.
Wednesday 15th March
Today we have been thinking about our brains and what type of learner we are. This is all part of National Brain Awareness Day. The children worked in their team colours across the school on a variety of brain related activities including brain gym and optical illusions.
Look at the photos of the children working in different classrooms learning different things about our brains.
Wednesday 22nd March
Wow! We had a visit fro Derbyshire Fire Service this morning and learnt about how the fire service helps us. Fire fighter Gareth, Lydia, Chris and Stuart showed us around the fire engine and told us about there job.
Monday 27th March
We are still learning about people who help us. We were visited by two parents who help us feel good about ourselves. They are an hairdresser and beautician. The children enjoyed finding out about how they help us.
Tuesday 20th March
Today the children in Reception visited our local library and took out a book for home. They met the librarian Natasha and found out how she helps us.
Thursday 30th March.
Today we were visited today by two parents who are cabin crew and help us when we go on a plane. They came and talked about what they do. The children were very interested and enjoyed it. Thank you to the parents who visited.
Friday 31st March
Staff Nurse Michael visited Reception Class today and told us about how nurses help us to get better. He showed us how to badge up a hand and what to do is we got burnt. The children knew that they are not to touch medicines and what to do if they feel ill.
Thank you to all the visitors to Reception Class. Mrs Toynbee and Mrs Robinson
Monday 3rd April
This morning we walked to St. Helen's Church and took part in the Easter Celebration. The children showed the bunny baskets and recited a Bunny Poem.
Monday 3rd April pm
We were visited by the dentist today and some children had their teeth counted. The dentist let the children watch how he does his job and talked about how he helps us look after our teeth.
Thursday 6th April
What fun we had today working in teams in the Brain Blaster Workshop.
Friday 28th April
Ahoy there!
Woodpeckers classroom was overrun with pirates today and what fun we had. All the children and staff dressed up as pirates and took part in some pirate activities. We had pirate phonics, messages in a bottle, pirate PE and yo ho yoga.
Wednesday 10th May.
Today we took part in ACES Day. Project ACES was created by a physical education teacher in 1989 as a method of motivating children to exercise. The event is an international celebration of health, more commonly known as All Children Exercise Simultaneously, or ACES Day. The children tried lots of physical activities and had fun too.
Friday 12th May

We are learning the opposites Heavy and Light.

To begin your home learning you may want to watch this funny video of Bert and Ernie (From Sesame Street)…..


Bert and Ernie were finding things in their house that were heavy and light.

We would like you to now find things around you that are heavy or light.

You can do this by picking things up and judging it with your hands.

You could use the kitchen scales and weigh things such as Lego or found objects (with the Lego you can count the pieces and encourage recognition of more and less)

At the park you could ask you family to take turns on the seesaw! Who is the heaviest or lightest and how can you tell!

Let us know what you find out.

Wednesday 17th May

Today is Languages Day!


We have been joined by Miss Denly, Miss Torr and Miss Hewitt from Derby University. They taught Woodpecker Spanish and how to say animal names in Spanish. The children then made hats and sang Old MacDonald using these Spanish words,


Hoy es día de idiomas!


Nos hemos unido a Miss Denly, Miss Torr y Miss Hewitt de la Universidad de Derby. Enseñaron el carpintero español y cómo decir nombres de animales en español. Los niños hacen sombreros y cantaban el viejo MacDonald usando estas palabras en español,

Friday 19th May
We have been preparing our class picture for the Etwall Well Dressing that will be taking place this weekend. This year's theme is 100 years of Roald Dahl. We decided to make a picture of the Enormous Crocodile using natural materials.
Please visit the school well dressing this weekend to see our picture.
Friday 9th June
Wow what a fantastic day!
We visited Birches valley on our school trip. We had an adventure in the forest. Look at the pictures.
Thursday 8th June
Today we took part in the Etwall General Election. Look at how got on.