Y34 Residential April 2019

Wednesday 10th April
Thursday 11th
Friday 12th April 2019
Mount Cook was buzzing this morning, with excitement for a busy morning ahead, but a little bit of sadness as the children packed their bags in preparation to leave what has been a fantastic adventure for everybody! 
For some, this was a first trip away from home, but every child took it in their stride, often surprising themselves with their newfound independence. It was so wonderful to see how the children worked in groups and supported each other in all tasks - including keeping their rooms tidy! 
Here are some photos of the morning's last activities, including a prize giving ceremony for children who exceeded our expectations. Some key prizes were for a child who coped brilliantly on their first trip away - and didn't want to leave Mount Cook! (Toby in Kestrels!)
Another prize was for the person who told the tallest tales - Mr Ormiston won this as he had our group convinced that he was a champion archer, and did actually enhance his story with some rather impressive archery! 
Ultimately, we must thank the staff involved in this trip - Mr Jowett for all of the planning, Miss Marriott, Mrs Carter, Mrs Appleton, and Mr Ormiston for staying over, and Mrs Bradley and Mrs Dawson for their lovely day trips up to assist in all the fun! 
Thank you to the children who all behaved superbly, and have really had a wonderful time!
Have a peaceful Easter holiday, and rest up after all the excitement!