“There is no religion that teaches anger or hatred”. 
  -The Dalai Lama.
Key Documents
We have been trialling knowledge organisers in RE this year, the children have used these during the lessons to support their learning. Take a look below.
The impact of our RE curriculum can be seen through our fantastic photos below. 
Developing the children's cultural capital is important to our ethos at Etwall Primary School. In RE we have many opportunities to provide cultural capital experiences and these include: 
  • Trips to the Mosque or local Church. 
  • Celebrating Diwali with a range of activities such as food tasting. 
  • Participating in the Nativity. 
  • Participating in the Easter musical. 
  • During assemblies where we learn about other cultures and religions. 
If you wish to know anymore about the RE curriculum, please email enquiries@etwall.derbyshire.sch.uk.