Woodpeckers 2015-16

Welcome to Woodpeckers
Mrs Toynbee, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Draper are looking forward to a fantastic and exciting year with the Woodpeckers.
Thursday 30th June.
Today we delivered our first class assembly about our trip to Birches Valley. We hope you enjoyed it.
Tuesday 28th June
Today Woodpeckers took part in our sports morning. They ran races, balanced quoits, jumped and ran a relay. It was a fun morning which ended with a picnic.
Friday 10th June.
Our Trip to Birches Valley.
We explored the forest today at Birches Valley. We have found out about the animals that live in the forest. Collected lots of minibeasts and even saw a toad. We found a woodpeckers nest and saw a chick move inside it. Then we build tiny fairy shelters, played the forest drums and made shelters for our teddies. There was so musch to do. Everyone has a fantastic day.
Thursday 9th June.
Woodpeckers took part in a Rio Olympics event today. They had a go at different events and used new equipment. Fun was the most important part of the event.
Wednesday 8th June.
Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen.
Today we celebrated the Queen's birthday. The children dressed up in red, white and blue and took part in crown making, jewel counting and prince and princess games. Then the whole school gathered in the hall for a street party. We sang God save the Queen and happy birthday. 
Wednesday 25th May.
The student teachers from Derby University came to Etwall Primary to teach us languages. in Woodpeckers we were learning how to speak in german. We can say hello, goodbye and sing head, shoulders, knees and toes.
Friday 20th May.
This weekend is Etwall Well Dressing. Woodpeckers worked togther to make a crown to represent British Values. They used natural materials.
Friday 13th May
For the very first time Woodpeckers set up the gymnastics equipment and used it to travel on. They were fantastic! they worked as a team and followed our PE rules. Be sensible. Be silent. Be safe.
Friday 6th May
This afternoon the Woodpeckers joined the rest of the school in an active afternoon and experienced different types of exercise. Ask them which were their favourites?
Monday 25th April.
Today we have been reading with friends and playing hangman. In both activities the children have used their phonic knowledge. Great! Play hangman at home too.
Thursday 14th April
Everyone was very active this morning as we learned to be SCOOTER SMART. The children all came to school on scooters and we were taught how to be safe when riding on it. Even Mrs Toynbee had a go but found it a bit tricky.
Wednesday 13th April.
This afternoon the Woodpeckers thought about how wonderful our world is as a starting activity for this terms RE topic of Our Wonderful World. They went out into the school grounds and found natural materials which they used to create pictures. The children decided to work independantly, with a partner or in a small group.
Wednesday 23rd March
We walked to church for our Easter celebration with Rev. Fiona. All the children sang beautifully and recited a poem.
Wednesday 23rd March
We went to St. Helen's Church for an Easter Service with Rev. Fiona. The children sang songs, recited poems and showed art work linked to Spring and new life. Rev. Fiona helped the children to remember why we celebrate Easter and the joy of Easter Sunday.
Friday 18th March
What an exciting morning. The fire service visited us and told us how they help us.
Blue Watch from Kingsway came with their fire engine.
They taught us about not playing with matches and we watched a clip to help us remember.
Then we were taught a special rhyme.
Matches, matches
never touch.
They harm you
very much.
The chilren then practiced drop and roll for if their clothes catch fire, and how to shout FIRE FIRE and crawl to safety if the smoke alarm rings.
Finally the children explored the fire engine.
Thursday 17th March
This afternoon the reception children took part in a soccerstars taster session. Our footballing skills improved greatly with the children taking part in mini matches.
Thursday 17th March
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Finlay told us all about how his family celebrate St. Patrick's day at home. He bought in shamrock biscuits to share. Thank you. Also we had a demonstration of Irish dancing.
Wednesday 16th March
Autism Awareness Week
Today we dressed differently to remind us that we are all different.
Tuesday 15th March
As part of our topic about People who help us, PCSO Weavers visited Woodpeckers and talked about what her job is and how she helps us.
The children were very interested and asked lots of thoughful questions. Ask your child about the visit.
Monday 14th March
Today in mathematics we have been learning to share. We have used practical equipment to share pretend sweets between two bears. We make sure it is fair. We can share up to 20 sweets.
Wednesday 9th March
Today the children were thinking about the beginning of the Easter Story and how Jesus was welcomed into Jeruselem. They made palm leaves and acted out the story from the bible. Mrs Slater taught the children about how the people shouted hosanna as a greeting.
Thursday 3rd March.
Today is World Book Day. The children came to school dressed up as characters from stories and poems.
During World Book Day we wrote a people who help us poem in our groups and made bookmarks. Read our poems.
Monday 29th February.
Sarah Holt a GB Olympian visited school this morning and put us through our paces doing lots of exercises. She was inspirational telling us to go for our goals by working hard and not giving up.
Wednesday 24th February
What an exciting day we had with Anthony the dinosaur creator. He inspired us all to make dinosuars from the junk and told us lots of fantastic facts. Ask your child about the day.
Here are the photos of the making process. Everyone had fun.
Creaturama - Wednesday 24th February
If any parents / grandparents are avaliable to help either in the morning or all day then please come and let Mrs Toynbee, Mrs Draper or Mrs Robinson know. We need one parent helper for every two children. It will be a very fun day for both children and adults.
Thursday 11th February
During our On-Line safety week we have been talking about what we can do in Reception, and all the different divices we have access to.
The story of Smartie the penguin helps us to remember how we can keep safe. All the children learnt this song...
and we have learnt to turn off and TELL A GROWN UP!
We watched a theatre group deliver a play about bullying.
Tuesday 9th February
We have been learning our teen numbers outside.
Monday 8th February
Today the Woodpeckers celebrated Chinese New Year. They found out it was the year of the monkey. They made a very long dragon. Come and see it in the corridor. Also the children wrote chinese numbers.
In the afternoon,  the children had noodle races.
Wednesday 3rd February.
What has happened in Woodpeckers?
The parents, children and teachers arrived in school to find a crash site in the middle of the class. Who did this? The children were very excited and came up with lots of great ideas. 
Tuesday 26th January.
Today we celebrated Australia Day with Maya. We have learnt a little about the country Australia, it's animals, flag and art. We tasted Anzac biscuits.
Friday 22nd January
What fun we had today in PE. Jacob and Bradley came to visit Woodpeckers and brought the balance bikes with them. The children were fantastic showing great skills in balancing and travelling on the bikes. More next week !
Tuesday 5th January
Today Derby Theatre came to Etwall Primary to help us learn about the Elves and the Shoemakers. Beth and Cheryl led workshops about the story. Woodpeckers enjoyed acting as elves and shoemakers. Also they made a dance up by using different actions.
Monday 4th January
Happy New Year to all the parents and children in Woodpeckers from Mrs Toynbee, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Draper.
Thursday 17th December
Today we had our Christmas party. We all danced, ate food, played party games and Santa visited us.
Wednesday 16th December
It has stopped raining so Woodpeckers took the opportunity to go outside and plant bulbs in the Woodpecker's raised bed. Firstly they weeded it, then dug it, then planted spring bulbs. Finally the children collected leaves and sticks and put them on top to protect the daffodil bulbs. They can not wait for them to grow.
Monday 14th December
There was alot of excitment at Etwall Primary school today as it was the PTFA Christmas hamper raffle. The children bought tickets and then this afternoon there was the prize draw. There were two winners in Woodpeckers. Congratulations! Also a big thank you for all the donations to make the hamper so lovely.
Friday 11th December
What fun we had today as the Woddpeckers and the rest of Key Stage 1 went on a theatre trip to the Guildhall in Derby to see the Potty Professor's Christmas Miracle. For some Woodpeckers it was their first time on a coach and a trip without parents. Everyone had a great time 'loving it' as one child said.
Thursday 10th December
Music, lights action !
Today the Reception children performed their Nativity: A Magical Christmas to the school and parents. All children enjoyed it and had lots of fun. The children spoke clearly, sang beautifully and told the story of what happens at Christmas now and what happened in Bethlehem. Reviews have been glowing .
Tuesday 8th December.
Woodpeckers visited Saint Helen's church in Etwall to see the fantastic christmas tree display produced by all the village. It was a magical sight which the children were in awe of. They sang Away in a manger which hopefully was recorded by Radio Derby's morning show.
Thursday 3rd December
This afternoon all the Woodpecker children dressed our christmas tree whilst singing christmas songs. It was a lovely magical time with the children being very excited.
Monday 30th November
We are singing in the rain. The Woodpeckers had fun singing actions songs to make the rain go away.
Monday 23rd November
What an exciting visit today. The planetarium came to Etwall Praimary. Woodpeckers saw the stars and planets in the night sky. We learnt the names of some planets and stars. We were all brave in the dark even the teachers!
Friday 20th November.
All this week we have been thinking and learning about Anti-Bullying Week. Miss Lynch took us for circle time, we made a thumbs up for friendship poster with Mrs Toynbee and today we celebrated all our work in an assembly.
Friday 13th November
Toady we raised money for children in need by dressing up and buying cakes.
Thursday 5th November
We have been learning about Guy Fawkes. We made firework pictures and a class wax resist picture.
Monday 2nd November.
Welcome back after the holidays. We have started our Firework week with collecting sticks and twigs to make a pretend bonfire. The children thought of what we would eat by the fire. Marshmellows were a favourite. Yummy!
Friday 2nd October
Today is our Rugby World Cup Day. Mrs Holland visited and Woodpeckers played lots of rugby inspired games in teams. The children were in France, England, New Zealand, Italy, Wales and Fiji. Then the children were taught a modern Hakker dance. Everyone had fun!
Tuesday 13th October.
What fun we are having in Woodpeckers. We are decorating biscuits and making gingerbread men.
Tuesday 29th September
Today Woodpeckers have been learning about rugby. They have practiced running with a rugby ball, passing a rugby ball and weaving in and out. Look at what we did.
Monday 21st September
Today we celebrated with all the children who took part in the summer reading challenge at the library. Well done to everyone. Maybe next year you could have a go.
Friday 11th September.
Today the children learn't all about how to use the trim trail safely. They listened carefully and then explored the trim trail for themselves. Everyone had fun.
Monday 14th September.
The children are really settling in well and trying lots of activities. Ask them what they are enjoying most and let us know.
Wednesday 15th June.
The children today experimented with he Bee Bots and programmed them to move forwards and backwards.
Our First Day.
Tuesday 8th September 2015.
Today the new Woodpeckers class came to Etwall Primary School for the first time. They all settled in well and enjoyed making new friends and finding out about our classroom.