Welcome to Woodpeckers
Mrs Toynbee, Mr Ormiston, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Draper, Mrs Smith and Mrs Carter are looking forward to a fun packed year of learning with all the new Reception children.
Thursday 5th September
Starting school is lots of fun.
Have a look at some of the things we have been doing.
Tuesday 10th September
Today the children have enjoyed starting to paint self portraits. We have been talking about skin tone and hair colour. The paintings will be amazing.
Friday 13th September
Everyone now has books to share at home. It is really important to read at least 5 times a week at home. Thank you for all your future support in this.
Tuesday 17th September
We have created our own collage pictures.
Wednesday 18th September
Today went with a splash.
The children went into the pool at swimming and had lots of fun.
Monday 30th September
Today we were mark making outside using chalk.
Thursday 3rd October
Harvest Festival
Reception took part in the school harvest festival by sharing their scarecrow collage pictures.
The Reception children and families were very generous with donations for the Padley Centre.
Tuesday 8th October
We were all pirates for the day and had lots of fun. We walked the plank and looked for sharks outside. We explored a treasure map and had lots of pirate stories and songs. Captain Ormiston visited us and read the night pirates.
Wednesday 9th October
As part of our Literacy work we are reading Owl Babies. We went outside and worked with a partner to build the baby owls, Sarah, Percy and Bill a nest. Then we made a giant nest together and made our own song up about 5 speckled owls.
Wednesday 9th October Evening
Phonics workshop
Thank you to all those who attended the workshop. Here is the presentation.
Friday 18th October
We have been exploring the number 4 today and deciding what is 4 and what is not.
Wednesday 23rd October
Today parents and carers came and watched our phonics session. As part of it the children began learning the Tricky word song.
Thursday 23rd October
Being Healthy
Today the children took part in activities to promote being healthy. They exercised, thought about healthy food, tasted different fruits and veg and relaxed with yoga.
Friday 25th October
 Today the children have made their own quiet critter. This little bugs are going to help us to use our indoor voices.
Tuesday 5th November
Today the children found out about the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes.
They made firework pictures, rockets, wrote about Guy Fawkes and made a class resist picture.
Thursday 7th November
Today the children thought about another festival of light which was celebrated last week by Hindus. It is DIWALI. The children made cards, diva lamps, danced and counted. They even had a chance to try on a sari.
Monday 11th November
Today we remembered all who have given their lives in war. The children talked about Poppy day and why we remember and looked at pictures of Etwall's war memorial. Then the children made their own poppy for a display and decorated a biscuit with a poppy. At 11 o'clock we joined the rest of the school for two minutes silence.
Friday 15th November
Today the class was full of Pudsey's friends- we dressed in non uniform clothes and some of us had furry ears!
Reception children raised £39.50
Well done
Friday 15th November
Peter Pan
This afternoon we were treated to an excellent productions of Peter Pan. The children were so engrossed and loved it. Thank you to the PTFA for supporting this event.
Thursday 28th November
The children experimented with gingerbread men and predicted what would happen when they were put in different liquids.
Friday 29th November
To finish off our topic about the Gingerbread man the children made gingerbread men with Mrs Smith.
They were yummy.
Monday 2nd December
In maths the children were using 5 frames and playing a game finding the two parts which makes the whole.
Wednesday 4th December
Today we had a school PJ day to raise money and collect PJ's for children in hospital.
Friday 6th December am
First thing this morning lots of us visited  secret Santa's Grotto to buy a present for someone special.
Then we took part in our Christmas craft morning with the help of mums, dads, grandparents and baby sisters. Fun was had by all. Also lots of glitter was used.
Friday 6th December
This afternoon during music time we decided to dance with a partner. The children chose who to dance with and how. I think some of us have been watching Strictly. So keep dancing...
Finally we decorated our class Christmas tree and Santa's workshop has appeared. Next week looks like we will have more Christmas fun.
Friday 13th December
EYFS Christmas Production A Special Present Hunt
This morning the Reception children performed their Nativity play to the school and pre school. They were fantastic and looked amazing. The singing was clear and loud. Well done.
Let's hope this afternoon's performance for our parents goes as well!
Tuesday 17th December
This afternoon the children took part in a Christmas treasure hunt and had fun racing around the playground.
Hope you all had a lovely holiday. Welcome to 2020 and to Mr Ormiston to Woodpeckers Class
Friday 10th January
This week we have been thinking about the season of Winter and what snow is like. The children created a display all about snowmen.
EYFS  would like to thank all of the PTFA for providing for us with an outdoor bench and a new home corner
Wednesday 15th January
Today Amy allowed her mum bring Sid and George (her Guinea pigs) to come into school and she then told us all about her pets and how to look after them.
Tuesday 21st January
We had a visitor in class today. Barney's mum came into class with tortoise- Tinkerbell.
The children asked lots of questions and found out how to look after a tortoise and what they need.
We talked about hibernation and found out Tinkerbell is not big enough to hibernate yet!
Friday 24th January
Kung Hei Fat Choy
Happy Chinese New Year
Today we celebrated the Year of the Rat. The children found out how chinese people celebrate the new year. They discovered chidren are given red envelopes with money in, eat special foods and watch dragon and lion dances. At night they watch firework displays.
We then made a long dragon and made our own dragon dance in the playground. Mrs chapman was the dragon's head.
Soccer stars Football Session
In PE we took part in a football session and learnt how to have a footballers pose.
Monday 27th January
Today Frazer's pet chicken visited us and he told us all about his chickens and what you need to do to look after them. We found out that the chickens lay more eggs in the summer and on their heads there is a comb.
Tuesday 4th February
Talk 4 Writing Information Event
The children demonstrated what we do during a Talk 4 Writing session.
Wednesday 5th February
New resource to support Communication and Language.
Monday 10th February
We had fun in the snow this afternoon!
Monday 24th February
This afternoon the children were Shape Detectives and went on a shape hunt around school. They took their own photos using IPads. How many shapes did they find?
Tuesday 25th February
It is Pancake Day.
The children saw how to make a pancake. We discussed how to be clean when we cook, how we measure ingredients and all the different methods we needed to use.
Then the children tasted Pancakes with a topping of their choice.