Y56 Residential October 2018

Monday 22nd October
We have had a super start to the week. The children are very excited and have had fun on their first activities of the week, including abseiling, rock scrambling and raft building.
The Hollowford Centre is lovely and we enjoyed our evening meal and had fun making our beds and unpacking our things.
We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow so we are going to try and get a good nights sleep tonight, despite the excitement of the first night in our rooms!
Tuesday 23rd October
Today has been a very windy day, but this didn't bother us one bit and we wrapped ourselves up and got outdoors first thing this morning, to enjoy our exciting activities. Fortunately it stayed nice and dry and did not rain!
Tonight some of us sang songs and played games around a camp fire, while some of us enjoyed some night time orienteering. Our first room inspection of the week is about to begin, so the teachers are looking forward to seeing what state the rooms are in!
Wednesday 24th October
Today has been another busy day at the Hollowford Centre! Activities have included high ropes/low ropes, zip wire, assault course, rock scrambling and many more.
Room inspections have gone well, with all bedrooms being kept very tidy, and even the housekeeping staff have commented on the tidiness of the rooms!
All children have huge smiles on their faces and are enjoying themselves immensely, creating some wonderful memories.
Tonight we are all going to get a good nights sleep, ready for our hill walk and visit to Treak Cliff Cavern tomorrow.
Thursday 25th October
Our visit to Treak Cliff Cavern today was really enjoyable, and our hill walk was invigorating! The children did really well walking so far and taking in the beautiful views on what was a lovely clear day.
Tonight we are enjoying a DVD night and using the gift shop on site.
We are all very sad that our week is coming to an end, but are looking forward to seeing our families.
The children have had an unforgettable experience and have made some memories that they will never forget!
Friday 26th October
Thank you to all of the children who have done us proud this week by using super team work skills, showing great determination and a 'never give up' attitude! Your perseverance has meant that you have tackled every new experience this week with a positive attitude, and we hope you have enjoyed your week as much as the staff have.
You did our school proud!