The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

                                                      Albert Einstein

Key Documents

There are many opportunities for children to gain cultural capital in science at Etwall Primary School, for example:

 'No Electricity Day' in Year 3/4.

Snap Circuits as part of Electricity unit

Imagineering Club (community members, who work for Rolls Royce, deliver engineering type activities to KS2 children - every Thursday 3.15 - 4.15. 

Local community doctor brings in pig's hearts for children to dissect.

Ophthalmologist visits school to talk to KS2 children about how the eye works and the importance of looking after your eyes.

School grounds (forest area) used to explore the natural environment.

First Aid after school club which was made available for KS2 children for 8 weeks.

Famous scientists used as a stimuli for writing in English lessons and as part of our assemblies. 

See below for our British Science Week assembly, looking at how science impacts our lives every day and how scientists all started by being curious - one of our school values. 

 Outdoor Learning: Building the human skeleton from large and small pieces of wood to learn about key parts of the skeleton. (Year 3/4)

Knowledge Organisers are introduced to the children at the start of a topic. They are tools to help children gain, retain and build knowledge. Knowledge Organisers contain:
  • the essential facts about the topic 
  • key vocabulary with meanings
  • labelled diagrams
Key Stage 1 Knowledge Organisers Cycle A
Key Stage 1 Knowledge Organisers Cycle B
Lower Key Stage 2 Knowledge Organisers Cycle A
Lower Key Stage 2 Knowledge Organisers Cycle B
Upper Key Stage 2 Knowledge Organisers Cycle A
Upper Key Stage 2 Knowledge Organisers Cycle B
 If you wish to know anymore about the science curriculum, please email enquiries@etwall.derbyshire.sch.uk.