Y5/6 Residential October 2016

The vast majority of Year 5 and 6 are setting off to go to Hollowford, Castleton, on Monday 17th October with several school staff. Miss Warburton, Mrs Dhillon and Mr Ormiston will endeavour to keep this page up to date with news and pictures of the week.
I hope you enjoy the week as it unfolds!
Monday 17th October 2016
We have had a super first day at the Hollowford Centre! The teachers enjoyed watching the children try to make their beds when we first arrived, and they had a great time settling in to their bedrooms. We have enjoyed a variety of activities and a camp fire with marshmallows, and some of the children got very wet raft building! We sang happy birthday to Edith and enjoyed a hot chocolate before bedtime, and the children are looking forward to their exciting day ahead tomorrow.
Tuesday 18th October 2016
Everyone is having a great time!  The rain hasn't put us off, although lighting a fire has proved slightly more of a challenge!
Here are a selection of pictures from today - some exciting activities going on which the children are really enjoying. Hopefully more pictures later...
This evening we sang happy birthday to Georgie and we are now settling down to a film night in our pyjamas, a slight change of plan from our scheduled activities, due to the rain. We will do our camp fire and orienteering activities tomorrow night instead. Shortly we will have a hot chocolate and then go to bed, ready for another fun-filled and busy day tomorrow. 
Wednesday 19th October 2016
Another fun-filled day at Hollowford! The weather has been much better today and we have enjoyed our various activities. We are also enjoying the delicious food. We are looking forward to a day at Treak Cliff Cavern and hill walking tomorrow. We hope you enjoy our pictures!
Thursday 20th October 2016
Today we have enjoyed a beautiful walk to Treak Cliff Cavern, via Mam Tor.  It has been a lovely clear day.  The children were fascinated by the mine and really enjoyed the tour.  They are now excited about tonight's karaoke and are busy planning which songs to sing.