The structure of Etwall Primary School's Governing Body
The EPS Governing Body is comprised of 14 Governors:
  • Headteacher
  • 1 x Local Authority Governor
  • 5 x Parent Governors
  • 1 x Staff Governor
  • 6 x Co-opted Governors
Appointment Process
Parent Governors are elected by the Parents, Staff Governors are elected by the Staff. Local Authority Governors are nominated by the Local Authority and appointed by the Governing Body and Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body.
Structure of the EPS Governing Body
At Etwall Primary School our chair of governors leads the Governing Body with the support of the vice-chair. The Governing Body currently meets three times a year for a Full Governing Board (FGB) meeting.  
The Governing Board has the ability to delegate responsibility  to a committee of Governors.
  • Curriculum and Standards Committee:  Greg Hunt (Chair), Cheryl Bowler (Vice-Chair), Mahala Titterton, Michelle Jenkins
  • Finance and Resources: Chloe Bilbie (Chair),  Chrissie Sargeant (Vice-Chair), Sam Marshall, Jenny Mitchell
These committee meetings and full governing board meetings are held face to face in school termly. 
The first Full Governing Board of the Academic Year is the Annual General Meeting.
There are a number of further committees in place which deal with other aspects of school life:
  • Pay and Performance Committee - At least three Governors, excluding Headteacher and Staff Governors.
    Current committee: Mrs Jennifer Mitchell, Mrs Sam Marshall and Mr Greg Hunt (Chair)
  • Complaints Committee - The committee will include no members who were involved in the original decision which is the subject of appeal or who were in some way involved. This committee is formed as needed.
  • Disciplinary (Staff) Appeal Committee - The committee will comprise of no less than three members of the Governing Body who are not disqualified by being members of staff or by having an interest requiring them to withdraw. This committee is formed as needed.
  • Headteacher Performance Management Committee - The committee will comprise at least three members of the Governing Body, excluding Staff Governors.
    Current committee: Mrs Jennifer Mitchell (Chair), Mr Greg Hunt, Mrs Sam Marshall
The minutes of Governor meetings are available in school on request (Confidential matters are minuted separately and are not available for viewing). Please direct all enquiries to the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Anna Bee, who is contactable as follows:
Address:  Etwall Primary School, Egginton Road, ETWALL, DE65 6NB
Telephone (office hours):  01283 732301
Email:  anna.bee@etwall.derbyshire.sch.uk